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Tesla Hopes To Launch In India This Summer

Tesla is forever expanding in every way possible. Earlier this month, the electric vehicle maker officially entered the market in Portugal, following a myriad of requests, and even a video plea to Tesla CEO Elon Musk about nine months back. Now plans are set for India. While Tesla is not currently…

6 days ago by Steven Loveday 6

Tesla Model 3 Convertible Rendered

Though we’ve yet to even see the production version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan, the first render has surfaced of a Model 3 convertible (though to us it more resembles a toned-down approach to a net-generation tesla Roadster). Renderer Theophilus Chin is responsible for this piece of computer graphics…

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Tesla Stock Quickly Approaching All-Time High

Back in September of 2014, Tesla stock hit an all-time high of $291.42. This week, it peaked at $287.39, and closed at about $280 yesterday (Feb 15th). The company is expected to begin pilot production of its anticipated Model 3 days ahead of the release 2016 fourth-quarter earnings on February…

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