Thanks To Tesla Model 3, The Apple-Ification Of The Electric Car Is Complete




Teslas are now, more obviously than ever, gadgets that you order from a store, sometimes after waiting in line. Then you wait for delivery, show off the product to friends and family, provide feedback about bugs, get OTA updates etc. and basically enjoy an improved life thereafter.

A couple years back, Apple said it was working on something that would give Tesla a run for its money. Well, today’s Apple-tastic stampede for the Model 3 invites the question: What could Apple possibly do with the automobile that Tesla isn’t already doing? Who needs Tim?

It invites another question too: Does chief designer Franz von Holzhausen have the easiest job in the business, or the hardest? On the one hand, people are ordering a car that’s still under a black cloak. Easy job, yes? On the other hand, he’s kinda forging a new template for the automobile as we know it. Hard job.

And what about Tesla brand chief Ganesh Srivats, hired from Burberry? People are lined up to order a car sight unseen, price unknown. Does Ganesh even have to show up for work? Or does he have to work overtime to manage a juggernaut brand?

But these are questions for another time and place. Today is for reveling in the remarkable ascent of an auto marque that, for most people, DID NOT EXIST until five years ago. And reveling in the sight of an auto CEO high-fiving his fans. Do be careful, Mr. Musk. John Lennon liked to do the same.

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Was that the free gift for the people waiting in line that Elon tweeted about? He will personally give you a high five 🙂


Wouldn’t be surprised to see a special type of shopping “malls” sprouting up in major cities’ suburbs in half a year’s time. The main product selling would be fast charging service for apartment dwellers, thus far excluded from the possibilty of charging “their” EVs. These malls will probably have huge battery storage packs charged during the night shift and be on customer disposition throughout the day. That would be one more way to skyrocket Tesla preorders to then easily attainable 1 million in a fraction of time, not to mention the alleviating environmental impact to air quality in very city centers. Therefore, apartment dwellers VOICE UP your opinions.


I don’t get the problems people see for apartment dwellers not being able to charge. I think there’s a nHUGE market for outlets (or inductive charging plates) with card readers at every parking spot. Plug in car, swipe card, pay as your car’s battery gets charged. Why couldn’t this be happening in the near future.


That’s what I tell people too, No Selfies.
Usually I just throw up my hands in a crowd and yell out No Selfies!


“A couple years back, Apple said it was working on something that would give Tesla a run for its money.”

Uh, no they didn’t.

Apple has never even publicly acknowledged a car project though it is common knowledge at this point.


It’s so nice when our lords and kings come down from their castle to greet their subjects…

Oops, wait, wrong century…

It’s so nice when business leaders and entrepreneurs leave their mansions to high five consumers!




“What could Apple possibly do with the automobile that Tesla isn’t already doing?”

Ummm… charge twice as much for the car if you want to get it within 30 days after release of a new model year?

Institute onerous “terms of use” to restrict you from adding any aftermarket product or customization to the car, on pain of voiding the warranty?

Change all charging plugs so that the car can only be charged at an Apple charger?

Change the entertainment system so it won’t play any music unless you pay a per-use fee to ApplePlay?

Refuse to accept any smart phone instructions which didn’t come from an iPhone?

Pardon my cynicism, but ever since the days of the lamented Apple II, Apple’s marketing strategy has been to force everyone buying an Apple product buy more Apple products, by ensuring that their products will only work properly with other Apple products.

A perfect example of Apple’s corporate attitude is QuickTime, Apple’s desktop computer media player. It refuses to allow itself to be deleted; it acts like a virus and keeps re-installing itself if you try. As a result, I never allow it to be installed on any computer I own.