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Lithium-Ion Battery Shortage Looming?

Now that several automakers are setting goals for larger-scale EV production, many are facing a lithium-ion battery shortage. This is a good problem, because it further establishes the exponential growth of the segment, but not so good for the future of EVs, if the problem can’t be solved quickly and economically….

8 months ago by Steven Loveday 178

Samsung SDI To Build $358 Million Battery Factory In Hungary

South Korea’s Samsung SDI has announced plans to invest nearly $400 million to construct a lithium-ion battery factory in Hungary. This site will be mainly responsible for fulfilling battery demand in Europe and Asia. As Reuters reports: “Samsung SDI, whose customers include BMW, said on Tuesday that the proposed factory…

1 year ago by Eric Loveday 19

EV Lithium-Ion Battery Suppliers Outlook For H1 2016

Here is a quick look at the progress for the lithium-ion battery market for electric cars,  which turns out to be growing faster than electric car market itself, as provided by some valuable data compiled by EV Sales Blog. Today’s Li-ion battery sales (as defined by energy) grows faster than the EVs themselves…

1 year ago by Mark Kane 24

Samsung Bought 52.3 Million BYD Shares For $449 Million

Samsung, as announced, bought a piece of BYD for 3 billion-yuan ($449 million), hopefully giving the battery giant not only a partner in China to supply lithium cells to, but an easier path to entry in selling its batteries in the country. In total there was six investors into BYD privately…

1 year ago by Mark Kane 2