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Nissan LEAF

Europe Leapfrogs U.S. In Plug-In Electric Car Sales, in one of its recent articles found that Europe for the first time solidly eclipsed the US in sales of electric cars. At least based on EagleAID, in Europe (more precisely in Western Europe), sales in the first four months exceed 51,000 – 26,808 pure electric cars and 24,578…

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6.4% PHEV sector share in The Netherlands this May (source: EagleAID)

6.4% Market Share For PHEVs In The Netherlands In May

According to Automotive Industry Data, last month in the Netherlands’, new registrations of plug-in hybrids amounted to 1,769 or 6.4% of the total market. That’s a lot, and our best source of open EV sales stats (EV Sales Blog) is indicating almost 2,000 registrations in May if we include pure…

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EDTA's Electric Drive Market Snapshot – May 2015

Snapshot: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard May 2015

Electric Drive Transportation Association this month released a US market snapshot instead of its usual larger infographic that we’re used to seeing from EDTA. Anyways, it seems that plug-in electric car sales have exceeded 329,000 (cumulative total) in the U.S. by their count and by the end of this year…

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U.S. Plug-In Car Sales

All-Time U.S. Plug-In Electric Car Sales

A full 53 months has passed since theNissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt faintly appeared on the market in December 2010. In total,l some 324,000 plug-in cars were bought or leased by US consumers in the past 53 months. After a few years of fast growth from low base, in the…

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U.S. Plug-In Car Market So Far In 2015 - Pie Chart

U.S. Plug-In Electric Car Market In 2015 – Pie Chart

Out of over 32,400 plug-in electric cars delivered in the US so far this year, Tesla Motors delivered the most  – 19.7%, almost one per five is a Tesla Model S. Nissan LEAF sits right behind Tesla with some 17.4% market share, although market share is falling and sales year-over-year…

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Renault’s Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars – Fluence Z.E., Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE

Renault Electric Car Sales Up 70% Year-Over-Year In March

Renault continues strong growth year-over-year moving 1,925 or 70% more all-electric vehicles this March, returning to its best form. Cars division (excluding Twizy) is growing even faster by 74%. The French flagship ZOE stood at some 1,349 units in March. Kangoo Z.E., on the other hand, had 327 sales for…

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2015 Nissan LEAF

Plug-In Electric Car Sales Canada April 2015

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric vehicle sales in Canada. For the month of April, the Nissan LEAF set an all-time record for single-month sales in Canada with 127 LEAFs sold. Sales of the Chevrolet Volt improved by 1 unit over March for a total…

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