1,378 BMW i3s Sold In First Half Of 2014 In Germany


BMW i3

BMW i3

Range anxiety still rules

That’s the headline from a recent eagleAID article in which AID states:

“Most BMW i3s in Germany now equipped with range-extender engine.”

The sales breakdown isn’t that important to us (yes, the REx version accounts for over 50% of sales in Germany).  However, the low level of total sales definitely hits our radar.

In the first six months of 2014, BMW sold only 1,378 i3s total in Germany.  That works out to 230 units per month, on average.

A Low Figure?

Yes and no.

In Germany, only ~800 BEVs and ~300 PHEVs are sold monthly.  The leading BEV, in terms of YTD sales, in Germany is the i3.

Additionally, in the first half, 4,188 BEVs were registered in Germany and 1,575 plug-in hybrids.

The problems is that the i3 gets classified in both groups in Germany.  So, it’s a BEV and a PHEV there.  Therefore, we have to look at it like this:

BMW sold 1,378 i3s (both versions included) in the first half of 2014.  Total BEV and PHEV sales in Germany in the first half of 2014 checked in at 5,763 units.  So, BMW still captured ~24 % of the entire plug-in segment.  Or, one-fourth of all plug-in vehicles sold in Germany in the first half of 2014 were BMW i3s.

When i3 sales figures are viewed in that way, the i3 should be considered a success in its home market as a plug-in vehicle, don’t you think?  Perhaps its time to start looking at Germany itself, a country that prides itself on “green” energy, as the laggard in adopting EVs?

Source: eagleAID

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Another factor here is that BMW has been delaying European orders in favour of US orders for a while. Last I heard is that delivery will take around 6 months from placing the order.

custom order your i3 in the US and it could take 6 months too….however, dealers have units on the lot if you are cool with out of the box choices

BMW i3 is production constrained. It has cell supply constraints. Once it builds its Tera factory, sales will reach 500K units per year.

In 2015, BMW will sell 60K i3. Right now, their production line is shutdown so they can retool for i5.

“For Now”, you lug a heavy battery or you lug an extender . “For Now”, we should applaud every auto with a plug. Applaud, not sigh, really….

It’s great that they are selling as many as they can but not that many in Germany. Germany has one of europes dirtiest electricity so exporting the sales mean that the cars are greener than if they would have been sold in Germany.

What are you talking about? Germany has one of the highest per capita capacity of wind and solar in the world.

And one of the highest uses of the dirtiest kinds of coal too.
Using an average kwh of electricity in Germany emitts more co2 (and other nasty things like NOx and SOx) than almost any country in the EU.

Using German electricity puts an EV at the same level of co2 as from the tail pipe of an average new diesel car.

They are bad compeard to europ, but isent the grid in USA more dirty?

The US is converting electric generation from coal to natural gas at a fairly brisk pace. There also is significant nuclear and hydro generation. Solar and wind are expanding, but still are a smaller fraction of total generation.

Better than Germany perhaps, but not as clean as France’s nuclear or Norway’s hydro power.


The average in the US is slightly higher or slightly lower depending on the source of information. So basically about the same.

But if you look at the states where EV’s are sold in numbers then it gets much more favorable for the US than Germany.


Page 110. If you want to get an general idea, even though those numbers are from 2011.

For Germany the numbers increased to 520 g/kwh in 2012 and to 510 g/kWh in 2013.
And the US have changed some coal to gas and should be somewhere slightly below 500 g/kWh in 2013.

I’ll raise you

We Australians have the dubious status of being one of the most polluting peoples on the planet. In Victoria where I live the grid provides electricity at about 1200 g/kWh. My Volt however runs on the clean stuff.


A sensible person might ask why our government has just killed our carbon emissions pricing framework. There is speculation the our renewable energy target is also about to get the chop, supposedly decided this morning.

I feel very ashamed of what our government is doing. We are so sun, wind and wave action rich.

Australia is just ridiculous. It is the wet dream of any renewable company to have that sun, those enormous spaces of flat land, that coast line and only having to build it for a small population.

I really hope you start protesting, educate people and make them overthrow the government while installing as much roof top solar as possible. Having co-owned wind power in smaller communities and cities.

You could be in the other end of the scale in less than 10 years if you really put your mind into it.

I still believe this car will be a success. But it will take some time. It’s in a segment kind of its own right now. Too fancy to compete with the Leaf, but not fancy enough to compete with Tesla.

They started producing in Nov 2013.

They said they had a capacity of 10k.

They said they were sold out, that they were production constrained.

They are focusing on delivering in the US first? 1057 sold and in customers hands 2014 YTD through July.

The numbers and the pronouncements don’t add up.

I was thinking the same thing.

What about that is not adding up?

They have easily produced 5,000 and not sold half. That is where the numbers don’t add up.

Maybe if you add up all the markets, it is closer but the US and German numbers (far biggest markets) are pretty small.

Maybe 1000 are on a slow boat to China and maybe 1000 are sitting on US dealer lots?

Up until and including June they have delivered 5400 i3’s to customers globally.
Keeping a pace of 10800 per year.

And from the country statistics avaliable for July they have been selling at least 950 in that month. And that doesn’t include for example UK where they have been selling 130 a month so far this year.

I thought the idea was to produce 30,000 or 40,000 per year?

They wanted to produce 20k for 2014, with the factory in Leipzig able to handle at least 30k. But the carbon fiber is supposed to be the limiting factor now, with BMW not getting the quality and therefor not the quantity expected from the plant in the US.
A second round of investment of $200 million in that plant is supposed to increase the quality and tripple the total production sometime in early 2015.
But maybe then it’s the battery constraint that comes into play 😉

Anyway, it seems like all manufacturers are having a really hard time to get the production up to the numbers they really want to, no matter if you’re BMW, Tesla, Mitsubishi or BYD.

I hope at least VW have ordered enough batteries so that they don’t have any excuses for their PHEV’s selling at the demand level and not a restricted level of some sort.

God, another new paradigm – if it’s electric, the waiting list is X months..

Thanks Elon, for taking a page from Apple..