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Watch More Footage Of Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EV In Action

General Motors’ billion-dollar autonomous vehicle acquisition, Cruise Automation, is hard at work on the development of the autonomous Chevrolet Bolt. As we previously reported, the Bolt was spotted “Cruise”ing San Francisco streets, before the production vehicle had even hit roadways. Fast forward just a few months and Cruise Automation has started…

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Tested Drives The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt – Video

Tested’s Jeremy Williams has bought his own loaded Chevrolet Bolt, and he has now been driving the 238-mile EV about two weeks. The video is designed especially for those with a “need to know” about electric vehicles. He pops the hood and shows that the car has a “normal” 12-volt battery, in addition to…

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MotorWeek’s Quick Spin In Chevrolet Bolt – Video

MotorWeek test driver, Greg Carloss, says that the Chevrolet Bolt lives up to its “practical yet fun” claims. He says that “mashing on the throttle” provides instant torque (enough so to throw you back in the seat). The low center of gravity makes for adequate handling. However, he makes note…

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