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Volkswagen To Triple Electric Drive Spending Over Next 5 Years

Volkswagen’s new investment plan for the next five years (through 2022) details a huge spending spree on electrification, in parallel to further improvements of combustion engines. While also improving efficiency of ICE cars by 10 to 15%, Volkswagen intends to invest about €9 billion ($10 billion) into electric drive technology (HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs),…

1 day ago by Mark Kane 16

Souped Up Volkswagen Golf GTE Concept Debuts

Power is up by 68 hp and 100 Nm over the regular Golf GTE. Hybrids and plug-ins seem to be the main theme for Volkswagen at the annual Wörthersee GTI meeting as after showing the electrified GTI First Decade and the Golf GTE Estate ImpulsE concepts, the folks from Wolfsburg…

3 weeks ago by Adrian Padeanu 2

Fastned Expands Into Germany

Netherlands-based EV charging company, Fastned, will open several stations in Germany, prior to the release of a myriad of upcoming electric vehicles from several OEMs. Fastned has plans in place to construct a fast-charging network throughout Europe, and securing multiple locations in Germany is a significant step forward. The company…

1 month ago by Steven Loveday 3