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Consumer Reports Runs The Numbers On Tesla’s Solar Roof

Consumer Reports, which six months ago was skeptical about the viability of Tesla’s Solar Roof product, has once again “done the math” using newly announced pricing estimations. According to CR, it’s not easy to weigh value of the offer, as company’s online calculator “relies upon some important assumptions and predictions that delve…

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Tesla Powerpack And Solar Power Takes African Camp Off Grid

TESLA POWERPACK COUPLED WITH SOLAR PROVIDES OFF-GRID POWER IN AFRICA Tesla is making its way into Africa. An experience-based luxury travel and global conservation company, &Beyond*, recently tapped Tesla in order to reduce their carbon footprint in Botswana. The company announced yesterday that their “Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp recently switched to solar…

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Impressive DIY Tesla Solar Roof Tile Built On YouTube

While Tesla itself still needs to figure out how to produce and prepare the production line for it Solar Roof products (a pilot validation line will be established at the company’s Fremont facility in June before moving to volume production at the “Gigafactory 2” in Buffalo), an example of making…

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Tesla Gigafactory 2 Gearing Up For Solar Roof Production This Summer

Tesla’s solar manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY, sometimes called the Gigafactory 2 (but mostly only by CEO Elon Musk), is set to begin new production this summer alongside Panasonic as a strategic partner. In the beginning, the company will produce its new low-profile, 325 watt conventional panel (~21.76% efficiency) – for use with…

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Tesla To Offer Financing Options For Solar Roof By End of 2017

Tesla recently began to accept orders on its innovative Solar Roof product. The system has an estimated average cost of about $21.85 per square foot according to the company; which needless to say, makes the upfront cost significant. To that end, Tesla will offer financing options later this year. And because the solar…

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