1 In 10 Panamera Buyers Worldwide Opt For Plug-In S E-Hybrid Version


1 in 10, claims Porsche.

Per Porsche, 1 in 10 Porsche Panamera buyers worldwide purchased the plug-in Panamera S E-Hybrid in the first 6 months of 2014..

“Porsche reported an almost 8% increase in sales during the first half of 2014 to 87,800 units. In the first six months, the new Panamera Gran Turismo was especially in demand with around 13,500 units were delivered—a rise of 28%. Also, almost one in ten customers opted for the Panamera S-E plug-in hybrid model.”

States Green Car Congress.

So, in summary, one out of every 10 (10%) Porsche Panamera buyers opt for the only mass-produced plug-in Porsche: Panamera S E-Hybrid.  We think that’s a solid and respectable figure for an automaker who is just starting to venture into plug ins.


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It will be interesting to see this ratio with the Cayenne.

It should be even better, I bet. Cayenne is cheaper.

I doubt it. Percentage-wise, I expect it to be much lower than 10% for the Cayenne – it is a much higher volume vehicle.

Maybe in the US but in the UK and other EU countries the tax laws and other factors will play a big role. The company car tax is particularly painful for expensive cars in the UK and I think there are similar laws in other EU nations. In the UK if you get a company car as part of your employment contract you have to pay a certain % of the value of the vehicle in tax for the first year. I am not sure what it is for the Porsche but of the Outlander the difference between the Diesel and the plugin is 25% vs 5%. If this was the case for the Cayenne it would make the Diesel about the same price after the first years ownership. Depending on the organization you typically pay the depreciation over 3 years and the tax which might make the plugin hybrid very much better deal than any of the other models and hopefully more popular, but we’ll see you don’t buy a Porsche because you are worried about total cost of ownership. There is part of me that is a bit disappointing that the Panamera plugin (compared to other Panamera’s) isn’t… Read more »

ps you would also get the 5k government grant, free congestion charge, zero road tax, potentially low fuel bills if you drive short distances and a few other things on top that.

Cayenne and Panamera will be gateway cars, if Porsche isn’t careful. The EV mode will be just long enough to tease.