$10,000 Discount On Nissan LEAF In Hawaii Extended Through September

JUL 14 2017 BY MARK KANE 15

Kauai Island Utility Cooperative and the Nissan LEAF

A pretty great Nissan LEAF discounts of $10,000 (that stacks with the federal incentive), continues to pop up all over the US prior to the new generation’s launch this Fall.  Now, in popular areas such as Hawaii, we are seeing that promotion extended through September.

At this point Nissan, why not just make it a national end of model year sale and call it a day?

Hawaiian Electric Companies: We’re excited to announce Nissan North America’s $10,000 rebate offer on the all-electric 2017 LEAF® sedan has been extended through September!

The Hawaiian Electric Companies (Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light Company) offers its customers significant the significant rebate in partnership with Nissan North America (as one might expect as its fully funded by Nissan).

The $10,000 discount, combined with $7,500 in federal tax credits cuts the base price ($30,680) in half.

And as it turns out, already more than 300 people purchased LEAF that way.

“Customers should take their electric utility bill and the promotional flyer available at hawaiianelectric.com/nissanleaf to any participating Nissan dealer on Oahu, Maui or Hawaii Island to receive $10,000 off the sticker price of a new 2017 LEAF S, SV, or SL, while supplies last. With potential federal tax incentives, savings could total $17,500.”

Also, a second utility Kauai Island Utility Cooperative offers the $10,000 discount through September 30.

“The rebate, which was originally offered to KIUC membersin January and then again in May, can be accessed by presenting the member’s KIUCelectric bill and the flyer, which is available for download and printing on the homepage of the KIUC website: www.kiuc.coop.”

So far, 0.55% of passenger vehicles registered in the state are fully electric.

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You’d think every person in Hawaii would be climbing over each other for this. You can’t even drive 100 miles there. A brand new car for $12,500?

Too bad it’s for a Leaf. Any other car on the planet and you might be right. Too many people got burned with the battery degradation fiasco and now their reputation is crap.

Love the Leaf. Hawaii is an ideal climate and “size” for it. Any Hawaiian even close to needing a vehicle with a smidgen of intelligence would be all over this.

Sure you can… it is ~125 miles driving from one end to the other. If you are going back too then it’s 250 miles. 😛

Its 77 miles driving from one end of Maui to the other. Seems like the Bolt would be perfect there.

Perhaps if you start way on the west end in that sketchy area and drive along the coast to Honolulu and keep going all the way to the Marine base on the north side it’s over 100 but you would have to try real hard and have a good reason to do it. Certainly there are no cross country road trips and any ‘cross island’ trip is a destination trip where you are going to hang out for awhile so just put a few chargers up at the beach or whatever.

How do you plan on driving from Maui or Hawai’i to Honolulu?

Deep discounts, likely because at this point the Leaf SUCKS..

You ignorantly forget old models need to be cleated before the arrival of the new one.

Love the awesome Leaf, especially at these discounted prices.

Seriously mods, what is up with the website? It’s so slow you can’t even finish typing a come

Been having loading problems on my end for a few days now but today is bad.

11,500 off from Nissan in Az – not sure why, state has no rebates.
If I had a need for an around town car, I’d bite.

In the real world, this is an unbelievable offer. I can speak on the authority of being an actual electric car owner who has found even his 67 mile range Mitsubishi able to meet 99% of my travel the past two plus years.(more than 1,020 trips – including across Michigan!)

Were I in HI I couldn’t get to the dealer fast enough.

My 73 mile range LEAF could too. However, my 35-40 mile range leave (still only 3 bars lost, but the actual range degradation is much higher than the bars indicate) does not.

I know the new battery is better, but under no circumstances do I recommend buying anything from those ethically challenged (in my opinion) people at Nissan.