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Tesla Model S Production Complete

Report: By 2020, Tesla Will Be Building 500,000 EVs Per Year

  Tesla’s momentum can’t be stopped, according to automotive analysts at International Strategy and Investment (ISI). ISI tells investors that Tesla Motors will be manufacturing 500,000 electric vehicles per year by 2020. ISI adds that Tesla’s profit margins will be the highest in the automotive industry – 25% in the…

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Before & After

Tesla Factory Upgrade – (w/videos)

Recently, Tesla Motors shut down its Fremont factory for retooling.  It wasn’t a simple retooling though.  Tesla took the time to completely overhaul several areas of its factory.  The end result?  Tesla significantly improved its production capacity (1,000 units per week), automated more of the production process and gave a…

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Iowa Tesla test Drive Event

Video From Tesla Model S Test Drive Event In Iowa

Tesla test drives have been banned in the state of Iowa… But a few Model S owners had something special in store for Iowa Residents. Model S owners (mainly from Minnesota & a few from Iowa who ordered their Teslas online) joined together last month to offer Iowa Residents free…

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Tesla Supercharger #100 in Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Tesla Superchargers Blitz Across Germany

Not since Joey Ramone and the band toured Germany has the country seen this much American energy. In the past seven-ish days, Germany saw the opening of three new Tesla superchargers in Hirschberg, Wernberg, and Lauenau for a total of 22 superchargers. Additionally, three superchargers went under construction in Achern,…

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