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Global Tesla Model S Fleet Surpasses 1 Billion Kilometers Driven

Milestone achieved! Tesla Motors just announced that the global fleet of Model S EVs have cumulatively driven past the 1-billion-kilometer mark, saving more than 100 million liters of gas in the process. For comparison purposes, Nissan announced recently that the world’s LEAFs surpassed 1 billion kilometers, but that calculation relies…

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One of many memorable moments, Bjørn's Model S conquering The North Cape! (Photo Credit: Bjørn Nyland)

Tesla Model S P85 One Year Review – Video

In this lengthy video, Bjørn Nyland provides his one year, 60,000-mile review of his Tesla Model S P85. Like Bjørn mentions, automotive journalists typically review the Model S after a brief drive. That’s okay, but a one-year review is certainly preferred. In case you have missed it, Bjørn has taken his…

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Mat Watson and the almighty Tesla Model S.

Carbuyer Reviews Tesla Model S – Video

Carbuyer gets its hands on the Tesla Model S… Prepare to hear the word “brilliant” a lot throughout the video. Like is typically the case when someone reviews the Tesla Model S, they instantly feel like a kid in a candy store. Mat, the Carbuyer reporter, mentions that the charging…

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Tesla Model S driving uk rhd 2

2015 Tesla Model S 60 kWh Review

Tesla Model S is a car without compromises and with high performance. With this type luxury product, people typically buying a Model S opt for the top of the line 85 or P85 version (now with dual drive D). Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that some 70% orders are for…

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P85Ds in Transit

Tesla Now Delivering Model S P85D

If you reside in the U.S., then an order placed for a dual-motor Tesla today wouldn’t be delivered until February or later, but there are some lucky few individuals who are receiving their Model S P85Ds right now. The image above shows a pair of P85Ds.  The black one belongs…

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RevoZport's Rear Entertainment & Carbon Fiber Seat Back Cover.

RevoZport Reveals R-Zentric Tesla Model S – Video

“Tesla motors just announced a new variant of Model S that redefines the performance of electric powered motoring: the P85D. A sedan w/ performance that we would normally expect from a supercar, the P85D will go from 0-60mph in merely 3.2 seconds while the topping out in excess of 250km/h….

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Kman using a public charger (Chargepoint). Which utilizes the J1772 Adapter.

Beginner’s Guide To Charging A Tesla Model S – Video

“Tesla Motors & EV’s: Beginners Guide to Charging, Adapters, Public Stations, DC Fast Charging.” “In this basic guide, I will cover common charging adapters, Tesla UMC/EVSE’s, HPWC’s, Public J1772 Stations, Dealer Charging, CHAdeMO, Superchargers. While it is more Tesla Centered, all EV drivers should find information Useful. I have also…

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