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…. Whoa.

LEGO Tesla Logo & Supercharger – Videos

Growing up with LEGOs, I almost started drooling watching the video above & the one below. The video above is Adrian Drake’s Tesla Motors logo creation. He is a Model S owner! As you can see, it gets extremely narrow at the bottom. As he has stated, people get nervous…

2 weeks ago by Mike Anthony 10

One of many thermal imagery shots of the new liquid cooled Superchargers.

Tesla’s Liquid-Cooled Supercharger Cable – (w/video)

KmanAuto tests out the first liquid-cooled (cable) Tesla Superchargers and provides thermal imagery. This Supercharger is in Mountain View, California, which is home of the first liquid-cooled version. It is claimed that these new Superchargers will cut down charging times. If they stay a little cooler than a non-liquid cooled…

4 weeks ago by Mike Anthony 52

Olympian City Supercharger station Hong Kong (Photo A. Wai)

8th Tesla Supercharger In Hong Kong Now Open

A member of the ChargedHK group reported the new Supercharger located in West Kowloon district at Olympian City has just opened. The Kowloon peninsula has now matched the same number of stations as well as spaces as the Hong Kong island, which many Tesla owners living in this part of…

1 month ago by Alex Wai 8

Two 60 kW "Superchargers"

Tesla Sells 60 kW Superchargers To Swedish Business Owner

Looks like Tesla Motors is somewhat privately selling downgraded Superchargers to local businesses. The two units seen here were purchased by a businessman in Sweden. These units only pump out 60 kW, versus the 120+kW Tesla’s Superchargers normally provide. This is not the only case of private Superchargers. Another person…

1 month ago by Mike Anthony 35

Rocklin Supercharger - Image Credit: Robert Huston

Solar Tesla Supercharger In Rocklin, California Now Open

Tesla’s first U.S. Supercharger/showroom powered by solar went operational in late February. Interestingly, this location is very close to another station at the Roseville Galleria Mall – under 5 miles away. Located in Rocklin, California, this site features 8 Superchargers, as well as a Tesla store and even a service center…

4 months ago by Eric Loveday 26