$100 Bill Tesla Model S Ludicrous Challenge – Video

MAY 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

$100 Bill Tesla Model S Ludicrous Challenge

$100 Bill Tesla Model S Ludicrous Challenge

DragTimes didn’t waste time and found another way to show the Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous in action.

As it turns out it’s not that easy to overcome the acceleration before 60 mph and win the $100.

“I offer up a $100 bill if he can grab it before the Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous gets to 60 MPH.”

Hat tip to Spark EV!

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Apparently the dude from Dragtimes has never heard of “seat belt syndrome” injuries. That seat belt isn’t fitted properly on his young son. The kid is too short/small to use a regular seat belt, and should be using a booster seat in the back seat. Without a booster seat, the shoulder belt rests-on/crosses-over this kid’s neck and might render him a paraplegic in a crash, especially with his father’s propensity for street racing and driving at excessively high speeds. Because of the lateral design of the shoulder belt, all persons about 4’9″ or shorter will have the shoulder belt across their necks instead of their shoulder and torso.


Good luck getting a kid that old to use a booster seat. Should make him wear a helmet and floaties, too.

Bubble wrap the kid and never let him out of his room…LOL.

Dude the kid is at least 10 years of age and there is no car seat designed for a 10 year old and furthermore a 10 year old ain’t gonna sit in a car seat.
Dad and son having a a great time.

Mandatory under 12 and 1.5m.
Just look here:
But people can continue ignoring the danger using a seat without adapter.

Oops, mandatory “in Germany” …

Ir’s apparent that you are not a parent.

Sven, if you’re worried so much about kid’s safety, best way is redundancy: have lots of kids, then you don’t worry so much. There’s an interesting commercial about such thing; first kids gets baby sitter with PhD in child Psychology, but after second one, it’s bubble gum chewing, tattoo covered teenager for baby sitting.


The Kid was great! What a good idea , father & son team ..

Don’t the seat belt tensioner lock up under acceleration or sudden movements?

Yea, The kid’s Safe…Give the father some credit here..He’s only Going 65mph Max & Lets off…