1:18 Scale Tesla Model S


Diescats Tesla Model S

Diecast Tesla Model S

Diecast Tesla Model S

Diecast Tesla Model S

The official Tesla store now sells two versions – Red Multi-Coat & Midnight Silver Metallic, of a 1:18 scale diecast Tesla Model S  (although the shop is current sold out at the moment).

For $210, a beautiful diecast Model S could be yours.

Here are some details:

The Model S P85 diecast scale model was officially commissioned by Tesla. Every detail was meticulously overseen directly by the Tesla Design Team in California.

The same 3D CAD data used to manufacture the actual Model S was used to precisely replicate every detail, curve and surface found in the scale model.

The 1:18 scale Model S features:

Made up of ~270 metal and plastic parts
Detailed interior
Diecast metal
Detailed 3rdrow seats
All doors, trunk and hood open
Panorama roof

Diecast Tesla Model S

Diecast Tesla Model S

Rear spoiler
21” wheels
Rubber tires
Steerable wheels
Carpeted trunk and interior
Seat belts made of fabric

Available in the following configurations:

Midnight Silver Metallic with Grey Turbine wheels, with black interior/carbon fiber décor
Red Multi-Coat with Silver Turbine wheels, with tan interior/Obeche décor


275mm long x120mm wide (10.82”x 4.72”)


1.25kg (2.75lbs)

Sold exclusively through Tesla Motors.





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Are they counting these in their delivery numbers for Q2?

And 2025 projections?

no more than we are counting on you for intelligence


Oh, snap!

Yikes! $210 sounds kind of steep for a model!

If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it. 😉

…and they’re sold out.

Of course. It’s the most accurate and affordable Tesla Model S, ever! 😉

Seriously, they either didn’t make enough for demand, or they’re REALLY popular.

Either way, I’d like the next batch of them to include the new Titanium / Warm Silver paint. God, I LOVE that color…

most affordable would be the $1 hot wheel ones… Also available in silver and red. 🙂

Maybe they’ll offer a lease program with a guaranteed value after 3 years.

I would only expect them to increase in value. The Model S will have a design refresh around that time…

It should only cost (1/18)^3 of the real Model S. With $100,000 for a Model S, that should be $171. So, unlike the real thing, Tesla may actually be making some profit selling these stuff 🙂

Just imagine how much, it would cost with dual drive!
Joke aside, imagine how cool it would be, if anyone would make this into a RC car.

I would models of miniature people in the vehicle with two children in the jump seats giving the following traffic the finger.

I knew Elon said the Model 3 would be smaller, but how are we supposed to fit into it? What is this, a car for ants!?

Hahaha good one. I forgot about that. thanks

It’s an amazing scale model of an amazing vehicle. I still can’t get over the accuracy of the detail; like actual door gaskets and sliding struts on the hatchback. The two rear jump seats, are icing on the cake. There is real carpet and cloth in this thing!

None of my diecasts are this detailed or accurate…

My AutoArt models are

Ya know… I wouldn’t be surprised if AutoArt was the company Tesla worked with, to produce these. They’ve got a large portfolio of beautifully crafted scale models, and it’s in a similar price range, for the size.

I’m waiting for the P90D version

That was a funny comments. I’m waiting for the Model X and will closely look to make sure the rear doors don’t have a gap!

“Diescats Tesla Model S”? Fix the caption on the main picture. C’mon, Eric.

Die Scats!!! Die! Die! 😉

-What cats?

-Dies cats.

Copy editors? We don’ need no stinkin’ copy editors! 😀

Can’t they contact Kyosho and release a body for a MiniZ AWD? That would be terrific!

I liked the 21″ wheels… maybe 21 mm

Also, you guys are slow to report this. They’ve been sold out for over a week now.

They are back in stock again as of this morning. I just bought my second Tesla and am so looking forward to mounting it on my wall.

Finally, the Tesla for masses at an affordable price:-)