Jaguar I-Pace Sales Exceeded 1,000 In October

NOV 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 67

Electrification becomes the main force of growth for Jaguar.

Jaguar sold in October 1,200 I-PACE. It’s a new highest result, which brings total deliveries to 2,468.

When we look at Jag’s total volume of 13,764 (up 11.6%) for the month, we note that I-PACE not only accounted for 8.7% share for the brand, but almost the entire increase of sales for Jaguar fall on the I-PACE’s shoulders.

So far it seems that the introduction of I-PACE was a very smart move for Jaguar, which in the near future probably will try to utilize its platform to develop other models.

We believe there should be no problem in exceeding 2,000 units a month sometime soon.

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And the I-Pace also has an order for 20,000 cars from Waymo (Google’s autonomous ride-share project).

It was also featured on Fifth Gear.

This shows two things.

1. That Jaguar was smart in making the I-PACE, and that it is a really good car.

2. EVs are NOT in competition with each other. They are only in competition with ICE.

How long the second will remain true is uncertain but I expect it to be true until EVs are at least 25% of new car sales.

“EVs are NOT in competition with each other”

When you are out to buy EV, do you buy every EV on market or do you choose? Everything’s in competition in the real world.

At least in Europe, the competition seems to be more in terms of “how many can they make” than “how many can they sell”… And if demand keeps going up at a steady rate, I suspect this situation won’t be changing any time soon.

If you’re a Jaguar fan you’ll want to buy the most PREMIUM Jag experience.
That isn’t going to come with a gas engine.

LOL. You’re right. Jag only offers one crappy EV, so it does compete against other crappy Jag gassers for Jag buyers. You bring up an interesting point. iPace is probably the best Jag out there, but that isn’t saying much.

So when did you test drive the I-Pace?

I don’t bother test driving crappy cars. It’s way overpriced for what it delivers.

I have to agree, my future requirements are that a car is EV or PHEV, so they are naturally competition for each other. Depending on CCS stations near me next time I buy a car I might consider a used Jaguar IPace.

It shows that the usual Tesla fanboy story about EVs exclusively cannibalizing their own brand sales is as silly as it sounds. Buyers are not necessary tied to a single brand, and Jag was successful attracting buyers from other brands with i-Pace.
“almost the entire increase of sales for Jaguar fall on the I-PACE’s shoulders”

No, that is not how the story goes. As EVs take over ICE sales in general, but for a first mover, new customers can be gained that want an EV not offered by their “regular brand”. Only when all manufacturers offer compelling EVs, they will cannibalize their own EV sales. Until then, their competitors will gladly do it for them with their EV line-up…
Jaguar has managed to offer an EV that is (although not the most efficient EV on the market) superior to ICE SUVs which is not what Jaguar is known for producing. So in this case, they have the advantage of the first mover (besides Tesla Model X) into a “blue ocean” market, craving for long range non compliance EVs. Thus Jaguar can actually increase sales and become the legacy ICE manufacturer with the second highest EV share (#1 being BYD), blasting past BMW (although the short range complliance hybrids don’t count in my opinion).

There will be a certain percentage of Jag owners who still don’t know the Premium Electric Drive experience. So, those will still buy the gas version. It might be 80% of Jag owners still don’t know the superior characteristic of electric driving. But, that will drop year after year.

BYD Auto is legacy?

BYD Auto has only been around for 15 years.
I believe that their first vehicle was the F3DM, a plug-in hybrid.

Regarding “regular brand”, many people have no regular brand

BYD is not a legacy car maker. It was a battery maker which bought a defunct car company for the purpose of making EVs. Their battery production capacity was not enough to switch the production to EVs. It looks like this year they will have 40 % ICEV 30 % PHEV and 30% BEV Plus a bunch of BEV busses trucks and forklifts.

BYD (originally a battery maker) took over an ICE maker in 2003. Presumably with the intention of converting it to an EV maker — but it took year until they actually started selling their first EV (something around 2011 I think?), and many more years until EVs became dominant. (Only this year.)

Not sure though whether that makes BYD a legacy maker or not…

“Legacy” appears to mean “Any car manufacturer that isn’t Tesla”…

I disagree with #2.

Totally in competition with each other. I’m not buying an electric car until I see the Model Y. So, for me, the Model Y is in competition with the others.

You have decided without looking so there was no competition to begin with.

It’s an interesting one. For readers of websites like this one who will most likely never buy ICE again, EVs are absolutely in direct competition. For the average consumer though it’s probably a fairer statement to make and I think the general point about rising tide lifting all ships every time a new, viable EV comes on the market is likely to be true for the next 5-10 years.

