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Real Chevrolet Volt Owners Tell Their Stories – Video

It seems that Chevrolet is finally promoting its second-generation Volt through what will become a series of videos that follow the theme of “Real Volt owners. Real stories.” This first clip tells the story of Aleisha, a Volt owner who hardly ever uses gas. That sounds familiar. Video description: “Every…

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The surpise winner of December 2016 sales? The Chevrolet Volt selling a record 3,691 copies

Chevrolet Volt Sales Officially Surpass 100,000 in U.S.

As we predicted, Chevrolet Volt sales surpassed 100,000 units in late July. Proud of the achievement, General Motors issued a statement on the event with this subtitle – “First Model to Reach Milestone for Plug-In Vehicles,” which is true, provided you limit the scope to U.S. sales only. General Motors adds: “How…

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