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NIO ES8: U.S. CEO Reveals Details On Upcoming Electric SUV

Chinese electric vehicle startup, Nio (formerly NextEV), is moving to take on Tesla with its NIO ES8 electric SUV, and Business Insider pulled some insight from the automaker’s U.S. boss. The NIO ES8 was recently unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in China. The company has already produced six flagship EP9 supercars, one…

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Tesla Autopilot A Threat To Cyclists?

A Stanford University robotics researcher shares her two cents about Tesla’s features, and she seems less than thrilled about Tesla Autopilot. Heather Knight was so unimpressed with the Autopilot’s ability to see bikes, that she wrote a paper on Medium entitled “Tesla Autopilot Review: Bikers Will Die.” Tesla Autopilot is not…

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Tesla Autopilot Update Bumps Autosteer Speed Up To 90 MPH

Tesla continues with its incremental over-the-air software updates to second-generation Autopilot vehicles. The most recent update brings Tesla Vision, the automaker’s own proprietary technology which replaced Mobileye, just about to complete parity with first-generation Autopilot vehicles. It also takes away Autosteer’s speed restrictions. The new maximum speed for Autosteer is…

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Tesla Autopilot Faces Pressure From Lawsuit-Happy Litigators

CAN AUTOPILOT SURVIVE SUE-HAPPY USA? PART II On Christmas day, 2015, TeslaMondo predicted that Americans would soon start suing Tesla for inflicting Autopilot on the poor public. That same post introduced y’all to Sean Kane, the “safety advocate” who poses as a dry analyst and often gets nose-picking reporters to fall for his ruse — even…

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Testing Out Tesla Summon On Autopilot 2 – Videos

Most recent Tesla Autopilot 8.1 software update for second gen hardware vehicles bring set of features, know already from first gen Autopilot. In other words gen 2 is catching up with gen 1. One of the features is Summon Tesla, introduced over year ago to make it easier to park…

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Tesla Is Not Just An Automaker: Tesla Is A Tech Leader

IT’S SETTLED, TESLA IS A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Investopedia* recently took issue with both Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] bulls and bears. Wall Street tends to be myopic when considering Tesla — most investors will view the company through an “automotive” lens only. It’s argued that all Wall Street “talks about [with Tesla] is cars and…

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