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Tesla Model S in Australia

Tesla To Add 18 Destination Chargers In Australia

Tesla Motors has entered into a partnership with Secure Parking in Australia to rollout destination charging points. 18 spots (two units at each of nine locations) will be available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Tesla owners will be able to charge their cars for free while parking, although parking itself…

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Does The Tesla Model S Displace The Fuel Cell Movement?

Forbes Ranks Tesla As World’s Most Innovative Company

Forbes recently released its 2015 rankings of The World’s Most Innovative Companies, in which first place belongs to Tesla Motors. This was the first time Tesla Motors was included on the list, as there are some criteria like seven years of public financial data (Facebook is still too young to…

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Tesla Model S And Ford Model T - Image: Car & Driver

Tesla Sales On Track To Match Ford Model T (w/video)

“Check out the striking relationship between the sales trajectories of Elon Musk’s Tesla and Henry Ford’s early Model T. It’s enough to give hope to the dreamers.” States Bloomberg. Here’s the sales trajectory comparison slide from the video below. Sources: Bloomberg, TeslaMondo, Hat tip to sven!

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Best Selling BEV In Europe For July

Tesla Model S was the best selling all-electric car in Western Europe last month, according to EagleAID. 1,106 Model S were enough to take 1st place ahead of 1,011 Nissan LEAFs, 980 Renault ZOEs and 928 Volkswagen e-Golfs. Those are the most popular BEV models in Europe this summer. For…

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Plug-in car registrations in Germany – July 2015

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Germany Up By 80% In July

80% of year-over-year growth for plug-in electric car registrations in Germany enabled the second best ever result in July – 1,906. Only March was higher at 2,164. Sales split almost exactly in half between all-electric and plug-in hybrids – 962 and 944 respectively. Both types acquired 0.3% market share (total…

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