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Firmware 6.0 Release Notes

Tesla Model S Firmware 6.0 – Video

KmanAuto gives us another Tesla Model S installment, this time with the new 6.0 firmware update, which was recently released. A few have reported some minor issues/complaints with the previous firmware. Kman and some others who received firmware 6.0 have already given it very positive feedback. For those who own a…

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Tesla Model S Convertible

Spotted: Tesla Model S Convertible

The converted convertible Tesla Model S from Newport Convertible Engineering has now been spotted on public roads. We’ll be the first to say that Newport Convertible Engineering definitely did not improve upon the looks of the stock Tesla Model S with this conversion. While we don’t approve of the finished…

6 days ago by Eric Loveday 8


Tesla Model S Concept Coupe – Images + Video

The new hotness has arrived in the form of this Tesla Model S Coupe concept rendered by Koncepts Cars, an authorized dealer of performance parts for the Model S. Do you dream of owning a two-door Model S?  Well, keep on dreaming.  The vehicle seen here is merely a rendering,…

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Announces Official Details On Model S Firmware 6.0

Tesla Motors announced new v6.0 software update for Model S, which will bring over-the-air a set of new features. According to Tesla, the new features will enable to further personalization of Model S. “The Software v6.0 update introduces traffic-based navigation and commute advice, provides an in-car view of daily schedules,…

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