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Audio From Tesla Press Conference On Model S Software 6.2 – Range Anxiety, P85D Top Speed, Valet Mode

Here’s video containing complete audio from Tesla’s recent Model S software 6.2 announcement on Thursday. Topics include: Range Assurance and Trip Planner into Model S’s navigation P85D new top speed Automatic routing along Tesla’s Charging Network Push notification at Superchargers New driver assist features Valet mode Automatic emergency braking and blind…

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Time To Test How Well The Tesla Model S Tows

Tesla Tests Towing With Model S

A Tesla Model S caught testing with a tow hitch and trailer? (via reddit) It’s an unlikely sight, but we figure this is some sort of Tesla Model X test mule, so it makes sense then to test the towing capabilities in the real world. We don’t expect to see…

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Incredibly Thorough Tesla Model S Review

The same fellow that took us for a spin over the Stelvio Pass (named as the “Best Driving Road In the World” by Top Gear) in his Tesla Model S, now gives us a walkthrough of the car. Any by walk through, we mean that host Horst Luening provides just about the most comprehensive…

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Moving Forward, Expectations Only Grow For California-Based Tesla Motors

Autocar Tests Europe’s Tesla Supercharger Network

Autocar recently tested the Tesla Supercharger Network en route from London to Amsterdam and back (650 miles total) in a fully charged Model S P85+. “The brief for the trip was simple. Tesla’s growing network of Supercharger points (which allow you to replenish a battery pack to about 80 per…

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The Model S tail is not standard equipment…

Tiger Tesla Model S – Video

Remember that Tesla Model S EV that was customized to look like a tiger? Click here if you’re not familiar with it. A little over a year later, it has shown up once again. The 45-second video above gives us a closer look at this fun characterized Model S. As…

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