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Toyota Launched The Fuel Cell Mirai In The US Last Week

Toyota Mirai Captures “2015 Environmental Award”

Hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai received the “2015 Environmental Award” from Austrian automobile club ARBÖ* (Auto-Motor und Radfahrerverbund Österreiche) In 1999, ARBÖ awarded also gave the award to another Japanese technology flagship, the Toyota Prius. The Toyota Mirai has been on the roads in Japan for a couple months, while just arriving in…

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Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive: Image Credit: Tom Moloughney

Daimler, Toyota Get Rich Off Tesla

In one of its recent articles, financial site The Motley Fool, notes that Daimler and Toyota earned hundreds of millions of dollars on Tesla Motors. Both companies invested ~ $50 million early on (Daimler in May 2009 and Toyota in July 2010) and sold the stock in October 2014. Value at…

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Toyota FCV Plus

Toyota FCV Plus In Tokyo – Images & Videos

Toyota doesn’t stop with the Mirai in the hydrogen fuel cell car developments. The automaker is introducing the Lexus concept and another Toyota concept called the FCV Plus. This one looks to the future, in which cars will become something entirely different than what we’re used to today. FCV Plus is AWD,…

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Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept

Lexus Unveils LF-FC Fuel Cell Concept

Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept is another hydrogen fuel cell from Toyota group on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. Those who counted on the all-electric cardboard car making it to production may be a bit disappointed, but let’s check out this new Lexus. This most recent concept is an all-wheel-drive limousine…

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Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Toyota To Sell 30,000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Annually By 2020

Toyota revealed more about its plans for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The flagship Mirai, which is “Flying Off Virtual Shelf,” according to the manufacturer, should reach over 30,000 sales annually by 2020. So let’s sum this up (year/Toyota’s expected sales of Mirai): 2015: 700 2016: 2,000 2017: 3,000 2018: ? 2019:…

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Mayor of London Boris Johnson Confirms Transport for London as a First Customer for the Toyota Mirai. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images

ITM Power Takes Delivery Of UK’s First Toyota Mirai

The first hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai in UK went to ITM Power – a company that specializes in electrolysers, and hydrogen fuel cell products. The other first Mirai will be used by Transport for London and Greentomatocars. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, happily confirmed the news during a…

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Toyota FCV Plus

Toyota To Unveil FCV Plus At Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota, like most other Japanese brands, will be present at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show with some kind of electric-drive technology concept (all-electric, plug-in hybrid or hydrogen fuel cells). In the case of Toyota, which has vision of a hydrogen-based society, it’s the latter, hydrogen fuel cells, so the automaker will…

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The chicks were in heavy shock that you could use regenerative brake

Using Regenerative Braking To…Cook Breakfast? – Video

Toyota recently released a regenerative braking video (sadly of its non-plug-in hybrid race car) to demonstrate how much energy you could regenerate. Well, regenerative braking is something common to all modern electric cars, so the topic is relevant to EVs. According to Toyota, one lap of a Le Mans race…

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