That is exactly right. A company may lose a potential EV sale to another EV company but there are three more coming from formerly owning an ICE.
Probably in ten years there will be quite a few mature BEV offerings so the competition will intensify.
But I expect Tesla to retain the No1 brand status globally in BEV’s for a very long time.

“Tesla to retain the No1 brand status”. To maintain it, it first has to get it. Last year it was not a top three EV company (1-Renault alliance, 2-BYD, 3-BAIC). This year is different though.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is not a brand. It’s three brands.

BAIC, which edged out Tesla last year by a few hundred units, also has secondary brands — so the BAIC brand itself is certainly behind as well.

And BYD makes more PHEVs than BEVs, so it’s nowhere near Tesla or BAIC in terms of BEV sales.

Which makes Tesla indeed the #1 BEV brand in 2017.

I wonder how many they can build in a month once they complete their production ramp? It would be nice to see the i-Pace grab a substantial share of Jag production and increase their market share. That may help convince other companies to build appealing EVs rather than compliance cars.

It will probably top out at 30k a year, at least for a few years.

IHS Automotive foresees production of about 13,000 I-Pace models with Magna in 2019, the EV’s first full year on the market.

“nice to see the i-Pace grab a substantial share of Jag production ”

It isn’t Jag production, Magna is producing the vehicle.

This is the key question. If we see numbers hovering at 1000 per month from now despite reports of big backlogs in Netherlands and Norway then it’s most likely due to production limits, either cells or capacity at Magna. For a brand the size of Jag though 15k in 1st year is actually not that bad. Their best-selling model (F-Pace) only does 60-70k a year. I would love to see them make a really big, decisive commitment and aggressively electrify their line-up (and I mean proper electrification, not hybrids) as they could potentially do it pretty quickly but Brexit, WLTP and falling diesel demand at Land Rover is hammering them right now.

I-Pace is gaining momentum. Next Jaguar needs to offer a next gen EX sedan and wagon EV. Along with making the new E-Pace and EV like it should have been all along. My guess is that was the plan, but the drivetrain was not ready…so it got ICE for now. But it looks too nice to be ICE.

Why does the Scorecard show “5” I-Pace in October?

Because the Scorecard tracks only US deliveries.

The scorecard shows only 5 sold in the US. So I take it the bulk of these sales is elsewhere. Europe I presume?

Europe? Yep. Norway and the Netherlands are getting the bulk of the deliveries at the moment but the UK and even France are getting some.

One Norwegian Jaguar dealer had 65

Mainly to Norway because of high incentives, then to Netherlands before incentives change.
Germany got only 2 I-Pace in August, 7 in September and 22 in October – and this is not limited by demand but by supply constrains and priority to NO and NL.

Maybe they should team up with Tesla. They could show Tesla how to design an interior, and Tesla could show them how to design and implement an efficient battery system. Plus they get the SC network. First thing to do is to start unloading legacy assets that can’t be used in ev production.
It’s all about Fusion these days. Fuse or Lose.

Why would JLR want the SC network? They are using CCS for Charging which will go up to 350kW at the moment. No other maker has taken Tesla up on their offer of the SC network. It would be nice to know what the terms they are demanding are?

I had to laugh at the mention of the Interior. My guess is that an awful lot of Tesla owners really love the minimalist interior and would not want it messed with at any cost even though it is IMHO purely down to reducing the cost of the build. No instruments mean less cost AFAIK.

Tesla only developed supercharging because there was nothing else on the market. In Europe, Tesla uses a modified Type 2 socket. I am sure Tesla will eventually spin off the network into its own company and migrate to CCS 350+kW.

Why would they do that, and give up control over something, that is a cornerstone of the company’s success? Tesla insources more and more with every year, for example, which other large automaker makes his own seats in-house?
There are over 100000 Tesla’s out there with the right to supercharge for free for the life of the car at the SC network, with the cost included in the price of the vehicle. Point of the network was to enable fast charging during travel, and with the new urban supercharging, allow for charging during short term parking, with the fees fueling further expansion of the network (and of course maintenance). Tesla clearly stated that they do not want to use the SC network to gain profits (other charging networks have to).

I don’t think they will. Europe’s version of EA, called IONITY is a commercial entity. They will most likely charge premium prices. Tesla has Superchargers in places where there are almost no native Tesla’s (for example, czech republic). The only reason for those SuCs to be there is holiday traffic from Western-Europe.

IONITY probably will not add a station there in the next decade or so, because those stations aren’t profitable. IONITY has nobody to answer to. Not adding stations in those locations only helps their ICE-producing owners to sell more ICE cars

I could only wish they did that.

It is a shock to get into the old-school interiors with one thousand different buttons, and no clue what they do. Vs. a Menu system of choices in clearly defined categories.

