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10 Mind Blowing Tesla Facts

Infographic: 10 Mind Blowing Tesla Facts

Did you know…? This Tesla infographic is aimed at providing facts that even some of the diehard Tesla Motors fans may not know. For example, did you know that Tesla Motors is the 2nd oldest publicly traded US automaker?  For more on the did-you-know front, check out the “10 Mind…

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Tesla Roadster On Display At Pierce College

Tesla Motors Pays A Visit To Pierce College – Video

“Accompanied by three of its electric cars, representatives from Tesla Motors visited the Automotive Service Technology class Thursday, May 29, to meet with and talk to students about its technology and vehicles.” “The visit, organized by former Pierce College student Steven Guevara who now works at Tesla as the lead…

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Tesla Motors Gallery in NorthPark, Dallas

Tesla Motors Dallas Gallery Grand Opening – Videos

Texas treats Tesla Motors poorly due to its direct sales model, but this is an important market for the electric automaker and that’s why Tesla just opened a new gallery in Texas – in NorthPark, Dallas. And as it turns out, many visitors came by to check out Tesla and the Model…

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Tesla Patent Wall

Tesla Patent Wall – The New Look

“New look for our patent wall…‪#‎AllOurPatentAreBelongToYou‬” (h/t Jason at Jalopnik) That’s what Tesla Motors posted to its Facebook page yesterday afternoon, along with the image seen above.  Credit to Jalopnik for modifying the meme ever-so slightly to fit with Tesla’s decision to open its patents to the world. To your…

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Tesla Model X Platform Cutaway

Tesla CEO Elon Musk: All Our Patents Are Now Open Source

Lately, there’s been ample discussion surrounding Tesla Motors and its patents. More specifically, there’s been hints that Tesla Motors wants to make its Supercharger network open to all automakers who abide by a few rules. Well, it’s not just the Supercharger patent that Tesla wants to make open-source. Tesla CEO…

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Elon Musk Tackles More Q & A At Shareholders Meeting

Tesla Motors Shareholder Meeting Part 2 – Video

Yesterday, we presented a 55-minute from the 2014 Tesla Motors shareholder meeting.  That video covered most of the meeting, but unfortunately the end was cut off. So, today here’s part 2 of the meeting.  It’s just under 20 minutes. Video notes: Part 2/2 of Tesla Motors (TSLA) Annual Shareholder Meeting…

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