100th Tesla Supercharger Now Open In China


Superchargers In China

Superchargers In China

Tesla's Solar Supercharger in China

Tesla’s Solar Supercharger in China

Robin Ren, Tesla’s vice president for the Asia-Pacific region, has confirmed that Tesla opened its 100th Supercharger in China earlier this week.

The average Supercharger in China has only 4 stalls though, so the total Supercharger stall count is only 400.

The 100th Supercharger opened up in the business district of Beijing.

In addition to Superchargers, Tesla has quite a lot of destination chargers in China and is pushing for more.

Tesla Superchargers And Destination Chargers In China

Tesla Superchargers And Destination Chargers In China

Tesla is actively inviting hotel groups, banks, offices, corporation, etc. to reach out to the automaker to get destination chargers on site.

Source: South China Morning Post

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Well Done Tesla!

Here in the states, I would also like to see Superchargers installed at many of the restaurants along the freeway, so charging up is done while having a meal.


Tesla is going to need to work on their Supercharger agreement though. I bet a lot of people in China want to be able to fill up at the local Supercharger like a gas station because they live in high-rise apartment buildings where they can’t install a charger easily.

The apartment/condo charging issue really needs to start being addressed by governments around the world. Change some building codes to require pre-wiring for chargers.

Don’t forget those pesky HOAs