Over 140,000 Plug-In Electric Cars Sold In China In November

DEC 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 24

It’s third monthly record in a row

According to the EV Sales Blog, roughly 141,800 plug-in electric cars were sold in China last month, which is the highest result ever registered – 18% higher than the previous record in October.

The pace of growth is remarkable – 59% year-over-year at outstanding 6.3% market share (partially because the overall market shrunk by 14% in November).

The latest update shows that more than 920,000 plug-in cars were sold in China so far this year, which with one month to go means no only exceeding 1,000,000 but maybe reaching 1,075,000.

BYD and BAIC lead the Chinese plug-in market, but in November GM & SAIC’s joint fruit also achieved a good result:

  • BAIC EC-Series – 14,205
  • BYD Tang PHEV – 6,405
  • BYD Yuan PHEV – 6,188
  • BYD e5 – 5,573
  • Baojun E100 – 5,155

Plug-in electric car sales in China – November 2018

Source: EV Sales Blog

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And December will probably be the fourth! Thanks China, your effort is making EV transition faster also in the rest of the world. You are literally forcing every automaker to produce electric cars. And the trick “make BEVs only for China, sell gas guzzlers elsewhere” won’t last long, simply because everyone will want to drive EV. Why? Because they are better than their ICE counterpart!

Wow! Just wow. When Chinese autos get serious about engaging the US market it is going to to be a bloodbath. Applauding reduced emissions regulations won’t seem like such a great idea then.

Next year will be very interesting in China for plugins now that their plugin mandate will be in effect…
The biggest wildcards will be GM and VW/SOL since VW has to sell an awful lot of plugins as the number one selling brand in China and GM just slightly behind with a mix of brands…

VW’s gonna need to be sending some of those plugins to Europe in a few years.

The history of Asian carmakers in the US is: the first time is a fiasco, the second time is a triumph. I guess there’s no other way to learn to build a good car.

Reading that history must make current Chinese car executives nervous, though. Someone’s got to go first and take that punishment. Maybe the government will make them draw lots to decide.

BYD already made its first entry in the US car market.

I guess they can go a second time and succeed?

According to EV Sales Blog BYD is also forecasting 400k plug in sales next year…
“And with looong waiting lists, the Yuan alone has 40,000 reservations, the 400,000 units target that the company has for 2019 seems quite feasible.”

On another BYD note they are apparently going to have a full and I mean full model line up of BEVs at some point in the future…
“The “e” product matrix consists of the “e” sedan series and the “S” SUV series, including 8 models in total, namely, the e1, e2, e3, e5, e6, S2, S3 and S5.”

Remember that BYD was originally a battery-maker that bought an obscure car company to get into the EV business. So going fully-electric may have always been the plan.

People holding onto old ice cars till a EV comes along that suits appears to be partly behind ICE market decline.

Yeah, in China it’s probably already happening in a big way… but this effect will start in Europe and America too in a short period of time. For me, it already started let’s say… in 2012 when I discovered electric cars 😎

While China is moving forward, we have the orange one making America black and white again.

Orange one, who would love this.

The Nazis also researched using powdered coal to run crude pulsejet engines of the sort used in the V-1 missile.

I can’t even imagine how Il Douche would react to that.

Excellent #. 141,790 for the last month and 920,139 for ytd is a real big #.
6.3% market share is very impressive.
And watch, the overall auto market has tumbled 14% and the plugins increased 36% which means they are probably moving from petromobiles to plugins.

All big automakers are dreaming that Chinese petromobile market will increase from 20 million to 30 million to 50 million to 100 million and they can milk the money while people are killed in pollution. They are in for a surprise.

In the top 20 YTD the BEVs are 73.6% vs 26.4% for PHEVs. Almost 3 times as many BEVs sold than PHEVs.

As for the PHeVs in China most people do plug them in as there is more awareness about evs due to widspread use of low speed electric vehiles and ebikes. So even the PHEVs are run on electricity for most part. In addition chinese phevs have more than 20 miles of ev range unlike the German Phevs.

If you’re not already a longstanding builder of gas-engined cars, it’s actually easier to design a BEV from scratch than a PHEV. The engine is the hard part.

EV adoption is on a roll ,no stopping it now ,Trump should be Damned ,he will pull America back into the FOSSILS AGE.

Look at all those Teslas !

BEVs share in plug-ins is more than 70% in China.

From 2019, there is news that China stopping subsidies for plug-ins. Chinese govt want their companies to be leaders in EVs, not laggards. That is why they changed subsidies to benefit high range cars in 2018. Now they are increasing range requirement even more and also removing subsidies for plug-ins. They are also taking battery density as metric for subsidies. All this means they are pushing companies to up their game drastically.

2019 and 2020 are going to bring in drastic change in Chinese market. The shift started in late 2018. ICE share declining rapidly why EVs growing rapidly. This twin-effect caused the EV share to grow from 3% to 6+%in just matter of months. In 2019 and 2020 Chinese companies with huge EV models in pipeline are going to take market share from the likes of GM, Ford, VW, Toyota, Honda etc…

Beijing is slowly preparing China’s auto industry to go exporting. These are necessary measures. If you look at Japan and Korea’s exporting history, though, their governments also required export quality standards. Meaning they pretty much had to build better cars in order to even get approval to send them to the US.

When you see that step occur in China, watch out.

I think Tesla is likely to be the only non-Chinese survivor. Maybe VW Group if they manage to get their EV lineup out FAST.

With Chinese car sales down you would think China would start looking to sell cars, especially high end EV’s into the US market. Could see China making trade deal of no tariffs for US EV imports to China and no tariffs for Chinese imports to US. With US economy getting battered by political instability, ending the tariff war with China is a quick positive to help US, China and world economy. Plus side of having lots of low priced EV’s on US market to help US achieve China’s progress of 5% EV sales.

Just to show that China has 3x market as US

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Sales numbers were very low (less than 50,000 monthly Plug-In sales in China) in the first two months of 2018 (January and February), compared to the other months during the rest of the year.

Will there be a substantial increase in the first two months of 2019 (January and February)? Perhaps even as high as 100,000 Plug-In sales per month?

2019 is the first year of the Quota system application in China. The effect of the Quota system must be visible already in the Plug-In sales numbers of January and February.