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Tesla Tilburg Factory

Tesla’s New Tilburg Factory Now Open

Tesla Motors launched its new, nearly 50,000-square meter Tilburg Factory in the Netherlands, announced about year ago as expansion from its previous assembly facility in Tilburg. 180 workers support an assembly line for Tesla cars for European consumers (now up to 20,000 annually).  This new capacity is basically double what…

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Main traction battery sticker on the new battery enclosure in Tesla Model S NON LUDY P90D's part number is 1063792-00-A (source: Tesla Motors Club)

Are All Tesla Model S P90Ds Ludicrous-Mode Ready?

Tesla Model S owners are reporting the same part number (1063792-00-A) for P90D battery packs with and without Ludicrous Mode, which raises the question whether all P90Ds are Ludicrous Mode ready with only software being set to “ON/OFF.” TMC Commenter “ArtInCT” says: “What can this mean to us? Does the…

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Reservations Approximately 27,000 Worldwide

According to Tesla Motors Club estimations, as of August 31, Tesla Motors had around 27,000 Model X reservations. There could be over 31,000 reservations, but for various reasons it seems that over 4,000 Model X reservation holders cancelled (perhaps due to Model S conversions or too long a wait, as…

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Panasonic energy storage system

Tesla & Panasonic To Become Battery Rivals?

Bloomberg is considering the possibility of Panasonic and Tesla being competition in batteries, or more precisely, energy storage systems. The Japanese company is the main lithium-ion battery supplier (sole volume supplier) for Tesla electric cars, energy storage, and Tesla’s most important partner in the Gigafactory. Beside producing cells for Tesla, Panasonic…

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Tesla Gigafactory - Drone fly over - September 2015

Tesla Gigafactory Fly Over September – Video

Wondering about recent progress at the Tesla Gigafactory? Here we have the latest fly over video recorded in September. Construction progresses and part of the wall in Tesla’s red-white colors is already up. In about six-months, Tesla hopes to begin some battery production at the site (probably battery pack assembly…

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Wired Turns In The First Full Tesla Model S P90D Report

Tesla Removes 10 Referral Limit For Model S Owners

Tesla Motors is revamping its experimental referral program before puling the plug on it on October 31. Tesla Model S owners are getting e-mails from Elon Musk that the limit of 10 referrals is abolished, as from Tesla’s point of view everything is working just fine. Additionally, customers who makes the…

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