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(特斯拉顶配限量版"Signature Red" Tesla Model X)

Tesla Model X Launches In China – Pricing Announced

Yesterday, Tesla Motors announced Model X pricing on the Chinese market. Model X deliveries are expected to begin in China in the second quarter of 2016 and here is the pricing: P90D Signature (Limited Edition) – 1,479,500 yuan (around $224,887) 90D standard from 961,000 to 1,171,800 yuan ($146,074 – $178,116) – we…

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Completed Tesla Gigafactory Rendering

Tesla Gigafactory On Schedule, But…

Reno Gazette-Journal, which once had a clash with Tesla guards at the Gigafactory complex, released an interesting article on progress at the site. The good news it that the Gigafactory is on schedule. Production of Tesla Poweralls has already began, and Tesla meets the legal requirements of the tax incentive package….

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Tesla Model S Battery (Module) Dead Shorted

Tesla Model S Battery Module Torture Test – Video

After shorting a single 18650 lithium-ion battery cell from Tesla Model S (see video below), it’s time to short the whole module… Editor’s Note:  Some NSFW language upon destructive ativities With gloves and a safety sip of beer before starting, there was light and sound, but not as much excitement…

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Tesla Model 3 Coming In 2017 According To CEO Musk

Tesla Reconfirms March Unveiling For Model 3

A recent Reuters article on the Chevrolet Bolt EV alludes to Tesla Motors’ Model 3. There is a race to grab the long-range, but affordable electric car segment and the Chevrolet Bolt EV will likely be the first one with 200 miles of range (see full details, pics, specs and…

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Tesla Superchargers in North America - early January 2016

In 2015, Tesla Superchargers Spread Like Mushrooms – Video

Tesla Superchargers are spreading like mushrooms according to the latest video that presents the progress. Just about two years ago, there was opening of 100th Supercharger station and now Tesla lists 585 sites: 585 Supercharger stations with 3,397 Superchargers The unofficial notes even several more stations ready. In the…

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Tesla Reported Q3 Results From Its Headquartes In Palo Alto, California

Tesla Outgrowing Headquarters

Tesla Motors is outgrowing its headquarters at a decent pace, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Palo Alto-bases company already has ~14,000 employees and in December it announced that its job openings exceed 1,650. The plan for the next several years is to add 4,500 more workers in California and…

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