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Tesla Battery Swap Patent Application Image (source:

Tesla Battery Swap Patent Application Images Demonstrate System

Tesla’s battery swap patent application images surfaced recently on the Internet (see Patent application title: Battery Swapping System and Techniques via Electrek). The battery swap project seems to be unattractive for Model S owners, as there simply was very little interest in using it. The pilot station in California required a…

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Tesla store

Ireland To Get Its First Tesla Store In 2017

Ireland lives to see its first Tesla Motors store next year in Dublin, along with a service center and four Supercharging stations. It’s expected that the store will ultimately be combined with the service center. Additionally, Tesla intends to install its first four Supercharging stations in the country – so…

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Tesla Chip-Maker NVIDIA Demonstrates Self-Driving Car That Uses AI

NVIDIA, which is Tesla Motors’ supplier for the Visual Computing Modules (VCM), is also working on autonomous driving technology. NVIDIA’s approach is different from conventional methods and relies someewhat on artificial intelligence. The company’s DRIVE PX 2 AI car computing platform learns how to deal with various situations on the road…

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Elon Musk Tweet About Upcoming "Unexpected" Tesla Reveal Next Week

Tesla to Manufacture Model 3 Drive Systems At Gigafactory

A recent Seeking Alpha report on Tesla manufacturing reveals that six new job offerings at the company’s Gigafactory include positions for drive systems manufacturing and control systems engineers. One imagines this means that the Model 3 drivetrain (or at least some aspects of it) will be manufactured on the premises alongside batteries. It does seem entirely…

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Tesla Model S

41 “Insane” Facts About Tesla Motors (Infographic)

Jennings Motor Group released interesting infographic about Tesla Motors, including 41 insane facts. Some of them might be new for you. Press blast to follow, with infographic below: “It can sometimes feel like 21st century history is being written by a handful of entrepreneurs and their organizations: chances are that…

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Tesla software update 8.0

Fully Charged – Tesla Update 8.0 Using 360 Camera – Video

Fully Charged leans over and around the latest Tesla software update – 8.0 in this quick-test/review show using the 360 camera. Use top left corner scroll to rotate camera Overall, show host Robert Llewellyn seems to be happy with new goodies, and calls the update ‘awesome‘ during his journey… to test hydrogen fuel cell car….

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