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Updates to Tesla Autopilot software imposes speed limit restrictions on roads and non-divided highways

Tesla Begins Cautious Rollout Of Autopilot 2 Update

As we reported, Tesla ran into a problem and was unable to roll out Autopilot 2 update (Enhanced Autopilot or Hardware2 Autopilot, as it’s now being referred to, to negate confusion). Musk explained that if the “fix” worked, updates would begin soon; and apparently, everything worked as planned and software uploaded to…

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Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot Now Adheres To Speed Limits On Roads

As Tesla continues to apply incremental updates to its Autopilot software, safety is the number one priority. Some owners may feel a sense of security knowing that Tesla is enhancing safety features, while others may be concerned that the car is too “controlling.” Nonetheless, the Tesla Autopilot software is now…

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