100% Turkish Built Prototype Electric Vehicle To Debut In 2019

NOV 6 2017 BY STAFF 21

First prototype will be revealed in 2019 and it is going to be fully electric powered.

The Turkish car market, one of the biggest in Europe, is soon going to be joined by a 100-percent Turkish car brand. Annual new car sales there are around one million a year, and brands like Renault, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Fiat all have factories in the transcontinental country.

Recently, five key local automotive and technology companies grouped in a historical new project under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s initiative.

This initiative is called the “Automobile of Turkey.”

The fist prototype of the newly formed brand is planned to be launched in 2019 with production version expected to hit the showrooms around 2021. Main focus will be producing a fully electric car with the ultimate target being quite aggressive – establishing a well-known and trusted brand such as Tesla.

At first look, building a new car brand is a very challenging task, but with the strong support of the government and President Erdogan, this already financially strong group of companies has a good chance of achieving what it aims for. If Turkey can implement this project successfully, given the country’s very convenient location (distribution-wise), the new brand might even make other marques from the industry feel a bit uncomfortable.

When it comes to supplying automotive parts, Turkey is a major player in the industry on the Old continent, being one of the biggest exporters of auto parts to Europe and Middle East. Turkey wants to build upon this expertise in production of auto parts and to establish a successful new car brand. It is expected to become one of the country’s top priority projects.

Apparently, there is a big hype going on for this project in Turkey after the official announcement and local car enthusiasts and consumers can’t wait to drive their first-ever 100-percent locally manufactured electric car.

By: Cinhangir Perperik

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How will the taxes be, considering Erdogan and the EU is by far not best buddies..

I’m planning on building a fully electric car, ready for production 2-3 years from now. Can I get some press?

I don’t want to even think what would happen to those responsible people if the *miss* the *deadline*…

Well, the current President is the wisest man alive and thus ALWAYS right. So missing the deadline would be equal to calling the President a liar, which is punishable in Turkey. Especially with a guy in charge that arrests tens of thousands because he thinks that they might disagree with his opinion on arresting them…

Good for Turkey.

They already have some auto assembly there.

I hope it works out for them.

I certainly hope it’s not a Turkey.

Or a lemon… Hmmm… Turkey with lemon…..!

When there’s nothing to be said…. SOMEBODY just has to say it! ‘F-‘

“with the strong support of the government”

If it’s that easy, North Korea would be the biggest producer of quality EV by now. Gov’t support often means negative results. I’m skeptical if this “public-private partnership” will result in anything significant.

Government is intertwined with most of the German auto manufacturers and they seem to be doing fine.

Second, you can’t compare a secular parliamentary representative democratic republic like Turkey to a totalitarian regime like North Korea.

‘secular parliamentary representative democratic republic like Turkey’
Hilarious! Risible! DINO_ as ‘democratic’ as Islam allows.

$51 Billion.

That’s the amount that the US government invested in GM in 2008-10. Of that, $11.3 billion was never recouped.

Without that public-private partnership, your little Sparky would have never become reality.

Maybe there’d be something more awesome than SparkEV had the gov’t not interfered. You only see the result of interference, never the unrealized benefits. But seeing how more public share in such partnership result in awful consequences (eg. North Korea), chances are that we are missing out on much better product that could’ve been.

Lol. Given that GM’s assets and liabilities were mismatched by nearly a 100 billion dollars, what would have happened is a scrap sale.

Or, Tesla, with Toyota and Mercedes Benz, at that fire sale, could have added some extra factory capacity, on the cheap! Like how Bombardier acquired Canadair, Shorts, Lear Jet, and finaly – DeHavilland!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Good luck to them!!!

“The Turkish car market, one of the biggest in Europe”

Turkey is NOT in Europe.

The Istanbul side of Turkey IS in Europe. The Anatolia side is NOT in Europe.

Geographically, perhaps. Politically there might as well be another Atlantic between them!

I wonder if this has anything to do with NEVS (ex-SAAB) who said a while back they had done a deal with Turkey to make the electric version of the old 9-5 Turkey’s ‘National Car’ ( https://www.nevs.com/en/media/press-releases/nevs-has-been-chosen-by-tubitak-as-its-partne/ )?

Not AFAIK. The intent of the Turkish project is for it to be as nearly as possible completely Turkish, specifically including the design and all R&D — they already have lots of vehicle manufacturing for several carmakers, see
and want to extend this to the non-manufacturing aspects.

Exporting Turkish vehicles to the EU will however now become more problematic, since the signs are that Turkey won’t be joining it anytime soon.