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SolarCity To Be Acquired By Tesla

FTC Approves SolarCity Acquisition By Tesla

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved the SolarCity acquisition by Tesla Motors (here is official notification). The approval happened quicker that expected, considering the number of overlaps between the two companies (such Elon Musk himself serving as CEO of Tesla and Chairman of SolarCity at the same time), as…

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Tesla Autopilot

Auto Insurer Might Sue Tesla Over Autopilot-Related Crash

Being a trailblazer is never an easy task, as example of which is shown by Tesla’s Autopilot. Despite the fact that Tesla’s Autopilot isn’t actually autonomous driving technology but “only” driver assist (requiring driver attention all the time), it already has raised some questions. One of the newest issues facing the system, is…

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Talkie talkie

Bob Lutz On Tesla Motors 20 Years From Now

Bob Lutz has been known to make some rather outlandish comments from time to time, some of which seem to pour negativity towards pure electric cars. Despite being partially responsible for the Chevrolet Volt, Lutz appears to be pessimistic when it comes to most plug-in electric cars. Recently, when Car…

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tesla model s tires

Tire Rack Lists Tesla Model S P100D

Tire Rack gives clear signal that it’s ready for upcoming Tesla Model S versions with 100 kWh battery – 100D and P100D. The first leaked confirmation of the new higher battery levels was had over the weekend when Dutch authority RDW listed the 100 kWh models in various trim levels (for…

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Tesla Supercharger in Czech Republic (at E.ON charging station)

First Tesla Supercharger In Czech Republic (video)

Tesla Motors launched its first Supercharging station in Czech Republic as part of larger E.ON station for all-kinds of electric cars. Humpolec station includes 6 Supercharging stalls and: two 44 kW stand-alone CHAdeMO fast chargers two 50 kW multi-standard fast chargers (CHAdeMO, CCS Combo, 3-phase Type 2 43 kW) two…

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