$10,000 Incentive On Nissan LEAF To NIPSCO Employees & Customers


2017 Nissan LEAF

2017 Nissan LEAF

Now through March 31, 2017, Nissan is offering special Nissan LEAF pricing for  employees and customers of NIPSCO. Those who are eligible will enjoy $10,000 off the retail price of 2016 and 2017 LEAFs.

It is important to understand that while the deal can’t be combined with any other special Nissan pricing or financing offers, you will still be able to apply for the $7,500 federal rebate. This is a deal that should be taken advantage of quickly, since we have no clue as to what the new administration may do to the status of the federal tax rebate. A price break of $17,500 is extraordinary for any vehicle.

The car must come from dealer stock, and if you choose to finance, you won’t be able to get an incentive rate, because that is considered “combining offers.”

NIPSCO is an acronym for Northern Indiana Public Service Company. The company supplies power for nearly 1.5 million customers in northern Indiana.

Nissan LEAF incentive flyer

Nissan LEAF incentive flyer

Nissan LEAF incentive flyer

Hat tip to Athada!

For the full flyer, containing the disclaimer and NIPSCO certification code, follow this link.

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The same deal is available to anyone who lives in North Carolina through March 31, 2017.

Thank you, Paul.

“Best-In-Class 107 miles range”


Sure, when you define the class as Electric Cars Assembled in Tennessee…

The footnote specifies the claim: “2Comparison based on MY16 LEAF SV & SL vs. 2015 and 2016 non-luxury 100% electric vehicle competitors
(Source: fueleconomy.gov). MY16 EPA range of 107 miles.”
Quite the disclaimer! Click the link for the flyer.

The class is “battery electric vehicles manufactured by Nissan”

Same for GA Power customers in GA.

I posted the link to myleaf forums a few weeks back.

Power 88 ends on March 31st !

Do you think the discounts might have something to do with a new leaf shortly thereafter ?

Same deal for customers of lots of power companies including my area in southern Wisconsin. I called a local dealer who had some deep discounts and rebates on 2016 Leafs with the bigger battery. I asked if they could be combined with the 10,000 rebate through the power company and they said yes. Of course after I got there and looked at a couple cars they gave me a not-great price and said the rebates couldn’t be stacked. Anyway I wound up getting a nice deal on a used 2015 Leaf elsewhere. I’m not sure why they’re involving the power companies in this, as it’s all Nissan money.

Probably because the people who bought a LEAF just before that would be upset if Nissan suddenly dumped the MSRP, it’s better to do it covertly like this.

Also it could be a marketing thing. If people think they get a great discount on the car they are more likely to buy than if Nissan just lowered the MSRP.

Yes, Nissan is dumping the stock of the gen 1 LEAF all over the place, obviously in preparation for the gen 2 launch. I expect them to reveal the gen 2 at the end of March or beginning April. I don’t know what car shows that would be but I’m sure there is something.

The “deal” is available to everybody who knows how to use Internet and can shop for best dealer offers, and agrees to buy or lease a model that will be obsolete few months later.

Nissan must really be trying to clear the old inventory before they reveal the next gen model. I suspect the next gen is going to blow the current one out of the water. There’s no other logical reason for the $10,000 off.

If you needed an car, though, $13,000 for a brand-new Leaf is a no-brainer.

If they were really trying to clear it out you’d think they would offer it up in California. The current S last I checked can easily be had for $25k. Tack on a $10k discount, the $7,500 fed and $2,500 as well and it’s an extremely cheap yet capable car!

Heck, at that price I wouldn’t care about all the battery degradation!

DJ – it’s 25k in CA because of 6k in special deals and discounts. The 10k rebates in other areas can’t be combined with those. The 10k is basically a stronger version of the other deals, marketed through a power company for appearances sake. (The utility may also kick in a small amount).

You’re right, well more than less. I just checked and it’s $23k however that’s because of a $4k incentive.

So $27k w/o the $4k incentive.

So in the end it’d be $7k here after the $10k off, $7.5k Fed, and $2.5k CA off 🙂

Ok so I probably still wouldn’t care about battery degradation even at that price point 🙂

Realistically though this would drive demand up I suspect so that $27k would be even higher but ya know what I mean.

Indiana is a Trump state…maybe a handful of Indiana residents might see this as a good deal and jump on it lol but the majority will not, after all they voted for Trump.

This is a dumb way to think about large areas. Clinton got a million votes in Indiana. Clearly vote preference is not what’s holding EVs back there.

I’m a Nipsco customer that voted against trump and can’t wait for my model 3 because I’m jealous of the many other teslas I see on the roads in NW IN

Whatever works for you lol

Spoonman, ideology is holding evs back in Trump states.

Fire sale on Nissan LEAF that has been massively surpassed by the Chevy Bolt.

I can’t understand why more power utilities are not promoted EV’s. They sell power, and EV’s use power, seems like a no brainer.

Yeah, I’ve long wondered about that. I wonder if there are some conservation regulations designed to encourage energy efficiency that prevents them from promoting EVs.

It would be kinda nonsensical though since EVs would be promoting energy efficiency….the issue is that it would INCREASE ELECTRICITY usage while reducing overall energy usage since less gasoline would be consumed.

I work for Nipsco and went to a dealer to use this deal and they offered me way less than the $10k off without using the incentive. It still wasn’t worth it though. I’m waiting for them to drop the prices more when the 60kwh battery comes out.

What a bargain price.

Has anyone seen this other group buy? http://www.smartchargeamerica.com/leaf ? Is this for real?