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Volkswagen Trademarks E-Transporter For Upcoming Electric Van

According to German sources, Volkswagen recently trademarked four names: Allsider E-Transport(er) Duomotion Twin Motion Both Dumotion and Twin Motion are expected to be applied to future Volkswagen hybrids (one likely a conventional hybrid and the other a plug-in hybrid). Meanwhile, E-Transport(er) is expected to be a full-size commercial van powered…

2 months ago by Eric Loveday 8

Volkswagen Exec: Electric GTI Definitely Coming

According to Volkswagen director for sales, Jurgen Stackmann, electric vehicles will fast become mainstream, and Volkswagen is taking note. As most of us know, VW is beginning to showcase its new I.D. family of electric vehicles, and Stackmann says that an electric GTI is in the cards. Company execs spoke…

2 months ago by Steven Loveday 34