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Tesla Supercharger Update

Tesla Supercharger Update: 44 Million Miles Enabled

Tesla’s most recent Supercharger status update provides us with these figures: 44 million miles enabled 11.8 GWh of energy delivered 1.8 million gallons of gas saved 46 million pounds of CO2 offset Price to customers $0 The figures are impressive, but even Tesla Model S owners know that Tesla is…

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Firmware 6.0 Release Notes

Tesla Model S Firmware 6.0 – Video

KmanAuto gives us another Tesla Model S installment, this time with the new 6.0 firmware update, which was recently released. A few have reported some minor issues/complaints with the previous firmware. Kman and some others who received firmware 6.0 have already given it very positive feedback. For those who own a…

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Tesla's Fremont Factory Was Offline For Awhile, But It Sprung Back To Life In a BIG Way

Analyst Takes Us Inside Tesla’s Fremont Factory

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry toured of Tesla Motors’ Fremont factory in late August.  Below are some of his observations from inside: Activity in Tesla’s factory lobby was extremely high, with both European and Asian suppliers inside. Employees appeared motivated, passionate and enthusiastic Chowdhry observed the following categories of…

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Looks a lot better versus your UMC just hanging there.

Check Out This Simple Tesla UMC Mount – Video

The video above shows a $1-dollar solution to take a load off your Tesla Universal Mobile Connector (UMC). That’s right! One dollar will extend the longevity of the Tesla UMC and the wall outlet. The video identifies the potential issue and shows how easy it is to fix it, making you…

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Supercharger # 200 Is In Oxnard, California - Image Via Tesla Motors

Tesla Opens Supercharger #200

“Supercharger number 200 just opened in Oxnard, CA.” Tweeted Tesla Motors less than 11 hours ago. That Supercharger in Oxnard features 10 stalls. The running tally as of right now is: North America: 114 Superchargers Europe: 66 Superchargers Asia: 20 Superchargers

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Tesla Model S Convertible

Spotted: Tesla Model S Convertible

The converted convertible Tesla Model S from Newport Convertible Engineering has now been spotted on public roads. We’ll be the first to say that Newport Convertible Engineering definitely did not improve upon the looks of the stock Tesla Model S with this conversion. While we don’t approve of the finished…

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