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Tesla Gigafactory Rendering

Tesla Signs Two Lithium Suppliers For Gigafactory

Tesla Motors found its first lithium suppliers for the Gigafactory – Rare Earth Minerals and Bacanora Minerals, two companies that are already interconnected in the mining business. Joint venture partners will work under the Sonora Lithium Project in Northern Mexico to supply Tesla with lithium hydroxide. Due to the large…

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Model X Rendering

Production Tesla Model X Rendering – Video

Here’s a rather interesting video that features a rendering of what the production Tesla Model X might look like (via YouTube uploader auto news). By now, we’ve all seen tons of spy shots of the pre-production Tesla Model X crossovers on the road, but nobody outside of Tesla has laid eyes…

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World’s 500th Tesla Supercharger Now Online

The 500th Tesla Supercharger went online this week, according to Tesla Motors Club forum and confirmed by Tesla itself:  502 Supercharger stations with 2,832 Superchargers Some are saying that 500th unit is in Fountain Valley, CA. Anyways, that’s huge milestone achieved by still relatively new and small company in the…

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Tesla Model S And Ford Model T - Image: Car & Driver

Tesla Sales On Track To Match Ford Model T (w/video)

“Check out the striking relationship between the sales trajectories of Elon Musk’s Tesla and Henry Ford’s early Model T. It’s enough to give hope to the dreamers.” States Bloomberg. Here’s the sales trajectory comparison slide from the video below. Sources: Bloomberg, TeslaMondo, Hat tip to sven!

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Spotted – Images

Here’s one more Tesla Model X sighting in the wild. The passenger clearly is camera shy, or perhaps he’s trying to shield the interior of the car from the camera? Hat tip to Jason Spitalnik (via Facebook Group Tesla Owners & Enthusiasts) whose father-in-law took these photos!

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Pair Of Tesla Model X SUVs Spotted

Two Tesla Model X SUVs Spotted – Video

First there was one, now there are two. We believe that this is the first time that two Tesla Model X SUVs haven been spotted trailing each other on a public road. According to Tesla, the first Model X SUVs will be delivered to buyers in less than two months….

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