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Tesla Model 3 To Lead To Supercharger Apocalypse?

What is the ratio of Tesla vehicles per Supercharger in busy areas, and will Model 3 owners face impossible odds when attempting to join the already overcrowded locations? Who better to dissect the data behind Tesla’s Supercharger situation than Ben Sullins of Teslanomics? Ben took the time to pore over…

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Tesla Has Russian Expansion Plans

Just about every week or so, it seems we get more news of Tesla’s expansion efforts. Now, a local newspaper – Kommersant, in Russia points to the electric automaker not only moving forward with its planned Supercharger network, but also opening showrooms. As usual, Tesla has yet to officially verify the…

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Tesla Officially Launches In New Zealand

It seems every few weeks or so, we hear that Tesla has launched in another location. Tesla has now officially entered New Zealand. The company delivered the first eight Model S vehicles at a media event at the Ports of Auckland. Unfortunately, interested customers were only allowed to test drive the…

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Tesla Model S Catches Fire While Parked At A Supercharger

Details are limited, but it appears that a Tesla Model S at a Supercharger in Shanghai, China caught fire. Reports suggest the vehicle wasn’t charging when the fire occurred, but we haven’t been able to confirm or deny this aspect of the incident. Tesla has already launched a “full investigation” into the…

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Tiny Canadian Town Gets 8-Stall Supercharger Station

Tesla listened to local officials in Canada’s small southern Alberta town of Fort Macleod, and followed through with the installation of an eight-stall Supercharger station. The town’s chief administrative officer, Sue Keenan, said: “Tesla thought it was a great idea so we had some ongoing conversations with them that started…

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