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Mercedes Was The Largest Acquirer Of Emission Credits Over The Past 12 Months Thanks To Nissan

Daimler Exits Tesla Investment, Banks $780 Million

Lots of investors have made money in Tesla Motors.  Few more than Daimler, as the company announced it had exited its position today. In total, Daimler nets a cool “cash inflow” of $780 million (about $1.26 billion net before deductions) for the remaining balance of its stake taken pre-IPO in 2009. At…

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Tesla Model 3 Coming Perhaps In 2017, Several Variations To Follow?

Tesla Model 3 To Be Revealed On October 9?

“Tesla Motors Inc. will unveil its Model 3, the mass-market car, and new versions of the Model S sedan at the event Oct. 9, analyst Trip Chowdhry with Global Equities Research said in a note Friday.” In all honesty, we’d be surprised if Tesla actually unveils the Model 3 prototype…

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The "D" Teaser (via Elon Musk's Twitter)

Tiffany’s Top Ten on Elon’s “D”

Tiffany’s Top Ten on Elon’s “D” With the recent Tweet from Elon Musk on “unveiling the D” (we dearly hope this isn’t a thinly veiled euphemism), along with “something else,” let your imaginations run wild as to what that “something else” is after he unveils his “D”. Displayed below are…

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Tesla's Fremont Factory Was Offline For Awhile, But It Sprung Back To Life In a BIG Way

Analyst Takes Us Inside Tesla’s Fremont Factory

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry toured of Tesla Motors’ Fremont factory in late August.  Below are some of his observations from inside: Activity in Tesla’s factory lobby was extremely high, with both European and Asian suppliers inside. Employees appeared motivated, passionate and enthusiastic Chowdhry observed the following categories of…

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Chart Via InsideEVs Content Partner Motley Fool

Tesla Annual Sales To Hit 500,000 In 2020?

Motley Fool has assembled this chart, which shows projected Tesla annual sales volume worldwide. As the chart clearly shows, Tesla sales will explode once Gen 3 hits the market.  Few dispute this looming sales explosion. What we’re not so sure of is the timeline.  We predict Gen 3 won’t launch…

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