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Video: Tesla Model S Gets Its Drift On

“What’s up guys & welcome to episode 5 of GT6 Let’s Drift. This time I drift a very unexpected car, the all electric but very cool Tesla Model S at Fuji & Laguna Seca.” Video gamers and Model S fans will appreciate the inclusion of Tesla’s electric sedan in what’s…

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Tesla Model S With Unplugged Performance Front Chin Spoiler

Tesla Model S Gets Unplugged Performance Mods

“Unplugged Performance is the world’s first tuning company with a focus exclusively on the Tesla Model S. Using our own P85+, Unplugged produces an exclusive range of premium grade products to give a new performance identity to the Model S. Improving on perfection is no easy task and to do…

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Tesla Logo

Tesla Motors Introduces Business Leasing For Model S

Today, Tesla Motors introduces business leasing for the Tesla Model S.  Tesla claims that the lease program is as transparent as possible and that the lease agreement, written in plain English, is just three pages long.  Furthermore, it can be signed at the time of delivery via the 17-inch touchscreen…

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Tesla Model S, photographed in Switzerland by James Lipman //

Top 3 Electric Vehicles Available Today

“Electric cars might still be a rarity on many roads but, thanks to improvements in battery technology and charging infrastructure, price cuts and government grants and other schemes, the vehicles are starting to gain in popularity. A look at three of the best currently on the road.” States RelaxNews. Before…

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Model S - Firmware 5.9

Review of Tesla Model S Firmware 5.9 Update – Video

“Review of the recent firmware 5.9 on the Tesla Model S.” States Model S owner Bjorn Nyland. The much-anticipated firmware 5.9 is here and with it comes these new features: Hill Start Assist Return of Smart Air Suspension Controls Home/Work Locations & Favorites Battery Meter & Cold Weather Improved range…

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NHTSA Chimes in on EV Safety

Case Closed in NHTSA Tesla Model S Fire Investigation

The NHTSA has officially closed it Tesla Model S safety investigation. This effectively clears the Model S in relation to two previous on-road fires in the US. The closing of this NHTSA investigation is fully tied to Tesla adding titanium underbody shields and aluminum deflectors to the Model S, which…

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