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Grishin With His Model S Via Instagram

Meet Russia’s First Tesla Model S Owner

Dmitry Grishin, owner of one of the biggest news portals in all of Russia, is likely the first person to acquire a Tesla Model S in Russia. Currently, Tesla does not sell the Model S in Russia, but it seems as though a lot of Russians wish Tesla would offer the electric…

5 days ago by Mike Anthony 27


Brammo Empulse vs Tesla Model S (Spoiler Alert)

Brammo’s latest video comes from the ReFuel 2014 Laguna Seca run, where Brammo did some fun shootouts between the Empulse R (the production, non-race model with the 6-speed tranny) piloted by Eric Bostrom and a Tesla Model S, (with the awesome name “Teslarati“).  We all know how this is going…

1 week ago by Ted Dillard 13


Saleen FourSixteen Tesla Model S In Detail – Video

XCARFilms relaesed a video presenting the Saleen FourSixteen Tesla Model S, which debuted recently at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The first fully tuned Tesla Model S makes Saleen very proud. Thanks to a new higher gear ratio, Model S not only will accelerate a little quicker, but as…

2 weeks ago by Mark Kane 7