Over 15,000 New Tesla Model 3 Dual-Motor VINs Registered


It’s becoming crystal clear that Tesla will be heavily focused on dual-motor all-wheel-drive Model 3 production in the near future.

As quickly as Model 3 VINs reports new batches of VIN registrations on Twitter, another large batch pops up. Over the course of just a few days (August 4 and 5, 2018), the automaker registered about 10,000 new VINS with the NHTSA, and most were for dual-motor vehicles. As we were doing the math and prepping this article for publishing, two more batches were reported.

As always, we remind you that the highest VIN number doesn’t necessarily dictate exact production figures or even definite plans. Just the same, the number of cars registered in each batch should not be used in and of itself to determine production. With that being said, we know that Tesla is producing Model 3 sedans at a much faster rate, and there’s really no reason to keep registering these cars so quickly unless they’re being manufactured.

Below is a look at Model 3 VINs’ latest Tweets:

So, over the course of about four days, Tesla registered some 15,000 VINs for Model 3 dual-motor all-wheel-drive sedans. We can only imagine and assume that more will be reported in the very near future.

Hopefully, this means we will see another incredible jump in Model 3 deliveries this month. If you have ordered or plan to order a dual-motor Model 3, it appears your chances of getting the car rather quickly are increasing rapidly. This all makes perfect sense since Tesla is currently laser-focused on profitability. Being that the more expensive vehicles have a higher profit margin, this surge should work to push the automaker closer to its goal.

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The 1 millionth Tesla Model 3 will be delivered in Q4 2020.

Damn…that is not only possible but borderline likely.

My delivery window still says Sep to Nov.

Same here. Day 1 reservation, online, pre-reveal.

Same here. Day reservation, IN STORE + pre-reveal. Ordered the AWD non performance. No trade in, cash payment. Order edit ability disappeared a few weeks back.

Maybe you picked the wrong colour 😉

There goes the TSLA shorts thesis that everyone is waiting for the base mod 3 only.

A VIN costs nothing to register, and Tesla assigns them to manufacturered cars out of order.

I guess you’re hoping some people won’t understand that’s entirely irrelevant to this discussion. Either that, or your Russian troll farm paymaster is paying you per post, and you don’t care whether or not your attempt at FUD is nonsense.

15,000 electric cars if they showed up in a small town of 30,000 could wreak the sales of a local gas station.

I really wish Tesla would add a counter to show how many barrels of gasoline saved.

Such as it would be interesting to see when Tesla drives enough miles to offset all the oil in the united states strategic oil reserves


“That would be interesting!”

Said no one (excluding regular readers of this site) ever.