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Tesla Motors Commercial - Hope

Tesla Motors Commercial – Hope

We love these fan-made Tesla Motors commercials. This one here is simply a mash up of footage released by Tesla Motors and other sites. The end product, though not top-notch professional quality, still drives the point across: with the rise of Tesla Motors and, in particular its game-changing EV the…

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Cars and Cow Pies in the Garden State

New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission just became the latest to ban direct auto sales (read: Tesla Motors). In what is, at a minimum, poor timing, the state’s Coalition of Auto Retailers justified its position by alleging that, “an auto manufacturer is congenitally incapable of fully and faithfully honoring warranty and…

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Tesla Draws a Crowd in Detroit

Video: Tesla Motors Press Conference at 2014 NAIAS

In case you missed the live Tesla Motors press conference at the 2014 NAIAS, here’s a video recording of the event. You’ll see two Tesla execs on the stage: Jerome Guillen – Vice President of World Wide Sales and Service Diarmuid O’Connell – Vice President of Business Development The video…

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