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Tesla Model 3

Will Quality Be An Issue For Tesla Model 3?

If the Model 3 follows in the footsteps of both the Model S and Model X, then yes, quality will be an issue at the start, at least. Automotive News recently published an article that likens Tesla to failed automaker British Leyland. Here’s a passage from the article that basically…

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Romania Upping EV Ante, Hopes Tesla Will Enter Country

TESLA, PLEASE OPEN A STORE IN ROMANIA! Norway, the Netherlands…and Romania? The Eastern European nation is not currently known as an electric vehicle hotspot, but its government recently took a step in the right direction with a set of measures aimed at reducing automotive emissions, including doubling the existing subsidy for…

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Could Tesla Stock Hit $1,000 In 2020?

GETTING TO A $1,000 PRICE TARGET FOR TESLA STOCK IN 2020 There’s a saying in stock market circles that the bursting of a bubble is imminent when the last of the bears gives up and joins the bulls. We don’t think that’s the case for Tesla just yet (we say,…

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Tesla Model 3 To Lead To Supercharger Apocalypse?

What is the ratio of Tesla vehicles per Supercharger in busy areas, and will Model 3 owners face impossible odds when attempting to join the already overcrowded locations? Who better to dissect the data behind Tesla’s Supercharger situation than Ben Sullins of Teslanomics? Ben took the time to pore over…

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Labor Organizations Up Pressure To Unionize Tesla

Now that Tesla’s stock has hit record highs, and Model 3 production is set to begin in July, labor organizations are joining forces and upping the pressure to unionize the electric automaker. Workers at Tesla’s Fremont factory have come forward, complaining about the unsafe work environment, monumental production expectations, low wages,…

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Tesla Model 3

Possible Strike Threatens Tesla Model 3 Production

Tesla’s scheduled start of production in July for the Model 3 could be in jeopardy. And it’s largely beyond Tesla’s control. Recently, Tesla acquired Grohman Engineering and then formed Tesla Advanced Automation Germany out of the deal. The plan was to  secure an advanced engineering group in order to streamline/speed…

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