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Tesla Supercharger Count Hits 81 in US

As you likely already know, a Tesla “Supercharger” allows Supercharger-enabled Tesla vehicles to charge quickly and for free. During the 20-30 minutes of charging time, Tesla Model S owners can recharge the vehicle as well as themselves, grab something to eat, then head back to driving to the next supercharger…

4 weeks ago by Mike Anthony 23

Tesla Supercharger

Video: Watch as Tesla Inaugurates a Supercharger Opening

Have you ever attended a Tesla Supercharger grand opening? If so, then perhaps the video seen above will seem somewhat familiar. If not, then here’s your chance to see what happens when Tesla inaugurates the opening of a Supercharger. “On January 23, 2014, Tesla unveiled their first Supercharger station in…

2 months ago by Eric Loveday 22

Bethesda Mobile Supercharger

Details on Tesla’s First $35,000 Mobile Supercharging Station

“The Bethesda Supercharger is a Mobile Supercharging Unit designed to support customers while we complete construction of an 8-stall permanent Supercharger location in Woodbridge, Virginia opening soon.” Says Tesla Motors. However, we sense that this particular 2-stall Supercharger will stay put even after that “8-stall permanent Supercharger location in Woodbridge,…

2 months ago by Eric Loveday 11

Tesla Road Rally Model S Charging at 122 kW

Tesla Cranks Superchargers Up Past 120 kW

With not even a single mention from the automaker, Tesla Motors has quietly and almost secretively been cranking up the output at some Supercharger locations in the US. The first hint of this occurring was a few weeks ago when we were alerted to some Model S owners charging at…

2 months ago by Eric Loveday 81