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Bob Lutz On Tesla Motors (Video)

In typical Bob Lutz fashion, nothing is held back. As always, Mr. Lutz is fairly consistent with his assessment of Tesla’s battery energy storage system, but the way in which he delivers his message is, as usual, pretty brash.

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Two 60 kW "Superchargers"

Tesla Sells 60 kW Superchargers To Swedish Business Owner

Looks like Tesla Motors is somewhat privately selling downgraded Superchargers to local businesses. The two units seen here were purchased by a businessman in Sweden. These units only pump out 60 kW, versus the 120+kW Tesla’s Superchargers normally provide. This is not the only case of private Superchargers. Another person…

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Time To Celebrate

YouTube Documentary On Tesla Motors

Here’s a brilliant documentary on Tesla Motors. It’s a must-see, must-share video with this description: Once every few decades, a company that chooses to do things differently comes along. Telsa is one of those companies, but where did they come from and just how BIG is Tesla? In this video,…

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Black Tesla Model X spotted!

Spotted: Tesla Model X on Highway 280 – Video

“Spotted on Hwy 280N in Los Altos Hills, California on June 5th, 2015 6:39 PM PD. No camouflage.” – Video description. We’ve got another video of a pre-production Tesla Model X (in black) spotted with almost no camouflage on it. This particular Model X was potted by YouTuber, kenken830. –Here…

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