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CU-ICAR / Toyota uBox concept

Toyota Unveils Gen-Z Focused Plug-In Electric Concept Car

We didn’t expect a new pure electric Toyota, but one has been developed by Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) in partnership with Toyota Motor North America. Meet the uBox concept, designed to meet needs of generation-Z. “Most of Toyota’s North American vehicles are engineered in Southeast Michigan. The newest…

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The Badge And Accumulated "Green Cred" Mean Something To The Wider Market

Toyota Prius Prime Engineered With Input From You

The all new Toyota Prius Prime is a leaps and bounds transformation from the last-gen model, with redesigned front and rear ends and a fully revamped powertrain, all due to user input. Toyota’s brand manager for advanced-technology vehicles, Nathan Kokes, said: “We continually pay attention to blog posts. We look at…

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2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan

Toyota Mirai Test Drive Review

A Toyota Mirai is rare sight on the roads, and the reviews don’t appear all too often. Here is a quick test drive review from Autocar in the UK where Mirai is “impossibly limited by supply.” Apparently, just 12 were delivered through January. Wheels are driven by an electric motor, so…

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Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota RAV4 EV Recalled Over Seatbelt Glitch

Yesterday, Toyota announced that it’s recalling certain RAV4 and RAV4 EV SUVs due to an issue with lap-shoulder seatbelts in both second-row outboard seats. The recall involves over 1 million RAVs including (we believe) all RAV4 EVs ever produced. Here’s the official recall notice: TOYOTA RECALLS CERTAIN RAV4 and RAV4 EV…

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Toyota Prius PHV sales in U.S. – December 2015

Toyota Plug-In Electric Car Sales Flop In 2015

Toyota has “withdrawn” early from the first version of the plug-in hybrid Prius, which has led to a sales flop in 2015. That was bad news for plug-in market overall in the US, which last year lost some 10,000 expected Prius PHV sales. The new Prius Plug-In Hybird is to…

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