1,000 Combo Chargers In Europe!


Combined Charging System (CCS aka Combo) – One System for All

Combined Charging System (CCS aka Combo) – One System for All

CCS Chargers in Europe reached an important milestone of 1,008 installed points (with power of up to about 50 kW).

That’s quick progress, as exactly one year ago there were only 150 of them.

A significant portion of those Combo chargers are CHAdeMO compatibile, but there is nothing to belittle.

Compared to over 1,800 CHAdeMO points, at the current pace the difference is equivalent to less than one year of installations and more and more projects use multi-standard Combo/CHAdeMO.

Thanks to the outstanding CCS Charge Map, we get stat for each country. Just like in the case of CHAdeMO, UK has the highest number of Combo in Europe, despite CCS coming from Germany.

Combo standard is for now used by BMW i3, Volkswagen e-up! and e-Golf. Soon the Audi R8 e-tron will join the pack and Italian motorcycles by Energica.

CCS Fast Chargers By Country

CCS Fast Chargers By Country

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How many watts are these chargers?

Oh, duh… up to about 50KW 🙂

This is why a proprietary supercharger network makes no sense. Soon we’ll see a thousand chargers at triple the wattage that any brand of electric car can use.

Superchargers are 120 kW and intended to eventually be 135 kW, far in excess of 50 kW CCS or CHAdeMO.

There are already some CCS stations that support 100kW, and the standard is being modified to allow even higher power.

Both CHAdeMO and and CCS are designed for 200 amps maximum.

At the maximum 500 volts, both are fully capable of 100kW.

Since all known production auto EVs are 405 volts or below, that means that the actual charge rate maximum is:

300 * 200 = 60kW (depleted battery at full charge)

400 * 200 = 80kW (absolute peak charge rate before current reduction at end of charge)

Sorry, there’s just no magic. Both CHAdeMO and CCS are limited to 125 amps currently.

Tesla Supercharger is 330 amps… a HUGE difference. That is almost three times the charge rate.:

300 * 330 = 96lW
400 * 330 = 121kW

You can’t really expect to charge today’s batteries at 4 or 5 C and get any life, Maybe the LTO’s. That means only cars with batteries over 50 kWh will charge at 100 kW+. That means today only tesla can use 100 kW chargers.

As the packs in the cars get bigger then I guess the fast chargers will too. that will most likely happen with all the standards.

Kia have already installed a 100 kW chademo charger.

You are quite right either the voltage or the current will need to increase for this to happen. Most inverters are current limited so I guess the voltage will go up.

There is nothing to stop either a fast charger manufacturer or an auto manufacturer from making a device that exceeds the standard.

On another point when do u stop? 100 kW charger will give you 150-200 miles on a 30 min charge, provided the pack is big enough. Isn’t that enough?

Once you are charging at 60kW, you are getting nearly 240 miles of hwy miles per hour of charging, or 110 or so in the first half hour since you probably won’t be getting the pack above 80% of capacity.
Call me crazy, but I would be happy to charge for a half hour, drive for an hour and a half, and repeat.
Would 80kW charging be better? Yeah, but 60kW is fine, and even 50kW is marginally ok. Just put the chargers within walking distance of a cafe, coffee shop or book store.
That having been said, for PR reasons alone, 100kW charge rates would be useful. 30 minutes and 190 miles of range would be sweet.