007 Feature Demonstrated By BMW i8 Driver In Thailand

JUN 10 2015 BY ALEX WAI 8

BMW i8 was never categorized a as 100% EV but rather a PHEV. This photo believed to be taken by a casual smartphone photographer might proof us wrong where the H = Hybrid = Water/Land use. Could this hidden 007 feature alone be a Tesla killer?? After heavy rain fall earlier this week, many of the roads in Thailand have been flooded.

The working tail lights on the i8 does provide some evidence that the vehicle is still somewhat functional while cruising at this water level.

No further details if the car was able to reach dry land, or if it ultimately took any damage.

Via BMWBlog

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Light, sealed vehicles do indeed float…

They call them boats.

In these conditions he would have been better off with an Outlander PHEV

Black Leaf right behind ?

MPV of some sort.

Slow news day at InsideEVs?

The classic VW Beetle would float for a few minutes before sinking. I doubt anyone ever suggested it had “James Bond 007” technology because of that!

BTW: “Hybrid” doesn’t mean “water/land”. The writer of this article is confusing “hybrid” with “amphibious”.

Actually, lots of interesting news today; not everything has to be overly serious/in depth, some people enjoy some lite fare, I know I do from time-to-time, (=

As a point of interest, the next 4 largest sites to IEV (on EVs) published a total of 12 somewhat new/first run articles today specific to plug-ins between them, while we published 13 pretty decent pieces (and having operating hours of 7am to 2am)…and we also have 144 completed articles in the queue which are only waiting on open time slots to be published.

Sidenote: I don’t often comment on this sort of thing. But I originally came back here to mention that this is Alex’s first article here at IEV (Alex is based out of Asia – so huZZah!) and he is also just learning the system.

Jay Cole said:

“…not everything has to be overly serious/in depth, some people enjoy some lite fare, I know I do from time-to-time, (= ”

Fair point, and I often enjoy them too. My apologies for a curmudgeonly post.

Contrariwise, I think you took my “Slow news day?” snark rather more seriously than I meant it. Yes, there certainly is some very interesting news today at InsideEVs! And Jay, thanks to you and everyone at InsideEVs for all your very interesting articles, past, present, and future.

The bottom of the door is about in line with the axle, which is about in line with the water level. It’s possible water never entered the cabin.