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Tesla Supercharger in Czech Republic (at E.ON charging station)

First Tesla Supercharger In Czech Republic (video)

Tesla Motors launched its first Supercharging station in Czech Republic as part of larger E.ON station for all-kinds of electric cars. Humpolec station includes 6 Supercharging stalls and: two 44 kW stand-alone CHAdeMO fast chargers two 50 kW multi-standard fast chargers (CHAdeMO, CCS Combo, 3-phase Type 2 43 kW) two…

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Glenvill's YarraBend

Melbourne Suburb To Become Tesla Town?

A mini-suburb on the outskirts of the Melbourne could become a so called “Tesla Town” or “world’s first Tesla suburb” as Tesla Powerwalls are planned for every home. Property group, Glenvill launched a project called YarraBend, which will include around 2,500 new dwellings (“a mix of free standing houses, townhouses and…

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Discontinues Guaranteed Resale Value Program

Tesla Motors’s Resale Value Guarantee program once introduced with a blog post accompaniment and much fanfare, was quietly ended for cars purchased after July 1. The Resale Value Guarantee was designed to secure Tesla vehicle’s value to remain at least 50% after three years of ownership (base version and 43% for added…

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Tesla Model S and Model X Sunset Shoot

Tesla Model S and Model X Sunset Shoot – Video

Summertime begins and we couldn’t pass by a beautiful Tesla Model S and two Model X sunset video. With music Paradise by Jim Yosef and apparently a lot of drone usage.  Enjoy. We hope more and more people will have time to take their EVs and rest ahead of the…

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Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Model X 75D Now Available In China

Tesla Motors has begun selling the Model X 75D in China. The base Model X costs 841,000 yuan ($125,630), compared to “just” $83,000 in the U.S. (or $75 500 after federal tax credit). Import taxes (about one third of the price) really makes Tesla’s expansion to China difficult. We should note that the X…

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