15 Electric Rental Nissan LEAFs Show Up in Orlando, Florida


2013 Nissan LEAF

15 Rental LEAFs Show Up in Orlando

As part of the recently announced “Drive Electric Orlando” where you can rent dozens of plug-in vehicles in the Orlando, Florida area, Nissan shipped 15 LEAFs there to get in on the EV rental action.

2013 Nissan LEAF

Rentals LEAFs Are Everywhere in Orlando

We’re certain that more LEAFs will be available to rent there soon, but for now the 15 LEAFs will be offered through the Orlando International Airport Enterprise Rent-A-Car location for less than $30 per day.

Those who rent the LEAF will get access to free charging throughout the city.

There are currently over 300 chargers in the Orlando area and more are coming soon.

For $30 a day and with free charging (valet parking is provided free of charger with the EV rentals, too) you’d have to be nuts not to rent an electric when in the Orlando area.

Why the cheap rate and all the support for plug-ins?
The answer is relatively simple really.  It’s the “try before you buy” scenario that Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says is most important here.  The end goal is to get those EV renters behind the wheel of an electric full time.

Source: Associated Press via Fox News

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“…valet parking is provided free of charger…”

Darn it. I wish they would charge my car when they valet park it. 🙂

If all they rented were 100 mile EVs I guess driving to Miami for a two day excursion, as I’ve done many times before, would be out of the question. Rental agencies will also save a ton of money on oil changes.


I wonder if the 15 Leafs are equipped with the Quick Charge Port.


Orlando has zero CHAdeMO charging stations.

Florida has exactly ONE Chademo in Ocala.

And hopefully you won’t have to worry about topping the Leaf off before returning it, that’s always been an irritation of renting a gasoline car.

This is a nice move by Nissan. I’m not sure if they donated them or if they were compensated through “Drive Electric Orlando”, but either way, it may earn some sales. Travelers who may be considering a Leaf, or may just be curious about one, will get a chance to try one out w/out having to go through the whole dealership experience. Going to car dealers ranks up their with going to the dentist in terms of something people look forward too – this alone keeps people from trying out cars. Once people have the chance to drive electric, many will end up wanting to buy. GM and Ford should get some cars in there too..

Drive Electric Orlando

If there are ‘dozens’ of other plug-in cars, and only 15 are Leafs, what are the others?

From video we’ve seen, they seem to be Chevy Volts. Though GM has not issued an official announcement on it.

Any information on what model Leaf they shipped?

I hope they have these for rent at this price in Port Carnival Florida where the cruise ships come in that i would love to rent a leaf for a day and drive to NASA and plug it in. And come back and drive it back to the Port to try driving a electric car.

NASA does not have chargers available.