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SEMMARIS inaugurates its new fleet of Renault ZOE electric vehicles at RUNGIS International Market

SEMMARIS Inaugurates Fleet of Seven Renault ZOE

French company SEMMARIS, founded in 1965 which manages the Rungis International Market (a 234 hectare ecosystem on the southern outskirts of Paris that supplies food to the French), inaugurated its new fleet of electric cars. Seven Renault ZOE will not only serve the employees, but also will raise awareness towards…

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Renault ZOE registrations in France - June 2014 (Red Line Is Percent of ZOE Sales to Clio Sales. For Example, In June 2014, ZOE Sales Were Over 4.6% of Total Clio Sales)

Renault ZOE Sales On The Rise In France In June

Renault ZOE positively surprises us again in June. Last month, the best selling electric Renault reached 641 registrations in France, which is one more month in a row for sales growth. 641 still misses the previous 764 result from June, but shows Renault is going in the right direction. And…

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A royal birthday for ZOE

Royal Birthday For Renault ZOE – 10,000 Sold (w/video)

Sales of the Renault ZOE launched in France in December 2012, but volume deliveries didn’t arrive around until March 2013. Now, it’s January of 2014 and we see the ZOE is celebrating its one-year birthday at the Château de Versailles: “One year after its launch in December 2012, ZOE blew out its…

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