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Tesla Model X To Go On Sale In Taiwan

About a month ago, Tesla started delivering the first Model S vehicles in Taiwan. Now, the automaker has unveiled its Model X in the country, and sales are set to begin. The Model S starts at NT$3.18 million (~$101,000 U.S.), and a base Model X in the country will set you…

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How About A Tesla Model 3 Police Car?

WHY THE TESLA MODEL 3 COULD BE THE POLICE CAR OF THE FUTURE Tesla police cars could soon be patrolling the streets of London. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Chief of the city’s Metropolitan Police, recently spoke with Elon Musk about testing Teslas for the agency’s fleet. Scotland Yard plans to replace…

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Tesla Model 3 Spotted In The Wild – Video

Just the other day, video of a Tesla Model 3 prototype hit YouTube. Now, we’re blessed with this higher quality video of the same Model 3 out driving near SpaceX and its Hyperloop test track. Video description: Our office neighbors are the best! They were testing a Tesla Model 3…

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Tesla Hopes To Bundle Insurance Into Purchase Of S, X & 3

Tesla has developed a knack for “doing it all,” so it was really only a matter of time before we would hear of the company’s auto insurance pursuits. Jeff Evanson, Tesla Vice President of Global Investor Relations, revealed during Tesla’s fourth-quarter earnings call, that Tesla is planning to offer vehicle customized…

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Tesla Model S refresh

Tesla Officially Launches In New Zealand

It seems every few weeks or so, we hear that Tesla has launched in another location. Tesla has now officially entered New Zealand. The company delivered the first eight Model S vehicles at a media event at the Ports of Auckland. Unfortunately, interested customers were only allowed to test drive the…

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