$135,000 Tesla Model S Convertible For Sale


Low-res photo of convertible Model S

Low-res photo of convertible Model S

For just $135,000, you can buy this rare, but not so attractive (in our opinion), Tesla Model S convertible converted by Newport Convertible Engineering.

low-res photo of convertible Model S

Low-res photo of convertible Model S

Listed on Cars.com, this Model S convertible has just 1,125 miles and is located in Arizona.

As the seller states, there’s a one-year waiting list to get a Model S converted to a ragtop at Newport Convertible Engineering, so by buying this Model S you’d jump ahead of the line.

Low-res photo of convertible Model S

Low-res photo of convertible Model S

We do wonder how much of the car’s structural integrity was lost in the conversion process.

Seller’s notes (poor formatting and typos are seller’s doing, not ours):

2014 tesla S p85 performance silver with tan leather,car was converted at N.C.E. CONVERTABLE CONVERSIONS in L.A. at a cost of $60000 the original M.S.R.P. from tesla was $129,220, options are tec package $3750 subzero cold package $750 21 in wheels $4500 tan leather seats $2500 yacht flooring $650 NAPA leather $1500 dual chargers $1500 parcel shelf $250 fog lights $500 performance plus package $23,500 premium sound $2500 silver metallic paint $750 teck package $3750 premium lighting $1000 air suspension $2250,paint armor $950,full front clear bra $900 rear view camera back up mirror $800 total M.S.R.P. WAS $129,220 over $190000 new every option available,has the full 8 year warranty remaining,plus the N.C.E. top warranty,there is a 1 year plus waiting list to have the top done,this one is available now for $135000.

Low-res photo of convertible Model S

Low-res photo of convertible Model S

Hat tip to InsideEVs’ Mike Anthony for finding this Model S listing!

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11 Comments on "$135,000 Tesla Model S Convertible For Sale"

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The real Model S convertible will have a force field for the top when it comes out 😛

Behold! The Air Umbrella.

Only thing that car is worth is scrap to fixed a wrecked Model S.

Well, at least they put a roll bar above the passenger cabin, for a tiny amount of protection in case the car ever rolls.

But removing the roof ruins the carefully engineered aerodynamics of this beautifully designed car, which means it won’t get the driving range it should. I suppose someone will buy it… someone with, as they say, more dollars than sense.

More over I suspect it compromised the structural integrity of the chassis as well. I’m not sure how this thing would perform in a crash. Lastly “personally” I think it is ugly. It would perhaps be awesome if it were designed from the ground up as a two door convertible

Only in Scottsdale. If ever there was a city so full of money, but so lacking in taste. Well, if the soft top ever sags, there’s enough Botox in Scottsdale to fix a thousand of them.

I don’t care for this at all.

Convertibles = No

Looks like any other convertible, that’s the way a convertible looks. And it’s the open air that is the point, not the looks. Y’all just don’t like convertibles. Others do.

Convertibles should look sleek and sporty. This Tesla looks like neither. The majority of the top folds outside the car, looking like it was glued on to the back.

Open air is great. But a Tesla four door sedan was never intended for this. There really was no way for the convertible design to look like anything other than a hack job.

I guess the owner didnt like the result so he’s selling it