1,500 Combo Chargers In Europe

OCT 30 2015 BY MARK KANE 20

Combined Charging System (CCS aka Combo) – One System for All

Combined Charging System (CCS aka Combo) – One System for All

Combined Charging System reached a milestone of 1,500 DC fast chargers installed in Europe (for European Combo 2 version –Β North America uses the different Combo 1).

Data about the Combo progress in Europe comes from the outstanding CCS Charge Map.

Combo chargers in Europe usually are 50 kW or less and over half of them are multi-standard with CHAdeMO and AC Type 2 (probably over two thirds are Combo + CHAdeMO or AC Type 2).

Most of the chargers – 1,331 – are confirmed as open 24/7.

The largest number of Combo chargers is in UK, which exceeds Germany (second) and Norway (third):

1,500 CCS Chargers Installed In Europe (source: CCS Charge Map)

1,500 CCS Chargers Installed In Europe (source: CCS Charge Map)

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for 2015 YTD CCS in europe was about 17% of plugin vehicle sales (total plugin vehicles sales excluding AC low power, but including AC 22kW), Chademo was 43%

for 2015 Sept CCS in europe was about 13% of plugin vehicle sales (total plugin vehicles sales excluding AC low power, but including AC 22kW), Chademo was 49%

i.e. the ratio of Chademo to CCS broached the 2-3 times more popular band to be 3-4 times more popular.

due to Outlander PHEV

Don’t “worry”(TM), this ratio will change dramatically in favor of CCS/Combo2 with the upcoming generation πŸ˜‰
“European car manufacturers (ACEA) recommend installing Type2/Type Combo inlet/connector, as of 2017, for charging electric vehicles”.

The fact that you give statistics excluding AC low power also give a biased view:
so far, the big german brand decided to push the plugin hybrid and high power recharge is not needed in that case.

sum of charger power x battery energy, the Tesla still dominate. At 62% of total plugin vehicle (again excluding low AC) kW.kWh its a ratio for indicating usefulness of high power recharge.

With most of them Multichargers CHAdeMO climb to 2400 chargers !

Chademo causes my AM radio to get wiped out. Not sure if it’s Chademo standard, chargers, or Leaf.


Has anyone encountered radio intereference with CCS? No interference with my SparkEV, but don’t know about other cars.

Young folks like me might need an explanation. What is “AM radio”? πŸ™‚

AM Radio is where you get Travelers’ information and real time traffic in North America

And where you can listen to “what the H did Jesse Jackson say?” πŸ™‚

Hmmm… let me fix that for you… for “real time traffic and travel information”, I think you mean Waze or Garmin or Road Ninja or Google, or really anything EXCEPT AM radio. Don’t even need it for local sports anymore… can BT stream that too.

It is the high frequency switching IGBTs that are making noise… converting AC power to DC.

This is not a function of “CHAdeMO” or any other standard. It is a function of the method used to produce DC, which is a product of the charger manufacturer’s design.

If RFI is due to AC-DC/IGBT, you’d expect it from CCS, but there isn’t any from SparkEV with CCS.

RFI is also function of frequency and bandwidth; narrowband PWM would broadly wipe out the radio entirely whereas broadband would cause minor annoyance. This has more to do with spec. CCS GreenPhy is up to 10 Mbps link, I suspect Chademo CAN would be less?

It could be that Chademo part of fast chargers are not as well insulated in dual head chargers, but why would they better insulate CCS part?

Of course, it could be Leaf or just dozen or so Leafs I’ve encountered. That’s why I ask if other cars experience the same.

Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE don’t go blabbing about this to some government agency. If you suspect problems, you can contact the companies. I’m hoping the industry will take care of it without involving the big brother.

Is there data on the number of these CCS Combo-2 stations that are physically combined with a CHAdeMO station?

Actually most of the CCS are on triple head fast chargers. If you look on ccs-map.eu on the updates tab it can be seen what other connectors (mostly both CHAdeMO and Type2 43 kW AC) are with each installation. Almost all fast chargers have all 3. On a side note: a few weeks ago I spent about 40 hours over a 3 week period to update and add stations with CCS to the PlugShare charging station map. Added 400 some locations and updated existing locations to include CCS as needed. I used the updates tab on ccs-map.eu.

Does anyone know how many in the USA?

I just did a calculation using the PlugShare map and came to 380 some CCS stations.

CCS, Chademo, J1772, Tesla proprietary. With the exception of Tesla who builds cars that can’t be recharged adequately with existing standards, I believe the competing standards are a feature, not a bug.

Big-Auto wants competing standards to slow the adoption of EVs, slowing the cannibalization of their existing customers for vehicles that cost more than their ICE counterparts but have greatly reduced TCO and thus cheaper in the long run.

Before I encountered Chademo (or Leaf) radio interference, I was all against “morons” who made competing CCS standard. Now I’m not so sure; we’ll have to see if RFI is spec problem or product problem.

I read your blog posting on the AM-radio interference you are having. Next time I use a Chademo charger, I’ll try the AM radio and see if I get interference or not.

Are you Leaf? I’d be curious if other cars cause problems. I’m only meeting Leaf these days.