10 Years Since Tesla Roadster Preview – Video

AUG 6 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

It’s hard to believe, but 10 years has passed since ¬†the Tesla Roadster debuted¬†in Palo Alto in 2006.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

Here is an unforgettable video from the 5th August 2006 – when Tesla was still nearly two years before the start of retail sales in 2008.

Today, some of those same original Roadsters sold are now being outfitted with an optional battery upgrade package (70 kWh), giving the EV a 35% jump in range over its original specs.

It was time when not only YouTube videos resolutions were small, but not many spun bold dreams about electric cars.

Now, 10 years from those early Tesla Roadster demonstrations we not only have the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and the Model 3 in 2017, but an expanding portfolio of other various other electric vehicles on the horizon.

Where we will be in the next 10 years?

The song is: Phil Oakley – Together In Electric Dreams

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Ten Years Later and it’s got 10 BILLION Dollars in Assets on it’s Balance Sheet. Impressive, and nearly exponential growth as well.

10 years from now …

You’ll be sitting in a Tesla-GM-Ford (they’ve all merged by now) pod, … staring out the window on your commute, and thinking about the good old days,… back when you used to own your vehicle.

Paying UberLyftShare for all your surface travel needs.

And if you want the equivalent driving experience today, your only choice is: A USED ROADSTER.

Even with all the trouble I had, when it was working I enjoyed the (over) 4 years I had with the car. I hope the Texan who bought it enjoys the driving experience as much as I did.

Too bad, 10 years later, there isn’t an equivalent vehicle on any new car lot. As many an “S” owner has told me in the past, they are happy with their “S”, but it isn’t as much fun as the roadster is.

TO my mind the closest vehicle to be available soon is the Chevy Bolt, that apparently will have a similiar driving range, and will be 1/3 the price.

You say the BOlt isn’t very close at all? Agreed. Porsche’s Mission E will be the closest – but I could never afford that car.

So, for anyone who wants this driving experience, you’ll have to settle for a used Roadster, or (perish the thought), get a gasoline Lotus.

@Bill – Bill, you sure seemed to have a host of issues with yours. I remember the film, Who Killed The Electric car, and some employees of Tesla were standing around a few Roadsters talking about the issues they were having with each of them, and Chris Paine walks up with his camera – and he says, “which car is it you’re talking about?” – “The silver one!” , they answer – “Oh, that’s MINE!” – Says Chris Paine, documentary filmmaker of the movie! LOL! They started as a rough and tumble, fix it as they encounter it – company, and after 10 years they still fit that mold, only on a much larger and more diverse scale, what with customers beta testing Autopilot updates, etc.. It’s been an exciting ride. I hope the best for Tesla. Thank God they are employing many good Americans! – I think those other cars you’ve compared to the Roadster experience were not convertible roadsters. Any 2 seat open sports car is going to offer you a rush, and a delight not offered by cars with tops, and cars that are just big. I was watching this thinking: “Man, a Model X with Ludicrous… Read more »

Yeah, it was a (mostly) fun 4 years.

I hope Tesla learns for the Fiat experience in the states the first time around.

Lucas electrical systems in the British brands eventually killed those cars.

Its no ‘fun’ for people to talk about reliability, but it ends up being the final determinant for many a model car.

Hoping in 10 years Tesla will be the biggest carmaker in the world !!!! Good luck Elon and your Teslaguys love what you’re doin’ big hug from Austria

I bought an S and kept my 2011 Roadster 2.5. It’s been flawless for 26000 maintenance free “fun” miles. No competition yet unless you include the million$ porsche 918, which I personally won’t include. At the tail end of a finite life, what could be better than “fun” or “happy”? Charging my Teslas with a combination of home made, Supercharger and Chargepoint free electricity adds to the fun. No matter what my mood, I get a huge smile when I pop the door for a free charge. Mining Bitcoin for free with my excess solar power does that for me too. Solar Synergy.

Maintenance Free? You haven’t done the Tesla Required Annual Maintenance? If not done, the Power Electronics Module will quickly overheat.

26,000 miles and ZERO maintenance? On the original tires that Tesla stated were only good for 5000 miles?

Make sure you get the PEM cleaned out on your v2.5 Roadster.

It collects dirt down there and will slowly overheat. You won’t be saving money in the long run.

Here’s hoping a second generation Roadster makes it to production with an affordable price. I’d love to own an electric convertible sports car.