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TSLA Stock Price Past 5 Years

TSLA Three-Peat: Top Pick Again For 2015

For 2015, Tesla Motors (TSLA) is once again the top pick for Dougherty & Co.’s analyst Andrea James. 2015 marks the third consecutive year that James selected TSLA as her top pick. James price target for TSLA is $325. Some highlights from James’ note on TSLA: In 2014, the all-electric…

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A couple of specs on both vehicles before they take off!

Tesla Model S P85D vs BMW M4 – Race Video

Tesla Model S P85D is at it again. This time it’s drag racing a new BMW M4! Undoubtedly, these are 2 cars aren’t alike, though it seems like every vehicle wants to take a shot at the Model S P85D. For example, a Ferrari 458 Italia going up against a…

2 days ago by Mike Anthony 9

It brought the Model S to a complete stop and held it there!!!

Tesla Model S P85D Partial Autopilot Demo – Video

Firmware update 6.1 was recently released for the Tesla Model S. For those who have the autopilot hardware equipment, you’re in for a treat! 6.1 firmware update gives the Model S multiple new features & enhancements. One in particular is the ability to use a part of the autopilot goodies….

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Space X

Google, SpaceX, a Billion Dollars and EVs

SpaceX confirmed Tuesday that it had secured a billion dollar investment from Google and Fidelity Bank. The statement offered no details on plans for the funds, but Elon Musk has said he wants to build a network of satellites to deliver high speed internet to the 60% of the globe currently without….

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