Top 10 Tesla Supercharger Etiquette – Unwritten Rules To Live By

APR 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Tesla Superchargers are simple to use, but too keep the experience enjoyable for all, users should apply etiquette.

Bjørn Nyland recently released 10 Tesla Supercharger etiquettes – unwritten rules about how to do something right in harmony with the community (other EV drivers).

“I came up with ten supercharger etiquettes that will make life easier for yourself and others who will charge there. Remember that these “rules” are not written down anywhere or set by Tesla. I made this list based on my own experience and what other people are talking about on social media.”

Here is the list:

  1. Don’t share A/B stalls (if possible). Take number not occupied for full charging speed.
  2. Limit your volume (noise).
  3. Move your car when done.
  4. Avoid taking a nose-in stall (if possible), because those are best for Model X with trailer.
  5. Wait in line and pay attention.
  6. Don’t charge to 100%. 90-95% is better to not waste yours and others time.
  7. Don’t Supercharge locally (if you can at home). Battery capacity will be affected after a large amount of Supercharging.
  8. Don’t litter.
  9. Park properly – see image above to know how to not park.
  10. Be ready to move if you take several stalls with Model X and trailer.

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Don’t park like a “douche-bag,” hahaha!!

I think the main reason that Tesla Motors started going down the road of autonomous driving capability was the reality that the Model S and X cars park very poorly. It has to do with the window height as well as the overall width of the car. I do better with rental cars than my own car. I understand the Model III no longer has this problem.

“1. Don’t share A/B stalls (if possible). Take number not occupied for full charging speed.”

I thought the first person in the stall gets the full speed, the 2nd person would then get the remaining power available. Given that they would only be disadvantaging themselves, I don’t think this needs to be an etiquette rule. It would sort itself out when they realise why they are getting such rubbish charging rates.

“8. Don’t litter”

This shouldn’t be a Tesla charging etiquette, it should be the default behaviour regardless where you are and what you are doing.

1. Yes, but I think Bjørn reminds people on that it actually smart not to take 1A and 1B when 2 is available.

Yup, #1 is a tip for faster charging, not a rule of etiquette.

It’s a good list, it just needs a better title.

@Mil said: “I thought the first person in the stall gets the full speed, the 2nd person would then get the remaining power available.”

If only 1 car is occupying a supercharger stall pair (i.e. 1A & 1B) that car can get up to the full 120kW charge rate but if two cars occupy a stall pair the 120kW will be evenly load-balanced between the two stalls ( so if two cars are at the same SOC they will each get 60kW). If one of the cars is nearing full-charge the charge rate will lower for that car (at same end-of-charge taper curve as normal) allowing the other less charged car to charge above 60kW.

Pro Tip: Starring at the charge rate indicator on the center screen as your Tesla charges increases the time it takes to charge.. walking away from the car has the opposite effect.

I humbly confess I’ve never learned how to park “propelly”. Does that require, perhaps, wearing a propeller beanie? 😉

Plus + He Dog Tracks too !

Did k9 Beanie Boy really mean “Bark Propelly”?

Charging to 100% (or close to it) on rare occasions is fine if you need it. If I’m about to go “off grid” into an area with limited charging opportunities, I want to leave the last Supercharger with lots of charge. One such area is northeastern California, which ironically isn’t a great distance from the Gigafactory near Reno.

I agree there are times to do it. If no one is waiting, it is not a waist of anyone else’s time.

2 more points.
11. Don’t smoke.
12. Don’t talk bad about any EV/Plugin/Hybrid.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I hate when people smoke or vape. I don’t want to inhale your sh1t carcinogens.