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Towing With A Tesla Model X – Video

Michael Subasic, Tesla Model X owner and host of m1kTV, shares his busy day and subsequent towing adventures with viewers. He quickly talks through a day of chores and appointments that most of us can surely relate to. Mike makes sure to complain about the expense of gas as he fills…

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Mary Barra talks to Wired about the Bolt EV

General Motors CEO Discusses Chevy Bolt EV – Video

Mary Barra told Wired Editor-in-Chief, Scott Dadich: “Our core business will be the core for a very very long time.” This referring to GM’s primary focus on trucks, SUVs, and car ownership. However, this is not to say that the company isn’t preparing for the future and taking innovative risks. The…

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Thousands Watch As Nissan LEAF Gets Ticketed – Video

Doug Lussenop and Brent Weinbach, comedians who host the Super Deluxe video website through Facebook, posted a 38-minute video during broadcast this week. *Editor’s Note: Video contains some NSFW elements, and excessive “watching grass grow” footage While the video rolled, they narrated. The whole concept centered around the fact that…

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