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2016 Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF & Tesla Earn 2015 IHS Automotive Loyalty Awards

The 20th Annual Automotive Loyalty Awards announced by IHS Automotive in January revealed the Nissan LEAF as tops in the Non-Luxury Traditional Compact Car. For LEAF, it’s the second win in this category (see previous year post), which means that LEAF buyers must be pretty loyal to the Japanese brand and to the…

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(特斯拉顶配限量版”Signature Red” Tesla Model X)

China To Get Tesla Model X Before Europe

Approximately one week ago, we reported on the launch of the Tesla Model X in China (full details here). Now, as Bloomberg’s Dana Hull points out, China will in fact receive the Model X well before it arrives in Europe. As Hull reports: “Tesla Motors Inc. has started taking orders…

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Sprig Electric Tesla Battery-Solar Installation

Sprig Electric Pairs Tesla Powerpack With Solar PV

Sprig Electric announced one of the first installations of a Tesla Powerpack energy storage system combined with solar installation at its headquarters in San Jose. The goal for the project is to cut the building’s total energy costs by 80-95%. Project includes: 350 kW commercial rooftop photovoltaic (1,177 solar panels…

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One of the first Tesla Powerwall installations occurs in Australia

Australia Already Getting Home Tesla Powerwalls – Videos

Australia got its first residential Tesla Powerwall installation in January as Tesla prioritized this market due its tremendous interest in solar energy. One of the first units went to Nick Pfitzner from Kellyville Ridge, a suburb of Sydney in New South Wales. “One of the first Australian families to have…

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Drops 85 kWh Version Of Model S In Canada

Tesla no longer offers a new 85 kWh Model S in Canada any more. This concerns both the 85 (single-motor) and 85D/P85D (double motor) versions. The number of versions of Model S was reduced from seven (in the U.S.) to four – 70, 70D, 90D and P90D. The question is why is…

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