Yes the on/off volume button is very confusing

Direct buttons are most of the times faster to use. It’s true that with more features, a touch screen interface is welcome, but at least model 3 uses the screen too much and it’s many time one of the complaints about the car.
The first car I’ve used doing something similar was the Citroen cactus, the car is nice but having to use the touch screen to open the window is annoying per example – but the cactus is a car meant to be cheap.

The I-Pace only accepts a maximum of 100kW and Tesla’s network actually exists.

I-Pace’s on-board hardware accepts more than 100kW. That means that the I-Pace is only an OTA away from faster charging.
In Europe, the CCS network is nearly three times as large, and is lready three times as fast, as Tesla’s network.
In the UK, 4 times as many motorway services have CCS as have Supercharger.
Even in the USA, the Tesla network is only twice as large as CCS, in terms o charger-stalls. And CCS has twice as many locations as Supercharger in the USA.

Most of the folks that ride in my Model S like the interior. In fact, its spartan presentation is what many people like in this world of pointless tchotchke knobs and buttons.

Tesla made a conscious decision to put controls into a touch screen and then update the type and function of the controls over the air to improve the functionality of the car. I’m sure Tesla knows how to ask everyone’s supplier for fixed buttons and bulbous air vents if pushed so I’m not sure how Tesla wins in that arrangement. The efficiency things is a heck of a lot more valuable.

Tesla hired a Volvo interior guy a long time ago..

Not mentioned in this article is that Jaguar’s overall sales are slumping. The company is on pace to sell fewer than 30,000 cars in 2018. That’s almost 30% fewer cars sold than in 2017. Sure, the I-Pace’s sales are increasing, but their contribution to Jaguar’s overall sales is miniscule. The I-Pace will need to increase sales by over 10x to have a meaningful contribution to Jaguar’s ability to continue as a company. Otherwise the future of Jaguar looks rather questionable.

I-Pace will be selling at least 20,000 a year.

If I-Pace sells 1,200 per month (as in October), that’s 14,000 per year.
But no doubt I-Pace sales will increase in the next two years, at least until EV competition in the luxury segment increases.

They may be down in the US, but they’re up in Europe for example:

The US market is not the only market in the world.

Dropping to 30k cars is a *lot* more than a 30% slump. As it is, Jaguar will sell almost 30k of the I-Pace on its own (in its first 12 months of sales), never mind its other models.

Congrats Jaguar, I hope you keep it coming and crush it!!

Took delivery of my I Pace this week! Started out with a 2013 Volt then a 2014 Cadillac ELR. Not a fan of Tesla’s minimalist interior.
The I Pace is unbelievable. Jaguar has hit a home run with this car.

Yep, that car looks amazing inside-out.

Spot on about the minimalist interior. I drove a Model S and liked the drive but the interior was a total turnoff. A few hours later I drove an I-Pace. That was real fun to drive. And I can take it off road which I do with my current Jeep.
Now waiting for the I-Pace to be delivered.

If you had a volt and ELR then it sounds like you are in the USA. So I guess they are popping up at dealers now?

In Florida 3rd one delivered by my dealer

Great to hear, Paul.
We invite you to come share your experience on the InsideEVs Forum.

Great news. Obviously taking sales from people who either want a non Tesla EV or previous iCE buyers persuaded because a “traditional” manufacturer is making it. This should encourage other legacy manufacturers to get their act together.

In Norway, there is an additional thing to add: It is an EV. I-Pace sales in Norway for October were higher than Norwegian Jaguar sales in entire year of 2017.

Jaguar was “suffering” and is still suffering. I-pace is a good car for Jaguar, but they enjoy the short competition. Presently only the model X is comparable to the I-Pace and Jaguar seems to make a better car for European tastes.
The problem for Jaguar is that competition will arrive soon, soon all cars will be electric and Jaguar will eventually return to their normal – making cars that are far from being the best for the price… Obviously they can improve but I still have to see that.

In Europe Audi Q5 sells more than double of Jaguar f-pace, in the US it’s 3 times more. Can Jaguar change that with EVs?…

Sweet ride, sad range.

If you tell anyone here in the U.K that nearly 10% of Jaguar sales are EVs and still rising they won’t believe you. Imagine what they could do if they tried. Maybe a Land Rover pick up, gosh sell more, make more, more jobs, more money, that’s not the British way to do things come on what was I thinking.

I just took delivery of my in Denver CO USA, we are a very progressive state when it comes to alternative fuels, talked with the Jag dealer and they can not keep up with the demand. Next delivery is January then after that is July.. I think Jag needs to up their production because its a hit here.