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Squamish Supercharger Info

Canada’s First Tesla Supercharger Now Open

“We are pleased to announce the first Canadian Supercharger Station in Squamish, BC is now open. This is an important milestone and we could not have done it without the help of our owners and supporters.” States Tesla Motors.  That’s right.  Canada now has its first Tesla Supercharger. Tesla adds…

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Tesla Opens 100th U.S. Supercharger

Tesla Motors is now celebrating the opening of Supercharger #100 in the U.S.A. Okay, maybe that’s not quite true.  We expect Tesla to officially announce the opening of Supercharger #100 in the US sometime soon, but we’ve got the jump on Tesla this time and can claim that Tesla’s 100th…

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Tesla Opens First Supercharger in France (credits to ChargeMap)

Tesla Opens First Supercharger in France

Early in July 2014, Tesla Motors opened its first Supercharger in France. The Station is localized in Auxerre and has two spots with total output of 135 kW. The Supercharger itself seems to be one of the temporary mobile units. Next to the Supercharger is one more charging point –…

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First UK Supercharger Now Open

First Tesla Supercharger In UK Now Online In London

Prior to the BIG key-handing-over ceremony in the UK, Tesla Motors positioned (at least temporarily) its first Supercharger in the UK at the following location: London, Great Britain Tidal Basin Rd London, E16 1GB This site features only 2 charging stalls, but both Type 2 AC and CHAdeMO are on…

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Inside Look At Tesla Supercharger

Rare Look Inside Tesla Supercharger

Here’s a rare glimpse of what’s inside a Tesla Supercharger. On the inside, you’re seeing the 12 charging modules, a pair of similar circuit boards and what’s likely a data connection of some type. Have we overlooked/missed something found within? Hat tip to Calvin Klesmith!!!

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Tesla Supercharger In Denmark

Two Tesla Superchargers Now Online In Denmark

“Denmark is now charged, we’ve opened our first Superchargers there.” States Tesla Motors. More specifically, Tesla Motors opened two Superchargers in Denmark: “We’ve got two locations: Randers and Middelfart.” Tesla’s Supercharger website currently lists only one location, Middlefart, with 4 stalls.  However, the image above shows the Middlefart, which appears…

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Tesla Supercharger In Germany

Tesla Charges Up Two More Superchargers In Germany

“Two more Superchargers are now open in Germany: Gramschatzer Wald and Lutterberg. Together with the Supercharger in Aichstetten, the whole route from Zurich and Munich to Hannover is now connected.” Says Tesla Motors of the Supercharger network in Germany. Here’s a close up look at where those Superchargers are positioned….

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