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Tesla Store

War On Tesla Sales – Videos

Aljazeera America recently evaluated Tesla Motors’ sales problems in the U.S. The Californian automaker is struggling in many states with sales and service bans, sales limits or even no test drives due to Tesla using its own stores instead of the more typical independent dealer network. The fight is ongoing…

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Tesla Supercharger

Ranking Tesla Superchargers Per Capita, Country & State

Tesla forum member BlueShift created a wonderful Tesla Supercharger service –, which besides the map, includes data on the number of Superchargers in different states and countries. The first graph is so big that you must enlarge it to see that California has ~20 open sites, just like Germany…

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Left to right. Barry Katz, Franz von Holzhausen, Bernard Lee, & David Imai.

Tesla Model S Design Team Interviewed – 20-Minute Video

“Barry Katz, Professor of Industrial and Interaction and Design, California College of the Arts; Fellow, IDEO, interviews Franz von Holzhausen, Bernard Lee, and David Imai from the Tesla Model S Design Team, the 2014 Magical Team Honoree.” States the video description. Want to see the Tesla Model S design team…

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