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Mary Barra talks to Wired about the Bolt EV

General Motors CEO Discusses Chevy Bolt EV – Video

Mary Barra told Wired Editor-in-Chief, Scott Dadich: “Our core business will be the core for a very very long time.” This referring to GM’s primary focus on trucks, SUVs, and car ownership. However, this is not to say that the company isn’t preparing for the future and taking innovative risks. The…

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LEAF ticketed 2

Thousands Watch As Nissan LEAF Gets Ticketed – Video

Doug Lussenop and Brent Weinbach, comedians who host the Super Deluxe video website through Facebook, posted a 38-minute video during broadcast this week. *Editor’s Note: Video contains some NSFW elements, and excessive “watching grass grow” footage While the video rolled, they narrated. The whole concept centered around the fact that…

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electric corvette

Electric Corvette Breaks Mile Record With 186.8 MPH Run-Video

Johnny Bohmer, professional driver, and passenger Bob Simpson, EV-Drive co-founder, hit 186.8 MPH down the 1-mile runway at NASA Shuttle Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The car, a Genovation GXE converted electric Corvette, was deemed the “Top Speed Street Legal Electric Car”. Genovation GXE…

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Only 9,648 AA Batteries Are Needed To Power The Mercedes-Benz AA Class.

Mercedes-Benz AA Class Introduced Via SNL – Video

Julia Louis-Dreyfus did a little “tongue-and-cheek” take on electric cars on Saturday Night Live” this weekend with a “commercial” for the all new Mercedes-Benz AA Class. Dreyfus calls the AA Class the “first fully electric luxury sedan powered entirely by AA batteries.” In typical “Saturday Night Live” fashion, there’s more humor than…

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Attendant At Tesla Supercharger Station

Tesla Supercharger Valet Service In Action – Video

The iconic Bjørn Nyland reports on Tesla Supercharger stations in Southern California that now have attendants seven days a week, during busy times. The company’s main objective is to help keep the station traffic organized and reduce congestion. The goal would be to get customers a quicker, trouble-free charge. At…

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Tesla Model X

Motley Fool Tesla Model X Video Review

Tesla’s Model X is the only available, fully-electric SUV in the world at this time. Tesla boasts: “The safest, fastest, most capable sport utility vehicle in history.” It pairs the performance of a sports car with the functionality of an SUV. The company already has some ~35,000 pre-orders (reservation holders)…

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Tesla Charger

The Chargers At Geneva – Video

Dan Neil, of Wall Street Journal, did a “beauty pageant” for home chargers at the Geneva Motor Show. The Tesla Supercharger is probably the most recognizable overall, and look similar to a traditional gas pump. The BMW charger is aluminum, with LED lights and a display screen. Volkswagen’s charger looks…

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