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Tesla Model S

Article Claims BMW i Sales Trumped Tesla Model S

There’s this ludicrous article over on with this headline “BMW’s i Series Models Trump Tesla Motors Inc EV Sales.” Problem is, the headline is entirely wrong. The article itself states: German luxury automaker BMW today reported sales just under 18,000 units globally in the first year of sales of…

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Plug-In Car Sales in U.S. - January 2015

Exploring EDTA Data On Plug-In Electric Car Sales In US

In analyzing the Electric Drive Transportation Association’s data on electric car sales in the US, some thoughts come to mind (all theses numbers come from EDTA). First of all is growth of sales. It’s slowing down!  The average monthly growth of plug-in electric car sales in 2012 was 224%, 110%…

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Nissan LEAF Now More Appealing to Female Buyers

Infographic: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard January 2015

Electric Drive Transportation Association released its EV sales infographic for the US with a number of 6,090 plug-in cars sold in January, 3% more than in January 2014. InsideEVs’ tally is 5,924. All-electric cars with 3,977 sales were close to two times more popular than plug-in hybrids – 2,113. Editor’s…

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ELECTRIC VEHICLE registrations: +36.6% in 2014; ‐7.7% in Q4

ACEA Reports 75,331 Electric Cars Registered In EU In 2014 (Up 37%)

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association with President Carlos Ghosn on-board announced that ECV (electrically chargeable vehicle) registrations in the European Union increased in 2014 by 36.6% to 75,331. If you’ve never heard of ECV, here’s the explanation: “1Total Electrically Charged Vehicles (ECVs) = Pure Electric Vehicles + Extended-Range Electric Vehicles…

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