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Tesla Model S In Proper Halloween Attire

Halloween Themed Tesla Model S

Here we present a Tesla Model S ready for some trick-or-treating on Halloween. This rather subdued Halloween costume is befitting the Model S’ classic design. Have an image of a plug-in vehicle in Halloween attire?  Share it in comments below and we’ll add it to this post. Happy Halloween from…

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Left to right. Barry Katz, Franz von Holzhausen, Bernard Lee, & David Imai.

Tesla Model S Design Team Interviewed – 20-Minute Video

“Barry Katz, Professor of Industrial and Interaction and Design, California College of the Arts; Fellow, IDEO, interviews Franz von Holzhausen, Bernard Lee, and David Imai from the Tesla Model S Design Team, the 2014 Magical Team Honoree.” States the video description. Want to see the Tesla Model S design team…

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Tesla Model S

Only 100 Tesla Model S EVs Registered In Michigan

With the world seemingly coming to an end now that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill that effectively prohibits Tesla from selling in Michigan, we figured why not examine Tesla sales in the Great Lakes State. Let it be known (and this is one aspect nearly every news outlet…

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