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Tesla Showroom Open In Ireland, Demand Far Exceeds Supply

TESLA OPENS FIRST SHOWROOM IN IRELAND WITH LONG LIST OF BACK ORDERS TO FULFILL If Tesla were playing Risk, it would just have earned an additional five points. With the opening of a new showroom in Ireland, the company has consolidated its conquest of Western Europe. And it appears there’s…

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Tesla Offers Enticing New Deals At End-Of-Lease Time

If you leased your Tesla through the automaker’s financing arm, you have several worthy options at lease end. Since about one in four Tesla vehicles are leased rather than purchased, and since many more customers are ready to consider end-of-lease options, Tesla has updated its information. The options brought forth…

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China Likely To Yet Become Tesla’s Largest Market

NEXT FRONTIER: CHINA COULD BE MASSIVE FOR TESLA The Wall Street Journal reports that, “Elon Musk’s futuristic ventures and risk-taking often draw mixed receptions in the U.S. In China, tech-industry leaders and investors hail him as a genius and visionary worth cheering on.” That could be a a good thing…

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1-Month Tesla Model X Review – Video

Jon Rettinger (TechnoBuffalo) recently leased a Tesla Model X 75D. In just over a month, he has had no issues with the falcon wing door sensors, and he states that the early “fit and finish” issues are no longer present. One issue that Jon points out is that the white…

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Musk Says 12-Passenger Tesla Model X A Possibility

Why make a Tesla Minibus when a 12-passenger Tesla Model X will work just fine? Perhaps the most unexpected announcement from Tesla’s Q1 earnings/conference call was that a 12-seat Tesla Model X could come at some point in the future. Yes, a 12-seater. It was approximately one year ago (as…

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