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Tesla Model S Meets The Great Wall

Tesla Model S Sales Booming In China

The Tesla Model S was recently made available to China. Right after its availability, sales started strong and apparently picked up even further afterwards. Tesla predicted 7,500 Model S sold worldwide in Q2, but Tesla exceeded that to come in at exactly 7,546 Model S sold. Approximately 1,000 of those Model…

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Spotted: A Tesla Model S In China

Tesla Roadblock In Shanghai?

Certain cities in China have some wacky local laws when its come to automobiles. Take, for example, Shanghai, where the goal is to add 15,000 new-energy vehicles to the roads there by the end of 2015. The goal is admirable, but Shanghai will only allow 30% of the 15,000 vehicles…

2 days ago by Eric Loveday 5

Saleen FOURSIXTEEN Lizstick Red

Saleen FOURSIXTEEN Tesla Model S Unveiled (w/video)

Saleen FOURSIXTEEN is the new variation on the Tesla Model S P85 made by Saleen Automotive. The car was shown for the first time at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and is ready for sale from $152,000 (including donor) with deliveries in 6-8 weeks. Steve Saleen stated: “Tesla has…

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Model S In Budapest

Spotted: Tesla Model S In Budapest – Video

Where isn’t the Tesla Model S seen? Seriously…it seems as though the Model S is now roaming the rounds all around the globe. With the exception of Africa and South America, Model S availability seems to be spreading across the continents and spotting such as this one here in Budapest,…

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Road Trips Fully Charged – Video

Robert Llewellyn recently spent some time driving a Tesla Model S in UK. Interesting is his discussion of journeys, including considerations on free Supercharging. Is this a sustainable business model to use energy without limit for free? Here’s the Fully Charged video of Llewellyn’s Model S road trips. “A couple…

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Buy 1 Or 100 - The Price Remains The Same

Tesla Extends Drive Unit Warranty To Infinity And Beyond

In the wake of more than a few drivetrain exchanges being done on existing Tesla Model S sedans – most notably the 4th such warranty action that was needed on Edmunds’ long-term car, Tesla has made the extraordinary step of expanding the warranty on the drive unit from 4 years/50,000 miles to 8…

5 days ago by Jay Cole 59