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Tesla Shot Down Uber’s Self-Driving Partnership Idea

Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, shared that he pitched an Uber/Tesla partnership, but Elon Musk wasn’t a fan. A new book entitled Wild Ride, written by Adam Lashinsky of Fortune magazine, contains the information divulged by Kalanick. Reportedly, Kalanick reached out to Musk after Apple invested $1 billion in China’s top-tier ride-sharing company Didi…

3 weeks ago by Steven Loveday 3

Uber Launches Tesla Model S Fleet In Spain

Spain has a taxi service that is strictly regulated by the government. A few years back, a Spanish judge ruled that Uber created unfair competition to taxi service and didn’t operate within the country’s strict regulations. Now, today Uber is back in action and has launched a fleet of Teslas…

6 months ago by Steven Loveday 6

Uber-Like Tesla Network To Launch Next Year

Though details remain sparse, Tesla says that it’ll roll out details on the “Tesla Network” starting next year, some details of which we’re first released in Elon Musk’s “Master Plan Part Deux” this past July. Master Plan quote from Musk below: “You will also be able to add your car…

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20 Nissan LEAFs, 30 BYD e6s Join Uber London

50 all-electric cars have joined Uber London in a pilot project to improve air quality. Nissan supplied a fleet of 20 LEAFs, while BYD added 30 e6. For Uber its another step to lower emission as already 60% cars into service are hybrids. Below you can find some statements from the…

10 months ago by Mark Kane 5