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2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius Versus Upcoming Tesla Model 3

If the VW emissions folly signals that gas engine technology has peaked, Toyota’s re-engineered 2016 Prius might signal the same for hybrids. Sure, the incremental gain in fuel economy and more-than-incremental gain in handling bespeak devout engineering effort, but they don’t approach the feverish pace of improvement in the EV camp. Tesla sees a doubling of battery energy density…

1 day ago by Tesla Mondo 73

Model S Seatbelt Inspection

Tesla Model S Seatbelt Inspection – Videos

A couple videos have been published on the recent seatbelt-related recall/inspection of every Tesla Model S ever made. Above, Bjørn Nyland gets his Model S checked out by a Tesla rep at a local Supercharging station in just a few minutes – saving himself a trip to his local service…

4 days ago by Electric CarsTV 1