150,000 Plug-Ins Sold In Europe Over The First 9-Months Of 2016

NOV 2 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Plug-in sales in Europe - September 2016 (source: EV Sales Blog)

Plug-in sales in Europe – September 2016 (source: EV Sales Blog)

European plug-in electric car sales reached the milestone of 150,000 registrations through the first nine months of this year.

That’s about 36% more than the nearly 110,000 sold in U.S. over the same time.

It is interesting to note that after Nissan acquired a controlling stake of Mitsubishi Motors, a third of the market now belongs to the Renault-Nissan/Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

And as such, Carlos Ghosn now heads all three brands, and put one plug-in from each of the brands on the medal podium – Renault ZOE, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Nissan LEAF (it almost looks like some kind of internal race).

September was especially strong month for plug-in registrations with more than 24,000 tallied (which was up 47% year-over-year).

The Tesla Model S and BMW i3 were both reinforced by new versions in 2016, and round out the top 5. Also of interest, the Tesla Model X managed to break into top 20 by virtue of more than 1,800 deliveries made in September.  We expect the all-electric Tesla SUV to have a continued strong Q4 in Europe and likely finish the year inside the top 13.

Our thanks to EV Sales Blogspot for compiling the model-by-model list!

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Congratulations to Carlos Ghosn on obtaining 34% of the European plugin market. I think he should combine the Nissan Leaf chassis and Renault Zoe technology, and bring it to North America.
Also having 3 of the top 10 is a great accomplishment. 2 of them being all electric sets an optimistic future for BEVs.

Simple math shows that TOTAL sales for sept. are 20 930, not 24 085. And 132 028 Total sales YTD, not 149 910.

Total sept. sales 20 960, not 20 930. My mistake.

Please show us your simple math. The list is only the top twenty, as you might have gathered if you read the part about Model X managing to break into it, or if you had thought at all before convincing yourself with your too simple math.

My mistake. But I’m steal curious. There are 3 000 cars in “others” for EU. In comparison, there are about 200 cars outside top 20 in US (based on Inside EVs data).

There are just 27 EV models sold in the US, which of the bottom 4 models are barely sold at all (less than 20 per month) and 3-4 more also sell almost nothing (less than 60 per month).

There are at least 44 models sold in Europe.

José Pontes who has the EV sales blog will extend the european top list to 30 models starting next month just because of the growing number of models (and then larger difference between the top 20 sales and total sales)

Carlos Ghosn is the best!

Can we have an article + expert analysis what this increasing adoption rate will do to our current oil overlords in the middle east and Russia?


It will cause Russia to illegally hack the email systems of US citizens, and use that information in order to influence US elections so that the most pro-oil candidate will win.

I would like to say /sarc…..

With a market share of 1.1%, the effect is negligible, but once we get to Norwegian-type of market share, say in 2022, then gas stations will start to notice less customers and oil consumption decreased in a significant way.

We draw the line on this page at “anything with a plug” for the sales count but oil demand for road transport is already dropping in pretty much in every developed nation in the world as cars get more efficient. what follows in the next decade will, IMO, be a slow painful death of the industry with spikes and crashes in the price of oil as investors continue to get predictions wrong.

When Hillary pushes Al Gore’s $0.50 per gallong gas tax increase the price at rhe pump will actually go up.

Even then it’s almost a joke. Here it is about $3 per gallon in taxes.
And it both could, should and will be higher than that.

Well done Ghosn!