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Plug-In Vehicle Price Comparison – U.S. (February 8, 2016) – some models estimated

Plug-In Electric Car Price Comparison For U.S. For 2016

Here we present our new plug-in electric car prices and all-electric range (under EPA) comparison for February 2016 in the U.S. A lot has changed since last time, as some models have disappeared, others had  prices tweaked up or down, and several had destination charge increased a little bit. Our…

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Chevrolet Spark EV sales in U.S. – December 2015

Chevrolet Spark EV Sales More Than Doubled In 2015

Chevrolet Spark EV sales in the U.S. increased by roughly 130% in 2015. In total, 2,629 Spark EVs were sold in 2015, compared to 1,145 in 2014. Great lease offers, combined with high availability manifested in peak sales of 920 in April when every fourth Spark sold in the U.S….

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Renault ZOE, the best-selling full-electric car in Europe in 2015

Renault # 1 In All-Electric Car Sales For Europe In 2015

Renault is now the European leader in all-electric car sales. In 2015, the French company scored the most BEV sales: as a brand (Renault) in model rank (ZOE) in the light commercial vehicles category (Kangoo Z.E.) 97,687 all-electric cars were registered in 2015 in Europe (47.8% up year-over-year), which is…

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