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Hyperdrive battery (Nissan lithium-ion modules)

Hyperdrive Innovation To Offer Nissan (LEAF) Batteries For Various Applications

Six years after the LEAF’s introduction, and also launching own its own lithium-ion battery production (together with NEC), Nissan has now become a battery supplier itself. British Hyperdrive Innovation has announced the launch of battery products using Nissan’s lithium-ion cells via the automakers’s Sunderland plant in the UK. Hyperdrive’s plan is to offer batteries…

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New Ecotricity program charges £6 for a 30 min boost in the UK

UK Considers Adoption Of Common Pricing For Public Chargers

The UK government is apparently considering actions to make public charging more affordable, and a lot simpler. Essentially, there could be pricing cap, or at the very least common pricing guidelines, with one access card for all networks. Details are expected be announced early next year. “Overpriced electric car charging stations will…

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BMW i3

2017 BMW i3 94Ah REx Test Drive Review

While the BMW i3 REx (with a 650cc two-cylinder petrol engine serving as back-up generator) has been the primary choice in UK from the start, the introduction of a longer-range 33.2 kWh (94 Ah li-ion cells) battery version means the advantage of the extended range option on the BMW should decrease (a fact we have…

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