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First Tesla Supercharger In Scotland

Scotland Gets Its First Tesla Supercharger

“Scotland is now energised. We’ve opened our first Supercharger in Edinburgh.” States Tesla Motors Europe at the beginning of the month. This latest Superchargers brings the tally in the UK to 6 (though the map below doesn’t accurately reflect that number). Tesla’s install pace for Superchargers shows no signs of…

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Supercharger # 200 Is In Oxnard, California - Image Via Tesla Motors

Tesla Opens Supercharger #200

“Supercharger number 200 just opened in Oxnard, CA.” Tweeted Tesla Motors less than 11 hours ago. That Supercharger in Oxnard features 10 stalls. The running tally as of right now is: North America: 114 Superchargers Europe: 66 Superchargers Asia: 20 Superchargers

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Tesla Supercharger Expansion By-The-Dots

For the first twelve months, Tesla Motors’ Supercharger network saw only a dozen installations, but oh how it has changed since then. In the early months of 2014, Tesla Motors set out to break the North American cross-country EV speed record using their Supercharger network. The following ten months saw…

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2 Tesla Superchargers Now Online In Japan

2 Tesla Superchargers Now Online In Japan

Tesla Motors together with the start of Model S deliveries in Japan, launched its first two Superchargers in Japan – with 2 and with 4 stalls. Grand Hyatt Tokyo Supercharger Yokohama Service Center Supercharger The first is at Hyatt hotel, while the second one is at a service center. In…

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Tesla Supercharger under construction

Building a Tesla Supercharger – Video

Electric Conduit Construction recently released a video on building a Tesla Supercharger in Goodland, Kansas. As it turns out, installing everything from the beginning to end takes 11 days (shortened to 7 minutes in the video). “The Project Managers at Electric Conduit Construction were excited to learn that they were…

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Billings Supercharger

Montana Gets Its First Tesla Supercharger

Are there any Tesla Model S owners in Montana? There must be more Model S owners there then we would guess because Tesla doesn’t install Superchargers where there’s no demand. Billings, Montana…That’s the location of Tesla first Supercharger station in Montana which was flipped on last month. Alexis Georgeson, Tesla’s…

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Posted To Twitter By Tesla Motors Europe at 11 AM EST On August 12, 2014

Tesla Announces Opening Of 50th Supercharger In Europe

In North America, the opening of the 100th Tesla Supercharger was celebrated just a short while ago (105 Superchargers are currently operational in North America).  That milestone was definitely worthy of celebration and this one is too: “Announcing our 50th Supercharger in Europe! The latest opening in Narbonne, France, is…

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Belgium Supercharger Info

Belgium Gets Its First Tesla Supercharger

“Five new Superchargers in five European countries. Belgium gets its first while new routes open in Sweden, Germany, Norway, and France.” States Tesla Motors. More surprisingly, Europe’s Supercharger map is now filling up quickly with a total of 47 Superchargers listed in Europe. North America currently has 103 Superchargers, while…

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