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It Turns Out Tesla Vehicles Really Make Great Taxis

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO DRIVE A TESLA MODEL S FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES? With simpler powertrains and far fewer moving parts, electric vehicles should last longer and require less maintenance, than legacy vehicles. How is this prediction holding up in the real world? One good person to ask…

12 hours ago by EVANNEX 23

Unplugged Performance Reveals Tricked Out Tesla Model 3

Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance has just revealed its first images of its tricked-out Tesla Model 3. The tuner states: Debut image of the Unplugged Performance (UP) Model 3 Performance complete vehicle program. Accepting early reservations at From the images, it looks like the package includes a body kit, wheels,…

3 days ago by Eric Loveday 18

Tesla Model 3

Is The Tesla Model 3 The iPhone Of Cars – Video

Will the Tesla Model 3 be a game changer like the iPhone, forcing the hands of others to follow suit? This is surely not something that we haven’t heard before. The comparisons between Tesla and Apple, and that of Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, have been longstanding. There’s even the occasional…

3 days ago by Steven Loveday 12