1,360 HP Koenigsegg Regera Plug-In Hybrid Megacar To Debut In Geneva


At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Swedish automaker Koenigsegg will reveal its all-new plug-in hybrid Regera.

Regera is classified as a megacar by the automaker (a step above a hypercar and two steps above a supercar).

It’s believed Regera will pump out somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,360 HP, with close to 700 HP coming from its electric motors alone.

Regera will feature a 9-kWh battery pack.

Koenigsegg claims Regera will be the “most powerful production car ever.”  Without electrification, achieving this level of insanity would be near impossible.

Rgera Teaser

Regera Teaser

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9 Comments on "1,360 HP Koenigsegg Regera Plug-In Hybrid Megacar To Debut In Geneva"

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Interesting to note we’re running out of superlatives for an ever escalating impractical category of cars which are really becoming more like artwork than useable vehicles.

Well, then these cars are in the right bracket. Basically going straight to a collectors garage for permanent safe keeping, not driving.

You want practical? Do like the owner, main builder of these cars and vivid Tesla supporter, Christian von Köningsegg, and buy a Model S as your primary mode of transportation. =)

How do you get a 9kWh battery to support 700 hp, 500kWh+ ?

Exactly what I was wondering. And over what duration can it supposedly continue 700hp of output?

500 kW from 9 kWh is probably a 75C discharge.. crazy. That’s RC lipo discharge rates in a release-intent product!

Typically battery module pulse discharge rates are listed for 10 seconds. Of course, at 75C discharge the battery will be fully depleted in less than 50 seconds.. and the Regara would be traveling well in excess of 200 mph.

Maybe Saft VL-U batteries?

Agree, can’t see the 9kWh battery doing much in this car with 500kw of power. get real. speed limited to 250km/h as most cars.

Very interesting change of heart. Koenigsegg himself said that he thought hybrids were a suboptimal middle ground.

9KWH, 700HP just enought to start moving the car so the ICE engine can kick in.