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Tesla Supercharger in Czech Republic (at E.ON charging station)

Is This How Tesla Supercharger Credits Will Work?

Recently, we reported that had discovered some code on the MyTesla page that possibly revealed how future Model 3 customers may be charged for Tesla Supercharger credits. Basically, the code showed an area for using a credit card, and an accumulated Supercharger credit area that will be listed in…

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Tesla Uses QR Code To Reveal First Supercharger In Mexico

Back in April, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk revealed (via Twitter) that Mexico would be getting its first Supercharger soemtime this year. Now, via a tipster who sent a photo to Teslarati, we’ve learned that construction is indeed underway on Mexico’s first Supercharger. As Teslarati explains: “…a tipster sent us…

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20-Stall Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Working On Massive 20 Stall Supercharger

Work is reportedly nearing completion on Tesla’s largest Supercharger site to date. This site has 20 Supercharger stalls and it’s located in south Fremont, California just to the south of Tesla’s factory. In the map below, the 901 Page Avenue marker denotes the approximate location of these new Superchargers.  Update:…

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Tesla Superchargers In China

Tesla Superchargers Now Connect Northern And Southern China

TRANS-CHINA RAILROAD CONNECTED Tesla has now connected northern and southern China with Superchargers. It operates 320 Superchargers (if you count each stall) and 1,500 destination chargers in China. No railroad involved, and “trans” usually means “across,” so ignore the headline. *Editor’s note: This post appears over at Tesla Mondo. Check it…

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