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360 Degree Video From Inside Tesla Model X

Here is another, and somewhat unique look at the inside of a Tesla Model X thanks to some 360-degree video footage. In addition to the 360, we do like that the video is shot from various seating positions within the X and that provides you with a sense of spaciousness (or lack…

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Tesla Hopes To Launch In India This Summer

Tesla is forever expanding in every way possible. Earlier this month, the electric vehicle maker officially entered the market in Portugal, following a myriad of requests, and even a video plea to Tesla CEO Elon Musk about nine months back. Now plans are set for India. While Tesla is not currently…

6 days ago by Steven Loveday 6

Check Out The RevoZport R-Zentric Tesla Model X

A couple of years ago, RevoZport revealed its modified Tesla Model S. Now, the tuning company is back at it again with the release of an aerokit for the Model X. The Hong Kong-based aftermarket tuning firm has a whole line of accessories for the electric X and they’re all…

1 week ago by Eric Loveday 5