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Inside A Tesla Store

Tesla Opens First Showroom In Michigan

Despite the fact that it is illegal for Tesla to sell its cars in Michigan, the company is showing its commitment to the cause, and has opened a gallery in the state. Detroit is the nation’s hub for the Big Three automakers, and of the three, GM has been duking it…

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Automotive Fluids: Tesla Versus Conventional ICE Vehicle

We all know that electric cars require less maintenance than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles, but if we look specifically at automotive fluids, what’s the difference between a Tesla Model X and a conventional automobile? The folks over at “Now You Know” on YouTube have assembled a video showing a…

3 days ago by Eric Loveday 49

Ultra White Premium Seats In Model S

Say Goodbye To Gray Seats In Tesla Model S & X

Last evening, ElonsVelvetJacket posted “bye bye grey seats” on Reddit and sure enough, sometime in the overnight hours, gray seats had vanished as an option on both the Tesla Model S and Model X. This isn’t the first time that ElonsVelvetJacket got the scoop ahead of the rest of us…

3 days ago by Eric Loveday 34

Tesla software update 8.0 - Autopilot Enhancements

Consumer Watchdog Calls For “Recall” Of Tesla Autopilot Feature

Consumer Watchdog, a “nationally-recognized, California-based, non-profit consumer education and advocacy organization” is calling for a U.S. “recall” of Tesla’s Autopilot due to a “growing list of crashes” that the Watchdog groups believes to be linked to Autopilot, which is deemed unsafe by the consumer advocacy organization. Consumer Watchdog states: “Earlier…

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Tesla Stores Getting Revamped To Display Powerwall

Tesla isn’t just an automaker these days. Tesla now is so much more and, as such, the automaker says it has revamped “dozens” of its stores to better reflect the company as a whole. As part of the makeover, select stores will be getting Powerwall home energy displays. This isn’t…

6 days ago by Eric Loveday 13