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Rocklin Supercharger - Image Credit: Robert Huston

Solar Tesla Supercharger In Rocklin, California Now Open

Tesla’s first U.S. Supercharger/showroom powered by solar went operational in late February. Interestingly, this location is very close to another station at the Roseville Galleria Mall – under 5 miles away. Located in Rocklin, California, this site features 8 Superchargers, as well as a Tesla store and even a service center…

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Moving Forward, Expectations Only Grow For California-Based Tesla Motors

Autocar Tests Europe’s Tesla Supercharger Network

Autocar recently tested the Tesla Supercharger Network en route from London to Amsterdam and back (650 miles total) in a fully charged Model S P85+. “The brief for the trip was simple. Tesla’s growing network of Supercharger points (which allow you to replenish a battery pack to about 80 per…

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1,868 Superchargers Worldwide

As Of Today, There Are 1,868 Tesla Superchargers Worldwide

In updating its Supercharger website, Tesla Motors finally published a figure we’ve been seeking for some time now: total number of Supercharger stalls. That figure is 1,868, meaning that worldwide there are 1,868 Supercharger stalls spread amongst the 338 Supercharger stations. That works out to an average of 5.53 stalls…

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Tesla Supercharger Westfield London

Tesla Unveils Largest Underground Supercharger Station

Now this is one sweet Supercharger station. Located in Westfield London, Tesla Motors says this site is the automaker’s largest underground Supercharger station in all of Europe: Our largest underground Supercharger station in Europe, located in Westfield London, just got its final touch. Have a look.

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Asia Supercharger Map

New Tesla Superchargers Popping Up Rapidly In Asia

8 months ago, Tesla Motors installed its first Supercharger in Asia. Today, there are well over 30 Superchargers in Asia, most of which are located in China. This growth of the Supercharger network in Asia was unexpected. It wasn’t long ago that the U.S. was home to more than 100…

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Tesla Europe Issues Tweet

Tesla Superchargers Connect London To Continental Europe

The connection has been made: “The route between London and continental Europe is now energised, thanks to the new Supercharger in Maidstone.” Now, with ease, Tesla Model S owners in the UK can get onto continental Europe and continue on from there with free charger along the way. Europe’s Supercharger…

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