The 12 Days Of Tesla Model 3 Is Now Complete – Video Roundup

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Learn what these new owners found out after a dozen days with the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3 (Image: Now You Know)


Are you anxiously awaiting delivery of your Tesla Model 3? If so, this might help. Zac and Jesse, the Tesla tipsters from the popular Now You Know youtube channel, have put together a new 12 Days of Model 3 video series. They’ve been steadily releasing videos over the holiday break to give viewers a chance to experience the Model 3 for themselves (vicariously of course) — covering a wide range of topics, including acceleration, sound system, storage space, supercharging, and much, much more.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

It’s fun to see this father-and-son duo tackle so many questions Model 3 reservation holders have about the car. And the Now You Know family already owns a Model X so they’re quite familiar with Tesla. So now that the video series is complete, here’s a look at all their 12 Days of Model 3 videos in one consolidated post. If you like watching these guys (they’re really great), we highly recommend you subscribe to their youtube channel…

Shiny New Model 3

Above: St. Nikola’s awesome Christmas present! (Youtube: Now You Know)

Windshield Wipers

Above: What’s up with the windshield wipers? (Youtube: Now You Know)

Tesla T’s

Above: Where’s all the Tesla logos hidden? (Youtube: Now You Know)


Above: How is the Model 3 if you’re really, really tall? (Youtube: Now You Know)


Above: Checking out Autopilot 2.5 performance (Youtube: Now You Know)


Above: Supercharging a Model 3 (Youtube: Now You Know)


Above: Nissan Leaf vs. Model 3 in a race? (Youtube: Now You Know)


Above: Check out the Model 3 lighting (Youtube: Now You Know)


Above: How much storage does Model 3 really have? (Youtube: Now You Know)


Above: Check out the nav system on the 15-inch touchscreen (Youtube: Now You Know)

Sound System

Above: Does the Model 3 sound system really pump? (Youtube: Now You Know)


Above: All the little goodies that come with a Model 3 (Youtube: Now You Know)


Source: Now You Know

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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Thanks, great videos! Hilarious but informative.

Now I really can’t wait for my shiny new (blue) Model 3 🙂

Nicely done series (-:
It does strengthen the conviction that I’d never buy a Model 3. If the touchscreen fails, the car is basically inoperable until it’s replaced.

Yes, because the screen fails so often on my 10 year old plasma screen, or my 7 year old LED monitor, or my five year old LED TV, or my….

If you’re going to sit around worrying about not being able to drive, I’d carry a 12 volt battery around with me if I were you. Now THAT’S going to be the thing to fail.

The wiper UI is dangerous and stupid.

On *any* other car, wipers operate by muscle memory in the dark. On the Model 3, I have to take my eyes off the road (while visibility is already compromised), find the appropriate menu, find the touchscreen button for wipers and push it. Then I have to push another button if I want to change the wiper mode, and this *always* requires my eyes to be off the road.

No matter how well you become acquainted with the Model 3 screen, you’ll never be able to activate the wipers while keeping your eyes on the road (except for the mist function).

I’m surprised the regulators allowed Tesla to build the car this way. Maybe they’ll fix this after a lawsuit.

If an article is by EVANNEX, it is noted. Why do you assume without any evidence?

(Other than the note at the top of the article, that anyone can read.)

But the VIDEOS are not by EVANNEX

guys, these videos are super helpful and a great resource for me as i’m considering buying the model 3 soon to take advantage of the tax refund. have you tested the RWD vs the AWD. I live in Mass as well and concerned about driving in the NE winter snow. I saw your video about that topic. my q is the AWD worth the extra $5K?