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Tesla Autopilot - Autosteer

Consumer Reports Explores Tesla Autopilot – Video

Consumer Reports recently explored the Autopilot feature of its highest valuated car ever tested (but not recommended) – Tesla Model S. The discussion focuses on how it works and how it’s marketed. Consumer Reports, like many other Model S owners, bought the $2,500 Autopilot option with just a promise of…

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Model S Seatbelt Inspection

Tesla Model S Seatbelt Inspection – Videos

A couple videos have been published on the recent seatbelt-related recall/inspection of every Tesla Model S ever made. Above, Bjørn Nyland gets his Model S checked out by a Tesla rep at a local Supercharging station in just a few minutes – saving himself a trip to his local service…

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Tesla Model S Wtih Chevrolet LS3 V8 Engine

Tesla Model S Fitted With Chevrolet LS3 V8 Engine

Behold…the first (?) Chevrolet LS3 V8 swap ever performed on a Tesla Model S? Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance alerted us to the image seen above.  Unplugged stated: “We are working hard every day to further the potential of the Tesla Model S. What we are NOT working on is a…

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Tesla Model S in Australia

Tesla Model S Is Declared Australian Car Of The Year

Tesla Model S won the Australia 2015 Carsales Car of the Year title, as well as winning the subcategory Best Green Car of 2015. According to Carsales, Tesla was close to being the best in Best Prestige Car category too. Tesla’s collection of awards is still increasing at a decent…

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