0 To 60 MPH On A Bed In A Tesla – Video


We all know how quick a Tesla is, right?

Do You Have A Bed Quicker Than This?

But what about a Tesla bed? Or, more accurately, a Dreamcase bed in the back of a Tesla.

In this first-ever video of its kind, we see what’s its like to hang out in bed in the back of a Tesla Model S P100D as it blasts from 0 to 60 MPH in 2.6 seconds.

Video description via DragTimes:

I see what it’s like to do 0-60 MPH in just 2.6 seconds while in a bed in the back of a Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous.

Oh, those poor stuffed animals. They never had a chance.

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We don’t recommend you conduct similar tests in your Tesla. It seems at least a wee bit unsafe.

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8 Comments on "0 To 60 MPH On A Bed In A Tesla – Video"

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Not the stupidest video I have ever seen.

But it’s a contender.

He needs a Dream Hammock!

He even pondered the possibility of doing it again with the back hatch open. Now THAT would be the stupidest video you ever saw!

One word: Florida

Now, you’re trying to make me cry.

Okay, it’s now official: Tesla “we can’t believe how fast the acceleration is!” videos have definitely jumped the shark.

Dont know if I would want the title “Quickest in Bed” …lol

Headlines: “Florida Man treated and release from hospital when ankle breaks while in bed during Ludicrous Mode thrusting.”