167 Tesla Model S Taxis Parade Around Schiphol Airport In Amsterdam (w/video)


Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is now home to possibly the world’s largest fleet of Tesla Model S taxis.

In total, 167 Tesla taxis now roam the grounds of the airport.

Delivery of the taxis commenced back in June and concluded on October 16.

Schiphol will use the taxis to display its support for sustainable mobility at the airport.  Of course, the Model S taxis will conduct regular taxi duties in addition to displaying Schiphol’s support for sustainable mobility.

The electric taxis will remain in service for at least 4 years, with the possibility of extending that to 8 years.

Tesla Motors Europe Tweets of Model S Taxi Arrivals

Tesla Motors Europe Tweets of Model S Taxi Arrivals

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Once upon a time, Better Place was supposed to supply the Schiphol taxis. There might still be a BP swap station somewhere there…

I wonder though, whether the airport plans to mix-n-match with cheaper shorter-range BEVs. Or did Tesla give them a really sweet deal?

Tesla does not do sweet deals.

Not for the UK government.

Not for Newport Convertible Engineering that wanted to buy 5k Model S to convert.

Not for Saleen that wanted to buy 2k Model S to hot rod into Foursixteens.

And certainly not for some airport taxi.

Everybody pays full price.

Please prove your claims. Do you have the sales docs? Unless you or Tesla proves it, people should assume the industry norm for these large orders.
Tesla average selling price (ASP) has been going odwn quarter after quarter, and such deals could be partly responsible for it.

The British Government attempted to get a deal on a significant number of cars to use for shuttling government employees and diplomats around. It was reported that Tesla turned them down and it was reported that Tesla does not discount to anyone. A SpaceX employee said that he did not get a discount even though he works for Elon. The number 1 Tesla car bought by Steve Jurvetson was reported that he paid full price for the car. While I can’t show you the specific invoices, there have been enough stories of no one getting discounts that at this point it is hard to dismiss it.

as See Threw is unable to respond with Facts to support her endless and spurious claims, you needn’t bother to provide any Facts in response to what appear to be questions – they will not serve to Inform the questioner, as you might expect.

The question is always posed in a way to cast negative connotations upon Tesla to any casual reader, but Never for them to return and learn from any responses they might receive from readers not yet familiar with their incessant methods.

Thanks for trying though!

Instead of providing any useful input, you just start calling names. Yes, I do come back and read the answers for any meaningful contents. I am not the one making the claim “Tesla does not do sweet deals”. Whoever made the claim should prove it.

The UK deal could have fallen through even with a nice discount. A 10% cheaper Model S is still expensive compared to other options. I don’t think the British will like to be taken for a ride by their government officials. That UK deal falling through doesn’t prove, there was no discounting.

For the case in hand (167 cars to Amsterdam), the most convincing proof will be, if someone gets actual transaction details. If it was a full price deal, it would have become public already, imo.

The first cars made and shipped were the most fully equipped and optioned; as time goes on, more buyers elect to economize by limiting add-ons. Perfectly normal. But with the new Dual Motor version out, and the Model X on its heels, expect the ASP to jump.

It’s so obvious for all parties concerned, that this trend should only strengthen, broaden and deepen, perhaps not just Tesla’s, which are the high end, but Leafs, etc…due to the many positives which ev’s enjoy, in high traffic environments, those positives are even more pronounced and noticeable.

I have a 3 1/2 hour layover in Amsterdam this coming March…Maybe a taxi ride is in order!! Would be nice to finally get in a Tesla and feel the ride.

I did a test drive and it is an amazing car. I only did an S85 but the acceleration is incredible, especially above 50 mph.

They might have waited for Model X. The ultimate cab IMO.

The airport of Schiphol is completely provided with modern paved ways that do not require any SUV driving like what could be the case at some remote airstrip location. So no thanks, the Model S is fully adequate for the job.

Talking about easy access through falcon doors, great headroom and interior space.


Wonder where and how these cars will be charged. Maybe alternate at the supercharger or maybe an L2 bank for overnight top-off.