$10,000 Nissan Donation Helps Huntsville, Alabama Get CHAdeMO Quick Charger


Eaton Chargers

Eaton Chargers – Unit on the Left Was Installed in Huntsville

Nissan continues to strongly support the rollout of CHAdeMO in the U.S.

Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

Recently, the city if Huntsville, Alabama received a $10,000 donation from Nissan which it used to cover part of the purchase cost for a CHAdeMO charger.

For Huntsville, this unit is its first DC quick charger.

Joy McKee, the city’s landscape management director, told AL that Huntsville is home to approximately 50 plug-in electric vehicles.  McKee adds:

“But that’s growing every day.  This is where the future is going – alternative fuels and alternative ways to take care of our earth.”

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle and members of the city’s Operation Green Team drive plug-in vehicles donated by a local Ford dealer.  Of course, those vehicles can’t use CHAdeMO, but the station is open to the public and the cost is reasonable at only $2 per hour (actually the charger is free to use, but one must park in a metered spot with a $2 per hour fee.)

Huntsville hopes to add 5 more DC quick chargers by the end of the year, provided that there’s strong demand for initial charger.

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I love it when the city puts in metered fast charging. We’ve got one at the state courthouse here and it’s great. I’m happy to pay 25 cents per 3 minutes because I know I won’t have to mess with a broken Blink touch screen. And I know that someone isn’t losing money, at least, so hopefully it will be there for the long haul.

As an Alabamian, booyah. If Nissan would just release a 125 mile vehicle I could do all my traveling to visit family pretty easily now.