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Cars and Cow Pies in the Garden State

New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission just became the latest to ban direct auto sales (read: Tesla Motors). In what is, at a minimum, poor timing, the state’s Coalition of Auto Retailers justified its position by alleging that, “an auto manufacturer is congenitally incapable of fully and faithfully honoring warranty and…

1 month ago by Chelsea Sexton 41

3-phase 4 Pole Induction motor

Video: Primer on Tesla Model S Electric Motor

In this video from EdisonTechCenter, they explain in detail how the Tesla Model S operates using its 3-Phase, 4-Pole induction motor. The motor is roughly the size of a watermelon and, like all electric motors, has 100% torque ready to go at any time with no need to shift gears…

1 month ago by Mike Anthony 29

tesla model s lineup

Tesla VP: “We Don’t Compete With EVs”

At the 2014 Detroit Auto Show (aka 2014 NAIAS), Tesla’s vice-president of corporate and business develop, Diarmuid O’Connel, made a curios statement: “We don’t compete with EVs.” We’ve been saying for some time now that the Tesla Model S is in a league of its own in terms of EVs. …

2 months ago by Eric Loveday 15