1-Month Tesla Model X Review – Video


Jon Rettinger (TechnoBuffalo) recently leased a Tesla Model X 75D. In just over a month, he has had no issues with the falcon wing door sensors, and he states that the early “fit and finish” issues are no longer present.

One issue that Jon points out is that the white “vegan” faux leather materials gets dirty easily, and does transfer the blue color from his jeans to the surfaces (he was advised by many people not to get it before the purchase). However, some cheap wet wipes make it look brand new in a jiffy.

Jon says it's easy to get kids and pets in and out of the Tesla Model X

Jon says it’s easy to get kids and pets in and out of the Tesla Model X

He demos the traffic aware cruise control and other features.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have all of the over-the-air Autopilot updates yet, but he plans to make a video featuring all of that, once it’s ready.

Video Description per TechnoBuffalo on YouTube:

The Tesla Model X is one heck of a car. Its crazy Falcon doors and AutoPilot features highlight one of the most tech-centric cars on the market right now. Jon was lucky enough to get one a month ago, and he’s back to let you know how the car has held up.

Jon picked up his Tesla Model X 75D on December 13, 2016.

Below Is Jon’s Model X Q & A from  a month ago.

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