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Elon Musk Says Model X Reveal Led To Increase In Model S Orders

Tesla Model X Reveal Revs Up Model S Orders

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the reveal of the Tesla Model X actually led to increased orders for the Model S. This, according to Musk, was a bit unexpected. Quoting Musk: “We were worried that maybe there would be some cannibalization of Model S orders, but [people] probably went…

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Brabus Modified Tesla Model S

Brabus Mods Tesla Model S – (w/ 4K Video)

Legendary tuner Brabus (of Mercedes-Benz and Smart fame) has unveiled a comprehensive set of modifications for the Tesla Model S. Most of the tweaks deal only with exterior and interior enhancements at this point in time, but Brabus says that its “customization program will be expanded continuously.” Car Scoops describes the…

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Tesla's Test Track

Take A Ride On Tesla’s Indoor Test Track In Europe – Video

750m of vibration and harshness in Model S on Europe’s first indoor production test track — Tesla Motors (@TeslaMotors) September 26, 2015 Inside Tesla’s newly opened Tilburg factory in the Netherlands you’ll find a test track that’s used to conduct vibration and harshness tests on recently assembled Tesla electric…

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Mansory Modded Tesla Model S

Mansory Mods Tesla Model S

Mansory has just release images and details of its modifications available for the Tesla Model S. Like most Tesla tuners, Mansory focuses solely on looks and aerodynamics, without touching the Model S’ powertrain. GT Spirit describes the Mansory exterior enhancements as follows: “Starting at the front, an entirely new fascia…

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Tesla Tilburg Factory

Tesla’s New Tilburg Factory Now Open

Tesla Motors launched its new, nearly 50,000-square meter Tilburg Factory in the Netherlands, announced about year ago as expansion from its previous assembly facility in Tilburg. 180 workers support an assembly line for Tesla cars for European consumers (now up to 20,000 annually).  This new capacity is basically double what…

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Tesla Motors store

Tesla Shareholders Get Leather-Free Model S

Tesla Motors shareholders Mark Peters and Elizabeth Farrell Peters raised the issue of the lack of  leather-free choices for Model S. As it turns out, only the base versions are “leather-free”, and vegans complain that they can’t buy higher trim Teslas, because some options are tied to leather seating. This…

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Main traction battery sticker on the new battery enclosure in Tesla Model S NON LUDY P90D's part number is 1063792-00-A (source: Tesla Motors Club)

Are All Tesla Model S P90Ds Ludicrous-Mode Ready?

Tesla Model S owners are reporting the same part number (1063792-00-A) for P90D battery packs with and without Ludicrous Mode, which raises the question whether all P90Ds are Ludicrous Mode ready with only software being set to “ON/OFF.” TMC Commenter “ArtInCT” says: “What can this mean to us? Does the…

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