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Tesla Model S Sport Seats

Tesla Model S Next-Gen Sport Seats Revealed

The much-awaited Tesla Model S sport seats were finally announced at the end of October – here is a good look at what that entails.  Unfortunately they don’t come cheap, as in $3,500 extra to the cost of the car. Available only in leather (textile and alcantara seats aren’t available in the…

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Veterans Day Tesla Model S

Tesla Unveils Camo’d Model S For Veterans Day

In honor of those who’ve served in the U.S. Armed Forces, Tesla Motors created this unique camo’d Model S. Among automakers, Tesla is perhaps the most supportive of veterans, so it’s no surprise then to see Tesla create something special to honor those who’ve served our country. The message from…

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Tesla Model S P85

5 Reasons Why Tesla Model S Changes Everything

Why does the Tesla Model S change everything? Well, for those who don’t already know, let’s point to 5 reasons why the Model S changes the game, according to CAR Magazine. 1. The Tesla Model S is Car By Tech Company Face it. Everywhere you look in the Model S,…

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model s design

Tesla’s Top 10 Countries For Model S Sales

Tracking Tesla Model S sales isn’t easy, but we’ve routinely got the numbers down to within a few percent margin of error.  With a strong degree of certainty, we can report on the Top 10 countries for Model S sales for 2014 through the end of Q3. #1 – United…

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Tesla Model S Coming To Cash Cab?

We’ve seen over one hundred Tesla Model S taxis at an airport in the Netherlands, but could it be that the world’s most popular taxi TV show (Cash Cab) will soon feature the Model S? Probably not, but Cash Cab host Ben Bailey is now the proud owner of a…

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