1,000-Mile Tesla Supercharger Corridor Now Complete In Australia


Tesla Store, Melbourne-Richmond, Australia

Tesla Store, Melbourne-Richmond, Australia

Tesla informed owners in Australia via email that the Supercharger route from Melbourne to Brisbane is officially ready. The company added three stations to complete the 1,000 mile corridor.

Like well, everywhere....a line formes last Spring for Tesla to take Model 3 reservations

Like well, everywhere….a line formes last Spring for Tesla to take Model 3 reservations

The stations include “The Big Banana” in Coffs Harbor, “Motto Farm” in Heatherbrae, and “Macadamia Castle” in Knockrow. Tesla still has some work to do at the Coffs Harbor station, but for now it has two temporary Supercharger units. The other two locations are complete, with six permanent stalls each.

Tesla will have eighteen stations in OZ by the end of 2017, as long as plans come to fruition. Currently there are eleven functional stations on the continent, and two more in the construction phase.

All stations in OZ are 150 miles or less apart, so that all current and future Tesla models will be able to traverse the continent without issue. Construction of a station across the country, in Perth, is planned to happen before the close of the year.

Australia claims home to one of the largest and most upscale Tesla stores in the world, as of now. Also, Australia has made news repeatedly for its adoption of Tesla’s energy products.

Tesla’s official email to Model S and Model X owners:

Melbourne to Brisbane Supercharger Route is Open

Tesla Model S heading out for a long distance drive in Australia

Tesla Model S heading out for a long distance drive in Australia

We’re excited to announce that Tesla has expanded its Supercharger Network to complete the Melbourne to Brisbane route with new stations in Heatherbrae, Coffs Harbour and Knockrow now in operation.

  • The Big Banana – Coffs Harbour, NSW
  • Motto Farm – Heatherbrae, NSW
  • Macadamia Castle – Knockrow, NSW

The new stations in Heatherbrae and Knockrow are equipped with six charging bays and are available to use 24/7. The Mobile Supercharger Unit in Coffs Harbour has two bays and will be replaced by a permanent station at a nearby location in the near future.

A Tesla Supercharger can add up to 270 km of range in just 30 minutes of charging. Superchargers are designed for city to city travel, allowing owners to travel for about three hours, take a quick break, and get back on the road charged up.

Discover more Tesla charging stations below to begin planning your next road trip.

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Good Job!

Way to take the lead and support infrastructure for your product!!!

Put up an image of the map!

I found this, posted to Reddit a month ago. Dunno if it’s current or accurate.

comment image

They can do this in Australia but not Canada? A 1500km corridor (the distance from Vancouver to Regina) isn’t even planned for Canada.

Be patient my friend, when the Model 3 hits the roads and there is demand, Tesla will do the right thing. Right now most model S and X owners probably do more trips north and south, to Florida, out east and, to California out west.

They’ve connected the three major cities which are all in the south-east. Canada already has two 1000 km long corridors, one in the east and one in the west.

Not sure that would be much harder than crossing the Nullarbor plain.

Starting from the obvious city of Norseman you need at least 8 or 9 more Superchargers to get to Adelaide. That is without the 4 from Perth and the other 5 or 6 to connect Adelaide to Melbourne.

Sure Canada is challenging but I would not underestimate the Australian outback. On the other hand electricity would be much easier in Australia with the obvious autonomous PV supply possibility everywhere.

Populations of cities connected by the Corridor, South to North:
Ballarat, Vic: 99,841
Geelong, Vic: 187,417
Melbourne, Vic: 4,529,496
Canberra, ACT: 424,666
Sydney, NSW: 4,920,970
Newcastle, NSW: 434,454
Brisbane, QLD: 2,308,720
Also picks up
Bendigo, Vic: 92,888
Coffs Harbour, NSW: 68,572
Wagga Wagga, NSW: 55,820
Port Macquarie, NSW: 45,341

Site identified but not open in Brisbane which will add:
Sunshine Coast, QLD: 302,122
Toowoomba, QLD: 114,622

Also working the way west from Melbourne, Vic to …
Adelaide, SA: 1,316,779

So, what size populations would be added if they went east from Red Deer, AB or Canmore, AB?

Great news.. The one Coffs Harbour will be busy.

I drive Sydney to Melbourne – Adelaide occasionally, as well as Sydney – Snowy Mountains, as well as Sydney to Brisbane.

Just waiting for.. a price on the Tesla 3 ,
(Originally ordered and S , and deposited, but the final price was way too high. Now diving a Volt, and have deposited a Tesla 3. But.. how much will it be and can I afford it when it gets here? There is no Bolt coming to Australia , unless GM has a change of heart (unlikely in the next two years)

Back on subject: well done Tesla!

Supercharge.info is really the best map to use to check on the SuoerCharger progress. Shows the upcoming sites, whether in permitting or construction.

Gives a lot of confidence in Tesla you see this sort of roll out in Australia. Let’s hope they get great sale here and incentives to build more infrastructure.
Now, if only they could provide a Chademo interface so I can charge my Leaf until the M3 is available.

You can get J1772 to Mennekes adaptors – so you can use your Leaf at Tesla destination chargers! (only slowly though)
But not for superchargers though.