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Tesla software update 8.0

Tesla 8.0 Software Update Arrives – Here Are All The Details

Tesla recently released the software update 8.0 (the big one), which should improve the Model S and Model X. Improved software touches various areas (the largest are Media Player, Maps & Navigation, Voice Commands and Autopilot) so the whole experience should be better (not only safer on Autopilot). Safer, More Intuitive Software update 8.0…

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2016 Toyota Prius - Conventional Hybrid Version

Buyers With Money Buy Teslas

“THE PEOPLE WITH MONEY BUY A TESLA.” So ends a WSJ article about declining Prius sales. TeslaMondo knew all along that Model S was becoming the new Prius, despite the price difference. The Prius has always punched above its weight class, winning customers who would ordinarily spend much more. Well, now they are…

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80edays Completed: Around-The-World Electric Vehicle Rally

Earlier this month, 11 international teams finished the 80edays journey – dubbed the Ultimate Electric Vehicle Challenge covering 289,662 km (180,026 miles) travelling across Europe, North America, and Asia in 80 days around the world. Most of the EV pack consisted of Teslas – many Model S sedans, one Roadster (hurts…

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