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Tesla Semi Rendering

Experts Talk Tesla In The Semi-Truck Business

According to experts, successfully bringing electrification to long-distance trucking will prove a monumental task for Tesla. Although research firm IHS Markit speculates that the electric hauling industry will grow by a whopping 10 percent over the next decade following 2020, the research shows that it will be slow going over…

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EDI Shows Off Its Plug-In Hybrid Freightliner

Efficient Drivetrains expanded its portfolio of plug-in conversions to include a new OEM platform, the Freightliner M2 truck. Equipped with EDI’s PowerDrive 6000 set-up, the Freightliner M2 PHEV: will be capable to drive more than 25 miles in all-electric mode (and further 300 miles in hybrid mode), offering significant savings…

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BYD Delivers First of 27 US Built, Zero Emission Trucks

BYD has delivered its first US built, heavy-duty terminal tractor to the Daylight Transport facility in Fontana, California, as part of the largest U.S. order for electric trucks to date (27 units) in Southern California. The Chinese company is currently expanding its assembly facility in Lancaster to handle growing demand…

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Ford F-150 PHEV

PHEV Ford F-150 Coming Soon From XL Hybrids

Ford doesn’t offer its F-150 pickup trucks as a plug-in hybrid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Thanks to XL Hybrids, a F-150 PHEV can be yours. XL Hybrids recently announced the XLP Plug-In Hybrid Upfit for the F-150, which can improve fuel economy by up to 50…

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Efficient Drivetrains Select XALT Energy As Battery Supplier

Efficient Drivetrains intends to use XALT Energy lithium-ion batteries in its plug-in hybrid trucks. The original tentative agreement for NMC graphite lithium-ion battery packs was announced in December. Shipments have already began, and under the first phase of the program it is expected to be complete in the first quarter,…

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Efficient Drivetrains Introduces CNG-PHEV Class-4 Truck

Efficient Drivetrains announced the first-of-its-kind plug-in truck with 40 miles (64 km) of all-electric range and 300 miles (over 480 km) total.  It’s the Chevy Volt of big rigs! Besides zero emissions capability, this retrofited Class-4 JAC truck also runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Official unveiling was held at…

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Armored Vehicles Converted To Plug-In Hybrid

California’s strict diesel idling regulations, which prohibit idling the engine for more than five minutes, is problematic in some applications like armored security vehicles. Companies are looking for a new solution (and of course electrification) to be able to met regulations. North American Repower and Efficient Drivetrains announced a demonstration…

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Sales Of Electric Truck & Buses To Hit 160,000 Annually By 2023

Penetration rates will remain low, but sales will continue to grow. That’s according to a new report from Navigant Research that analyzes the global market for commercial vehicles that use electric drive vehicle technology, mainly buses and commercial/industrial trucks. Navigant states: “All electric power for commercial vehicles has always been…

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