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Base Tesla Model X 60D

Tesla Model S And Model X Comparison, Including New X 60D

With its latest addition of the Model X 60D, Tesla Motors now has have a fairly large lineup of 12 different battery/powertrain trim levels (counting Ludicrous Mode separately) for just two vechiles. Some of the versions are equipped with physically different batteries/electric motors, while some others are just software-limited versions of higher trims (Model…

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Voles Design Model S

Voltes Design Reveals Gen-SS Tesla Model S

Voltes Design has come up with some aftermarket parts for the Tesla Model S, and to show off its work, the design house presents the Model S Gen-SS. According to Autocar: “The one-off model has received an extensive list of external modifications, including new front and rear bumpers, new wheels,…

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Discontinues Guaranteed Resale Value Program

Tesla Motors’s Resale Value Guarantee program once introduced with a blog post accompaniment and much fanfare, was quietly ended for cars purchased after July 1. The Resale Value Guarantee was designed to secure Tesla vehicle’s value to remain at least 50% after three years of ownership (base version and 43% for added…

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Tesla Model S and Model X Sunset Shoot

Tesla Model S and Model X Sunset Shoot – Video

Summertime begins and we couldn’t pass by a beautiful Tesla Model S and two Model X sunset video. With music Paradise by Jim Yosef and apparently a lot of drone usage.  Enjoy. We hope more and more people will have time to take their EVs and rest ahead of the…

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