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Volkswagen Sport Coupé Concept GTE

Volkswagen Planning Its Own Major Battery Facility

According to Handelsblatt, Volkswagen is considering its own battery factory, the size of which could be comparable to Tesla’s Gigafactory plant (at least judging by the “multi-billion-euro” amount that could be invested). Truthfully we are not sure whether Volkswagen, still dealing with Dieselgate fall-out, is willing to part with billions of…

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Another Look At The Model S Refresh From Behind

German Automakers Now Fear Tesla

The German auto industry has poked fun at Tesla and CEO Elon Musk in the past, and has never publicly voiced any concerns about the California start-up. As recently as last November, Edzard Reuter, former Daimler chairman, called Musk a “pretender” and said: Tesla is “a joke that can’t be taken seriously compared…

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German retailer Kaufland opens first Fast Charge stations for electric cars in Romania (source:

Kaufland Puts Romania On The EV Fast Charging Map

Romania in Eastern Europe isn’t often in the EV news, especially with only 24 pure electric cars registered in 2015 (up from 7 in 2014), but they are working on it. Recently Kaufland (of whom is the biggest retailer in Romania) announced the launch of the first fast charging network in the…

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The Transparent Factory (Die Gläserne Manufaktur) is opening as a new showcase for electric mobility and digitalisation

Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory Showcases Electric Mobility, Offers EV Test Drives Every Day But Sunday

Last month, Volkswagen ceased production of the Phaeton, while at the same time, the facility itself – “Transparent Factory (Die Gläserne Manufaktur) in Dresden, Germany was turned into a interactive exhibition of electromobility and digitalization. There are 50 learning stands and an opportunity for visitors to test drive some plug-ins. “After closing for 10 days…

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VW e-Golf - Image Credit Tom Moloughney

Volkswagen e-Golf Recalled For Drive Motor Shutdown Issue

Volkswagen has issued a recall involving up to 5,561 e-Golfs manufactured between May 21, 2014, to March 1, 2016. Affected vehicles may have “oversensitive diagnostics for the high-voltage battery management system” which “may falsely detect an electrical surge” and result in the e-Golf’s “electric drive motor shutting down unexpectedly.” Or, in…

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