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P85D on the left, P85 on the right.

Tesla Model S P85D vs P85 Acceleration Test – Video

“Real-life acceleration test to compare Tesla Model S P85D and P85. Both tests were done on unrestricted German autobahn. The P85D had a slight disadvantage though, but still performed better than P85.” Bjørn Nyland’s latest Tesla Model S thriller shows us how fast both 85 kWh Performance models are in…

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low-res photo of convertible Model S

$135,000 Tesla Model S Convertible For Sale

For just $135,000, you can buy this rare, but not so attractive (in our opinion), Tesla Model S convertible converted by Newport Convertible Engineering. Listed on, this Model S convertible has just 1,125 miles and is located in Arizona. As the seller states, there’s a one-year waiting list to…

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Missouri Dealer's Association Appears Willing To Fight Via Any Means To Keep Tesla's Direct Sales Model Out Of The State

Tesla Superchargers Versus ChargePoint Network

Some shocking numbers… Update: To date, Tesla’s global network of Superchargers have delivered nearly 30 GWh of energy.  Tesla adds that drivers of the automaker’s EVs (both with public, private and residential charging) have saved 42.million gallons of gas while traveling some 931 million miles.  The gallons of gas saved is…

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Tesla Model S 70D First Look – Video

Word was that the Tesla Motors store in OakBrook, Illinois had two of the newest versions of the Tesla Model S, the 70D (Dual-Motor, AWD). Sure enough, they were there, so I swung by to check them out. Both had two of the newest paint options. While at the Tesla…

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Lightdrive Featuring Tesla Model S

Lightdrive Tesla Model S Video Is Fan-Made Done Right

LIGHTDRIVE from DIGITAL GIANT on Vimeo. This “short” or “spec” video featuring the Tesla Model S is fan-made done right. Okay, so it’s semi-professional, but still not a paid-for-by-Tesla spot. Proves that Tesla doesn’t really need to advertise. Fans do what the automaker doesn’t. LightDrive is a short by Digital…

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Tesla Model S Convertible Is Fugly

Here are the first decent images of the Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) Tesla Model S soft-top convertible – and we aren’t terribly impressed. The conversion isn’t cheap.  You supply the car, NCE charges the following for the conversion: Ragtop conversion priced at $29,000  Hard tonneau cover conversion priced at $49,000

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