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Plug-In Car Sales In The Switzerland (EV Sales Blog data) – June 2015

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Outlook For Switzerland

Switzerland surprised us this year by climbing into relatively high plug-in electric car sales. According to EV Sales Blog, in June sales for the very first time exceeded 500, hitting a record of 544 registrations (part of the data is estimations). Another record is 253 Tesla Model S EVs sold…

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Youxia X (image:

Youxia X Is China’s Tesla Model S Knockoff

Youxia Motors appears from stealth mode in China by unveiling its sort of sweet-looking Youxia X all-electric car. It’s of course modeled after the Tesla Model S, although according to Chinese media Youxia X is targeted at the Tesla Model 3 area. Youxia Motors is led by 28-year old Huang…

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Plug-in car registrations in Germany – June 2015

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Germany Up Almost 60% In June

German plug-in electric car sales are still pulling up, some 58% year-over-year in June to 1,786. This time pure electric cars had more registrations (1,032) over 754 plug-in hybrids, but for all-electric cars that’s stagnation, while plug-in hybrids are booming +138%. Overall, the first half of the year ends at…

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BMW i3 And Tesla Model S

Regenerative Braking: BMW i3 Versus Tesla Model S 70D

Over on BMWBLOG, you’ll find a highly detailed article on regenerative braking. The article explains this feature in depth and then discusses how various electric cars implement regenerative braking and one pedal driving. It’s a thought-provking read, so do check it out here, but be warned, it’s long. Here’s a snippet…

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Tesla Model S P85 Nurburgring

Tesla Model S P85 Laps Nurburgring – Video

The video above shows a Tesla Model S P85 RWD lapping around the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, there is no sound. However, you do get a sense of how quickly the Model S accelerates and how it’s able to rip around the corners. The P85 Model S did the lap in just…

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Diecast Tesla Model S

1:18 Scale Tesla Model S

The official Tesla store now sells two versions – Red Multi-Coat & Midnight Silver Metallic, of a 1:18 scale diecast Tesla Model S  (although the shop is current sold out at the moment). For $210, a beautiful diecast Model S could be yours. Here are some details: The Model S…

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Tesla Model S Battery Swap Info & Video

KmanAuto just completed a cross-country road trip. While on that road trip, Kman went to check out Tesla’s struggling battery swap station. In the video above, Kman provides us a lot of info on this battery swap station before showing some action shots of it. (8:05 minute mark.) We never…

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