14-Year-Old Takes Delivery Of Tesla Model 3 – Video

Tesla Model 3


Zack reserved a Tesla Model 3 with his own money when he was 12. Now his dream is a reality.

However, the poor kid will have to wait a few years to take it for a spin. He doesn’t actually get to call the car his … at least in the official sense … until his 16th birthday.

Zack had always wanted a Tesla and he had exactly $1,000 in his own personal bank account. Apparently, he’d even done some investing to get that figure to where it was. He waited in the Model 3 reservation line for three hours – during which he met Elon Musk – and reserved his Model 3.

Tesla Model 3

Zack’s Tesla Model 3

At the time, Zack’s family didn’t own any Tesla vehicles. But right around the time of the reservation, they acquired a Model X (which they lowered). Zack refers to the lowered X as “pretty sick.”

When Zack received the invitation to configure, he jumped on it right away. Of course, he chose black on black with the upgraded wheels. As you can see from the picture, it also has a full chrome delete.

Zack is very well-informed when it comes to the car. He takes us through the mobile app, the touch screen, and other details, followed by a test drive (thankfully, he’s in the passenger seat).

Video Description via AutoVlog on YouTube:

Zack is the youngest Tesla owner that we know of! Today we take a look at his 2018 Tesla Model 3!

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If he had to save every penny to get the $1000 deposit… I assume he had help to pay the $50K+ for that car? Even on an 8 year loan with no interest, that’d still be monthly payments of $520, which seems steep for a 14 year old.

Kind of obvious that his parents paid for the car sans the $1k and when he’s 16 and gets his license they’ll give him the car.

Man… Lucky kid! I wish my first car was this cool.

When I turned 16 I got a hand-me-down 12 year old Mazda Protege. It was a terrible car that I hated driving!

I dropped it as soon as I could! I paid for the replacement car (a Pontiac Grand Am) with my own money.

Consider the Mazda Protege was a favor in keeping you alive and out of trouble, as you learned how to drive and the responsibility that comes with it.

I got the beloved 65 Mercury Comet! Rust and all! But at least that baby had a V8.

For me it was a Mazda 626 on its death bed (given to me by my brother actually). It was an automatic and would stall at stop lights. It really taught me frugality. My model 3 will be a huge jump up for me and one I can offer because of the behaviors I learned growing up.

That is kind of cool but pretty dumb as well. The model 3 will only get better what is the point of getting it now if he cant even drive it for 2 or more years.

I’m sure the parents are going to drive the snot out of it before he gets to have it.

Bragging about it in school, taking pictures of it with his iPhone X?

By the time he will be able to drive he might get a new toy anyways…

Better let me drive that for ya Zach, until you’re old enough of course. You’ll get it back……eventually.

I’m not sure a “poor kid” could ever afford a Model 3.

Here’s to hoping he just flips it for a profit. No real sense in just letting it sit in the garage for a couple years when he could sell it now for more than he paid more than likely and then get a new one later on and have some extra cash on hand!

Clearly his parents are loaded and they paid for it

But obviously if a “14 year old” is the “first Tesla Model 3 owner” that will garner lots of views in todays social media infested world which = more money…. somehow

Yeah rich kids putting down deposit for cars they wont drive ? just to push a tesla article.


Jealous much?
…me too.

On the one hand, I envy a kid with parents rich enough to buy him a Tesla Model 3. (All he had to pay for was the $1000 reservation fee.)

On the other hand, I was lucky enough to be able to start driving at age 14, on my grandpa’s large farm, even though I didn’t own anything I drove. I learned on a post-war (that’s post-WW II) Ford pickup, with a 4-H stick shift. As I understand it, there’s no legal problem with a kid driving so long as it’s not on public roads.


I was driving legally by myself at 14. My parents worked out of town and the bus didnt run after football practice, so I got a “hardship” license and a 7 year old Chevy Baretta. I think the car cost $3k. I was the only kid driving to school in 8th grade.

“black on black…” with hair slicked back, boi i got the hardest style

He knows a lot about the car and flows through the aps with ease. It’s like seeing the automotive future of cars and drivers.

A bit pathetic.
I’m also pretty sure the parents had to do the actual reservation — in most jurisdictions it’s actually illegal for kids that age to sign any kind of contract (which is a reservation would be, letalone when it was time to convert the reservation into an order).

Chrome delete is a real option?!?
Those look like Model X wheels, they can be ordered on a 3?!? LOOKS GREAT.

No, I did it myself with plasti dip

Nice job. Congrats on the nice ride.

Hi Zack, is there a private property where you can at least drive it a little?
Ever thought about investing the money in Tesla stock, wait your time and maybe get a more advanced one? Though I can’t blame you, in your age I spent thousand bucks on a computer… one without wheels of course…
What do you think about fully self driving cars?

I did make part of the money in TSLA stock. For fully self driving cars, I do support it and think that it is our future and we should accept it.

What is he asking Zach about the wheels @ 4:14? “You got the black wheels because you ??? It? “Yeah, I did it all myself.”
Are the wheels painted black aftermarket?

He said he powder coated them, so no they are NOT factory – but extremely cool looking now.

I plasti dipped them myself

Lucky Kid, Very Nice Model 3 & extremely cool! Hope he keeps the ride height on the model 3 as lowering would actually reduce the handling tire grip & practicality.

“However, the poor kid”

With his parents already owning an X and paying for his Model 3, I don’t think he is very poor 😉

Woah a blacked out chrome delete! Unheard of!

Nice. I got my first car at 28, and it was a VW Polo. Different lives.

I like the Model 3 sticker on the moon roof.

What was the out-the-door price?

I don’t know, as we are financing it. That model 3 sticker was made by me with a vinyl cutter I have access too.

This is great, my son who is 11 only wants to buy Pokemon LOL