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80edays #2 Team Spain I

80edays 2016 – The Ultimate Electric Vehicle Challenge

The is now less than two months remaining before the kick off of the 2016 80edays rally called The Ultimate Electric Vehicle Challenge – ELDURO. The first edition of the ‘around the world in 80 days adventure’ took place in 2012. This year 80edays will start from Barcelona in June 16…

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Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – March 2016

Germany Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up In March But Only 11%

Germany continued its growth in the plug-in electric car segment, which last month resulted in 11% more registrations when compared to March 2015 – perhaps indicating a slight lull in anticipation of a pending national EV incentive program. In total, 2,394 plug-ins were registered (1,104 pure electric and 1,290 plug-in hybrids). The drawback…

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tesla model s p90dl via fullycharged

Fully Charged Test Drives Tesla Model S P90DL – Video

Video description: “This is SFW (safe for work) because I managed not to experience ludicrous mode ‘potty mouth’ when accelerating 0-60 in under 3 seconds.” “It’s a very fast car.” States Robert Llewellyn, host of Fully Charged. In typical Fully Charged fashion, this video is expertly done, with a small…

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Tesla Model X Embellishment On Falcon Door Framing

Tesla Model S Leads To Model X For This Family

Tesla shared the story of Craig and Crystalyn Huegen, who bought their first Model S in 2012. It was a Signature edition and of the first 1,200 in North America. Since then, they have become advocates for the company and likely lifelong Tesla owners. At the time, there was no Tesla service…

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tesla s 100

Tesla Releases Model S 100 Image (Update)

Tesla and Elon Musk are notorious for providing teasers and baiting the public to keep it exciting. A post recently appeared on the company’s Facebook page that is certainly causing a stir at the moment. It was a picture of a Model S with a large painted “100” in the…

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Tesla’s Secret Recipe To Remain Secret?

WILL ANYONE DISCOVER TESLA’S RECIPE? Shareholder meetings have become a great opportunities for auto CEOs to puff our their chests and show that they can cook up a Tesla, um, whenever the time is right. And you thought the time is already right? Silly you. Anyway, TeslaMondo thinks these CEO chefs are lacking…

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Facelifted Tesla Model S

Bjorn Nyland Captures Video Of Facelifted Tesla Model S

YouTuber Bjorn Nyland has captured some high-quality video of the new, facelifted and lightly refreshed Tesla Model S. As Nyland states: Facelift Model S has the following new features: – LED adaptive headlights – HEPA filter with bioweapon defense mode – Standard center console (not removable) – Forward radar hidden…

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