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3 years ago

2013 RAV4 EV

Toyota Now Offers RAV4 EV From $299/month, plus Unlimited Mileage Option

Toyota has announced a new leasing deal on the RAV4 EV in order to move the sales needle a little faster in California.  To date, Toyota has sold 709 RAV4 EVs, and would like to move 2,600 by the end of next year for compliance reasons. Starting this month, eligible…

4 years ago

Toyota RAV4 EV - Powered by Tesla - Ousted In Favor of Hydrogen - But Toyota Stills Shows Interest In Tesla's Battery Research

Toyota Discounts The RAV4 EV By $10,000, With 0% Financing. Lease From $499, Zero Down

Rattled by a real lack of interest in the RAV4 EV at the MSRP price of $49,800, and needing to put some giddy-up in their journey to sell 2,600 (for compliance reasons) of their 103-mile electric SUV, Toyota took $5,000 off the sticker price to buoy sales 3 months ago. The result since…