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Tesla Model S Wins This One

Tesla Model S Versus Samsung Galaxy S6 – Video

Because destruction is almost always entertaining to watch, here’s video of a Tesla Model S destroying a Samsung Galaxy S6. Video description: “Samsung Galaxy S6 Torture Drop Test – Run Over by Tesla Model S?! Samsung Galaxy S6 Extreme Drop Test showcases Smash Test Durability of the New S6.” Surprisingly,…

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20 Superchargers Online In France

Tesla Model S Owners Rally Across France – Video

To prove that travel in a Tesla Model S across (650 miles) France is now possible using only Superchargers, Tesla invited Model S owners to give it a shot: “Tesla invited Model S owners to rally across France, using Superchargers only.” Here’s video of the Supercharger-only Model S rally in…

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Tesla Model S EPA Ratings 2015

Tesla Model S EPA Ratings For 2015

Tesla has finally pushed past the 100 MPGe mark with the release of its Model S 70D. What’s interesting is that the 70D, likely heavier than the 60 kWh Model S that it replaces, is actually more efficient than the outgoing model.  This is probably due to the dual-motor setup….

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Tesla Model S P85D (Image Credit: Autocar)

UK Review Of Tesla Model S P85D

What does UK-based Autocar think of the Tesla Model S P85D? Well, Autocar loves the fact that the Model S is a 691 horsepower family sedan that can go from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, and still function as a long-range (~265 miles) electric that’s cross-country road trip capable with tons…

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It's Go Time

Tesla Model S P85D Versus P85 – Drag Race Videos

Description for video above: Test and Tune night at Farmington Dragway (1/8th mile), 2015-04-17. Quietest drag race ever… P85D: 7.415 @ 93.218 MPH P85: 8.170 @ 87.621 MPH P85D 60′: 1.654s P85 60′: 1.938s P85D 330′: 4.775s P85 330′: 5.348s P85 reaction: 0.224s P85D reaction: 0.336s Description for video above:…

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Tesla Model S at 2015 Geneva International Motor Show

Tesla Invites Hackers To Hack Model S At Defcon 2015

DEF CON 23 is coming up (more info here) and Tesla Motors will be inviting hackers to see if they can hack into a Tesla Model S. Previously, Qihoo 360 Technology won for being able to (sort of) hack a Model S EV.  Afterwards, Tesla immediately took care of the vulnerability Another opportunity…

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