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Jia Yueting

China’s Jia Yueting Aims To Outmuscle Elon Musk?

Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting says that Tesla is a great company that has taken the global car industry into the EV era. The entrepreneur is also the force behind the LeEco and Faraday Future electric vehicle start-ups, and according to Reuters he “aims to outmuscle Musk“. LeEco recently unveiled the LeSEE pure…

4 weeks ago by Mark Kane 37


Tesla’s Secret Recipe To Remain Secret?

WILL ANYONE DISCOVER TESLA’S RECIPE? Shareholder meetings have become a great opportunities for auto CEOs to puff our their chests and show that they can cook up a Tesla, um, whenever the time is right. And you thought the time is already right? Silly you. Anyway, TeslaMondo thinks these CEO chefs are lacking…

1 month ago by Tesla Mondo 99

The Tesla Model 3 Arrives - With "At Least" 215 Miles Of EPA Range

Tesla Model 3 Ignites Lithium Race

Tesla Motors’s Gigafactory battery production facility in Nevada, which is designed to primarily produce lithium-ion cells for upcoming Tesla Model 3, but is as of today at an early stage (we believe) with battery pack assembly for energy storage. Future cell production in high volume will also require volume lithium supplies,…

1 month ago by Mark Kane 28