12 State Parks In California To Get EV Charging Stations Via Adopt a Charger


“Twelve of the most popular State Parks in California will be getting electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, thanks to the California Energy Commission (CEC) grant awarded to Adopt a Charger (AAC).”

For those unfamiliar with Adopt a Charger, here’s a brief overview:

Adopt-a-Charger is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in March 2011 to accelerate the wide spread adoption of plug in electric vehicles by broadening the charging infrastructure. Adopt-A-Charger’s unique approach matches a sponsor with a host site located at a popular public destination: parks, colleges, museums, beaches and the like.

In this particular instance, where 12 parks are getting chargers, match funds were provided for the project by sponsors; The Kashia Band of Pomo Indians, The Monterey Bay Unified Air Quality Management District, Google Employees, Southern California Edison, and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Additionally, Sustainable Solutions Partners and PlugShare provided an in-kind donation of services and ClipperCreek provided match funds in the form of discounted equipment towards the project.

All of the 12 EV chargers will be offered fee-free to park visitors.

The proposed park units include: Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, Crystal Cove State Park, Huntington State Beach, Bolsa Chica State Beach, Will Rogers State Historic Park, Los Angeles State Historic Park, Hearst San Simeon State Historic Monument, Henry Cowell State Park, Ano Nuevo State Park, Sonoma Coast State Park, and Fort Ross State Historic Park.

For some additional information on Adopt a Charger, check out the video below:

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8 Comments on "12 State Parks In California To Get EV Charging Stations Via Adopt a Charger"

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I can only imagine how high the “ICEing rate” will be at those spots….

Ha, just Sunday we could have used some charging at the State Park we visited some 65 miles away and 1500 feet up from our home…

Does anyone know if they also include a rack of 110V outlets for trickle with this installation? It could be a good (and cheap-to-install) back-up.

Thanks Eric, for the news. Hope this will spur more such events.

Thanks sponsors and host sites.

Now if only they can put one (or dare I ask a few) up in Yosemite. The sole charger there is always hogged.

Yosemite is part of the National Park system. It would be great if a company could make a deal with the NPS. Yellowstone and Grand Canyon alone could drain even a Tesla’s battery with all there is to see in them.

Better: allow on EVs into valley. And allow rentals at the entrance. That would clean up the air in the valley! And make it quieter!

What an awesome program. I should help with this.

Please install more chargers at beaches please.

Yes, that would actually make some of these parks reachable for me. Unfortunately, none of the local parks are on that list (yet).

Please send your photos of out of service or damaged charging stations to broken@chargingmyev.com